AN: This is a one-shot and a songfic, so to speak, about Teddy Lupin, having to grow up without his parents. The lyrics are addressed to Harry, as Teddy's godfather, and I have changed the gender where necessary to fit the story.

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Warnings: Deathly Hallows spoilers

Sunset 28

Give him love and protection

Give him all the things he needs

Give him faith and a reason

Make him feel brighter than the sun

From one day to the next, Harry Potter found himself mourning the loss of many good friends. These included Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin, who had recently had a child of which Harry was the godfather. He knew he couldn't raise the child by himself, and luckily wouldn't have to, as Tonks' parents were more than willing to raise young Teddy. But Harry knew he had a responsibility on his hands. He knew the pain of not knowing one's parents, and the comfort that a godparent could provide. God, he missed Sirius, his own (deceased) godfather. He was the closest thing to a parent that Harry had known, and he wanted to be that for Teddy.

Tell him that he is special

Tell him that he's valuable

Carry on for tomorrow

Carry on even if it's hard

Harry, however, didn't know where or how to start. There is no guide that one can read to learn how to be a good godparent. He didn't even know what the definition of "good godparent" was. All he had to base his theories on was that which he had learned from personal experience. Harry had hardly seen Sirius during the short time they'd had together, and although Harry was, to this day bitter, about it, he didn't resent Sirius himself. There had been difficult circumstances for which Harry had to make allowances.

Leave him in the sunset 28

To remember the moments in the sun

And the diamond that lost his world today

Will keep on shining, brighter than the sun

Being a godfather to Teddy Lupin was something that Harry fully intended on doing to the fullest extent. So much had been lost in the Battle of Hogwarts that fateful day, and the wounds were so fresh. Teddy didn't even know what he'd lost, but it was his world: his parents. His family. Harry was never going to let Teddy feel like he didn't have a family. He would create the sense of unity and support he'd never really had. He didn't know how, but he vowed to do it. He wouldn't let this innocent, unknowing child fall into the darkness he, Harry, had suffered. He would shine.

Ease his pain and his guilts

Tell him that no one really knows

Help him find new solutions

Help him while he is still a child

Teddy would know the love, support, and tender care of a parent. Harry may have been young and was aware of this fact, but he had been through so much; experienced a lifetime of heartache that he swore to shield Teddy from. "Remus and Tonks have entrusted to me their greatest treasure. . . Their diamond. Their son" Harry thought. And he, Harry, would be the warmth and light that made the diamond sparkle. The sunshine in darkness for Teddy Lupin.

Without any farewell

We will never forget the moments in the sun

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