Upon my honor I swear

Awkwardly he untangled his arms form the Kings waist, took a step backwards, nearly falling over his own feet, upon which he had the need to look embarrassed. The small blush present on the trainer's face, made him look younger than he truly was.

But the king too was supporting a small discoloration of his cheeks, not nearly as bad as Ash' , but still quite noticeable. He recovered quickly however and went to sit down on one of the comfortable couches in the sitting area, his mouth turned into a broad smile while his back was turned to Ash and disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, when he turned to face his guardian.

"We should proceed to tell Sir Lucario tomorrow, today has been an exhausting day and likely you are about to fall over from the tension today has brought you", Leoice said, while patting the space next to him on the couch. Ash went , albeit reluctantly, to sit down next to Leoice. He hated the king's, better-than-thou attitude, but couldn't bring himself to struggle. Silence ruled the room as only the deep breathing of the people residing inside, could be heard. It wasn't long before Ash fell over from exhaustion. Laying his head down upon the lap of the person sitting next to him, his hair covering his face, hiding his smile as he slept.

Leoice dared not to move, until he was absolutely sure that his movements wouldn't awaken the teen currently using his legs as a cushion. Lovingly he raised his hand and laid it upon the teen's head. Stroking the black mess that was his hair. His face too supporting a rare smile, while not exhausted he enjoyed his dream-filled sleep, no worries, nor cares waking him, until finally he felt something stirring next to him.

A pain in his back began irritating Ash as he was slowly wakening. While trying to find a better position to lay in he noticed that it wasn't a bed he was sleeping in. Nor was his head supported by a pillow. Ash' eyes fluttered open and gazed at the room. Immediately he remembered what had transpired the day before.

He sat up too fast and his back complained loudly, but not before he was shocked by the fact that he had been using the king's legs as a pillow. Leoice now fully awakened by the gasp of surprise that had left the guardian's mouth, smiled meekly into nothingness.

"Good morning, Ash", Leoice said happily as he stretched out and yawned lightly. He stood up and straightened his suit, before stretching out his hand towards the trainer. "Good morning", Ash grumbled softly before grabbing Leoice's hand and standing up.

Like a mother lion would do her cub. Leoice scuffled Ash' hair once, before walking towards one of the mirrors in the room. His hands went through his hair a few times before he seemingly decided he looked adequate enough to go outside.

"We should go look for Sir Lucario, the sooner he agrees the sooner I can set up the ritual and thus the sooner you can show me the world", Leoice said teasingly, before opening the grand doors that opened up into the hallway leading towards the rest of the castle.

A small sprint and soon Ash had caught up with Leoice's long and strong paces, which had soon brought them to the dining area, where breakfast was already served. "Good morning, everyone", Leoice said, surprising some of the people at the table, but quick enough a chorus of good mornings followed.

Leoice seated himself at the head of the table, as it was befitted of any king, holding the cutlery securely in his delicate hands. Even though the fresh fruit juice was extraordinary, at least according to Ash, it was an otherwise uneventful breakfast. Soon enough everyone had finished eating their meal and before Lucario had time to leave, Leoice had requested he stay and kindly asked for the rest of them, with exception of Ash, to leave the room.

Lucario, still unaware of the request his King was going to make, reseated himself at the table. "What need do you have of me, my King?", Lucario said respectfully, while sneaking a glance at Ash, whom seemed very anxious.

"I am a King, required to judge possible guardians", Leoice began , " I have never been allowed to leave my chamber since I have been assigned my duty." Ash began fiddling his fingers, while Lucario still looked clueless.

"I wish to see my kingdom and the rest of the world, to explore and hopefully help" the King spoke passionately while his eyes seemed to shine as he told of his desires , " but above all, I wish to be relieved of my duty, if even for a while…" It was quiet in the hall after Leoice had finished his story, but neither guardian dared break it.

"There is a ritual, that will allow me to temporarily crown another guardian the King of Aura", Leoice explained , "it is not permanent, I cannot choose a new King, only Aura herself can do that, but even if I could, I'm not sure if I would be able to condemn someone to this life."

A smile made his way to Ash's face, not a goofy smile, but a smile that showed he was proud of the man he had to call his King. "What he means to say Lucario is that he is looking for someone to take his place for a while", the trainer said , "right, my Liege?"

Leoice smiled meekly at the way his guardian, cut straight to the point and nodded at the statement that was made. "It is as he says, but I could not give this position to someone whom I would not trust with my own life…" A small pause fell, before he continued. "… but a certain someone convinced me that there would be no better choice than you, Sir Lucario"

Disbelief was clearly visible on the Pokémon's face, but rejection and acceptation were the two choices clouding his mind, both fighting for dominance. There had been no clear winner, until Ash decided to speak up.

"If there ever was anyone to whom I'd entrust my life, Lucario, it would've been you. It didn't click between us at first, but I've never doubted your loyalty towards this land!" Ash's speech sounded passionate and by the way Lucario's expression changed it had tipped the proverbial scale, but to which side couldn't read from his expression alone.

No, for the answer one had to look in Lucario's eyes, they shone with determination. Slowly Lucario stood up, his chair shoved backwards, before he stepped closer to his King and fell to one knee. "I you deem me worthy of fulfilling your duty in you absence, milord, then I see no need to question your judgment. I will do everything in my power to live up to your standard", Lucario's gaze fixed upward into the sovereign's brown eyes, "I will not disappoint you!"

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