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Students immediately gave way as four guys emerged from their respective cars. To say the least, they are the most famous group in the academy. They are famous for their looks, wealth and of course their sports which is basketball. Girls love them. Boys envy them. Practically, they own the school and everyone bows down at their feet. They have yet to meet anyone who would challenge their authority or influence over the area.

First is the guy with sun-kissed hair and a pair of hazel eyes. He has a permanent scowl on his face as if the world is weighed on his shoulder. His name is Kurosaki Ichigo, a medical student who plays the power forward in the Academy's varsity team. He is said to be the boyfriend of another famous person, Inoue Orihime, who was the leader of the cheering squad.

Second would be the guy with crimson hair named Abarai Renji. Said guy plays the small forward of the team and is going steady with a karate student named Tatsuki Arisawa. To be honest, she is practically the only girl who could lay a finger on him, literally and figuratively.

Third is another guy with another hair color. This time, it is blue. His name is Grimmjaw Jaggerjaques and plays the center player of the team. His area is under the basket. This guy is almost similar to Ichigo, only this one has a permanent smirk on his face.

If there is one thing the three share in common, it would be their aura. Their aura screams arrogance. And well, also their unusual hair color.

Now the fourth is different from them in almost all aspect. Ulquiorra Schiffer was said to be his name. He has a quiet yet icy demeanor. Among the three, he is the most detached. He does not seem to show any care in the world. Or so it would seem. Anyway, he is the point guard of the group.

The four were friends since childhood and it was only Ichigo who has some family left while the three were orphaned at a very young age.

Now they are in the locker room, changing for their school uniform. Practice was suspended due to an unknown reason.

"What do you plan to do for the next period?" Renji decided to ask Ichigo and Grimmjaw since Ulquiorra was in the shower room while Ichigo is quite busy drying his hair.

"Play with some girls?" Grimmjaw answered which earned a disgusting look from the two. He raised his brow. "You don't suppose you have a problem with that?"

"Nothing really."

Renji threw Ichigo a spare shirt in which the latter frowned. "Damn you Abarai! This shirt is ancient.!"

"Then go out and buy something new. That's the purpose of a spare shirt, jerk," Renji said with a smirk as Ulquiorra emerged from the shower room. His hand was already busy drying his hair.

"Oi, Ulquiorra, don't you have a thesis to work on?" Grimmjaw asked their quiet friend. Said guy shrugged as he went to his locker.


"Man, you're way too serious," Grimmjaw snorted and stood up, now dressed up as he head towards the door followed by Renji. Only Ichigo and Ulquiorra were now left on the room.

"Say, Ulquiorra, don't you want to hang by tonight? Grimmjaw and Renji would come. I'm pretty sure we can pay some girls for fun. Just for the hell of it," Ichigo invited.

"No problem," was the answer in his usual tone. Said guy, after a few minutes, hung his bag on his shoulder. "See you at the meeting."

Ichigo blinked. One. Two. Three. "What meeting?"

Ulquiorra raised his brow, his face remained impassive as he looked at his friend with a pitiful look. Ichigo, Renji and Grimmjaw sure are slacking off.

"Sport's club meeting. Don't tell me your mind is just as rusty as those two?"

At the remark, Ichigo scowled but he shrugged his shoulders nonetheless. "Oh. What time was that?"

"In about thiryt minutes. Don't be late as you are the one responsible for the club," he reminded then left. "See you then."

Ichigo sighed and stared at his friend who seemed to be an embodiement of an ice cube. He had never met any person, man or woman, who could stare down someone till that someone felt jittery at it. Yep, Ulquiorro Schiffer is definitely the only one who could do that and no other.

Following suit, he left the room only to bump into someone just as he was turning left. The impact must have been strong to force the person down on the floor.

"Damn," was the word that came out from the mouth of both person. "Watch it – "

Ichigo twitched his eyebrow as he stared at the girl.

"Watch where you are going," the girl hissed in between her teeth as she stood up, dusting her pants.

Ichigo raised his brow and looked down at her. Then he smirked. "Oh, I'm sorry, you're too small I was unable to notice you. Maybe you should try wearing something like high heeled sandals perhaps?" he suggested and noted the glare she gave out towards him. Now wait, who is this girl and how come she acts like no other girls at all?

"What did you just say?" she asked, her voice laced with annoyance as she stared hard at him.

"I said you probably need something to make you look big, midget," he smirked and before he could react, her hand had already hooked his face. Shocked, Ichigo could only scowl at her. No one had ever laid a finger on her. How dare this small girl –

"Kurosaki Ichigo, just because you are one of the richest in this school does not give you the right to talk to anyone that way," she growled softly. "You're just as arrogant as your reputation says about you."

So the girl knows him? And yet despite knowing that, she dare talk to him that way? And to top it all, she had slapped his face pretty hard that he could still feel it. Does this woman seriously knows what's in store for her for doing that? Does she even know her position now that she had done that?

Rubbing his swollen cheek, he faced her and gave her a glare. This is too troublesome…he had never been in this position before and he found it hard to think of what to do with her. Not that he cares for her or anything but he just could not lay a hand on a girl.

"That should serve you right," she hissed and turned on her heel.

Ichigo was left speechless as he merely followed her figure. Then when thoughts had entered his mind, he scowled. Did he just allow someone to slap him? Thank god no one was around to witness that. Now, the girl would probably know hell once he spotted her.


Now, if there are famous guys around, there are also people who are just nobody in school. In the eyes of everyone, they are inexistent. One factor might be because they do not belong to the majority of the students. Meaning, they don't belong to the rich. Sure, they could provide for their living but only because they work part-time at night. But other than that, they have nothing to boast except their looks and their minds. In fact they were only able to enter the prestigious Shinigami Academy because of a scholarship grant.

Rukia was leaning on the wall while her friend, the green-haired was busy reading a novel. They were waiting for another friend who was unusually late for the day. They have a meeting to attend to and they could not afford to be late.

She was tapping her foot on the floor when the person in question arrived with an annoyed look on her face. She threw her bag at the nearest chair and sat down.

"Something wrong?" Rukia asked her friend.

"Oh, I just happen to bump into a jerk," Senna answered then sighed. "I hate him for ruining my day."

"Him?" Neliel asked, her eyes now averted from the book.

"None other than the infamous Kurosaki Ichigo. He called me a midget!"


"And he dare mocked me! I really hate their kind," she said bitterly. Rukia and Neliel did not comment on it for they know the root of her bitterness.

"Senna, why don't you calm down? We still have a meeting to attend to," Neliel suggested kindly.

It surprised them that despite being annoyed, she had a smile on her lips. "But I have given him something to remember me by."


"You should have seen his face when I slapped him. Damn, no one must have ever done that to his face. He looked shocked and did not even recover fast," she said with a smile.

"Then there goes your sweet victory," Rukia said and beamed. "Now, let's be off."


Ulquiorra wondered what had caused the mighty Kurosaki to wear a deeper scowl than the usual as they made their way towards the meeting room. He could not understand why the coach had to cancel their practice match and required every member of the team at the meeting area. What does the whole team have to do with the meeting anyway? Isn't Ichigo the only one supposed to be there?

"I swear, when I see that girl, I am going to wring her neck," Ichigo hissed as he raked his orange locks.

"Which girl?" a voice joined from behind and both men turned to find Grimmjaw and Renji. The latter two gave Ichigo a closer look before Grimmjaw turned to Ulquiorra. "Oi, Ulquiorra, what gives?"

Ulquiorra merely shrugged carelessly as he tucked his hands in his pocket. "Who knows."

As they approached the next corridor, someone bumped into Ichigo again much to the latter's annoyance. His head snapped and was about to actually lash out at her when he noticed his shirt was already wet. Naturally, his face darkened even more.

"Uhm, I'm sorry," the female apologized and bowed once.

"Why do I have the bad luck today?" Ichigo muttered to himself and faced the female with an unusual green hair. "Hey, do you know how much this shirt costs?"

The female looked up at him and for a while, something crossed her eyes before it was easily masked by a smile. "Yeah and I am really sorry. I did not mean to – "

"Listen here, since I am in a bad mood today and you ruined it even more, why don't you pay it back," he suggested in a gruff tone as he pointed at his finger. "This is worth two thousand pesos."

"I'm sorry really but – "

"If you can't pay it then why not pay it with something else?" he said and smirked much to the woman's shock at the implied meaning. However, even after that, she only smiled apologetically.

"Do you mean something else there, Mr. Kurosaki?" she asked, her tone held a little trace of sarcasm.

Kurosaki merely shrugged while his friends watched with amusement. It was their first time to see a girl who would not even swoon at the sight of them four. Usually, upon seeing them, even from afar, the girls would already scream their names and would even go as far as asking for autographs as if they are some kind of celebrities. Well, they are celebrated people alright.

"Oh yes miss. You'll pay for that girl's rudeness as well as yours," he said and smirked.

"But – "

"Neliel, there you are," another female emerged from the left corner. All eyes turned to the newcomer as she approached the green-haired female in front of Ichigo. In comparison, the other one is a lot shorter than the green-haired. However, she is also a looker much like the girl who was addressed as Neliel.

Then realizing who was around both of them, she frowned and glanced at her friend again. "Nel…"

"Rukia, uhm, can you lend me some two thousand? I'll pay it when we get home," Neliel rather said, her tone indicating plea.

"What about it?" Rukia asked, her amethyst orbs fixed on the orange head. She had a feeling it has something to do with this one.

"I…well, it was my fault. I happen to bump into him and wet his shirt."

"Yes, it was her fault so she needed to pay it back," the orange head interfered with the conversation and once again smirked.

Her furrows deepened at the remark as she stared from Neliel to Ichigo and back. After that, she glanced at his friends, two who are amused and the other was not paying attention…or at least not much. She shivered at the emotionless face.

"And she's going to pay because she happen to wet your shirt?" she asked, her voice laced with sarcasm as her hands were now on her hips.

Ichigo proudly raised his head and looked down at her. It made Rukia even smaller than she already is. "That's right midget."

Now, Rukia might have forgiven him for being rude…but to actually make fun of her small form, that is definitely something she never tolerated. Her big, purple eyes turned into slits.

"Screw you asshole," she hissed and turned to her friend. "Let's go Nel. Senna is probably looking for us right now."

Neliel nodded and smiled apologetically at the four guys. "I'm really sorry Mr. Kurosaki. If it is okay with you, I'll pay the damage tomorrow."

"Do the two of you know who you are taking for granted here?" Ichigo scowled just as the two turned. They stopped and Rukia glanced over her shoulder while Neliel turned around.

"Are you someone important?" she asked in mock tone much to Ichigo's annoyance.

Grimmjaw and Renji could no longer contain their laugh at the apparent embarrassment. "You – "

They stopped when the midget grabbed something from her friend and looked up at the towering figure of the guy who was named Ichigo. Without warning, she poured the remaining water from the bottle.

"Don't you dare insult my height jerk," she said. "And don't you dare extort my friend. Two thousand my ass! You could just dry it up. Stupid."

Then she pulled Neliel who was smiling with amusement while the guys all stared at Ichigo's dumbfounded look. Okay, they are supposed to be dumbfounded too, right? Why not? There are just two girls who didn't even giggled or swooned just by their presence. However whatever shock they felt was replaced by amusement as they stared at their friend.

"Wow," Renji mused before Ichigo glared daggers at him.

Then in a soft bark, he murmured. "I want to know their names. They will pay and know what it takes to cross Kurosaki Ichigo."

Ulquiorra just sighed and left the three to plot their usual plan. They never did change since high school. They are still the kings of the world.

Then he decided to give them some thoughts to ponder. "If you would only learn to notice your surroundings, you know who they are. They are always present in every sport's club meeting. One of them is a sports news writer and the other is a photojournalist."


The following day, Ichigo was widely smiling as he sipped his wine in their exclusive room. He had just finished reading something.

"Interesting," he mused as Renji raised his brow.

"What is?"

"Would you look at that, all three women who ruined my day yesterday are all in the same school organ. It would be easy to exact my vengeance from them," he said with a wicked smile. Grimmjaw poured himself some wine while Ulquiorra was not around.

Grimmjaw took the folder and read the contents. Along with the names are some photo of all the staff of the newspaper. Rukia, Senna and Neliel…those were the names that Ichigo had noted with an X mark as if to say they are gonna know hell.

Among the three, only Neliel had a surname while both Rukia and Senna have nothing except their given names. He raised his brow.

"Wow, in one night, you managed to get as much information about them as you could?" he asked, incredulous.

"Damn right. That's what money is used for…to pay anyone to do a job," Ichigo answered with a careless shrug. "By now, they might be suffering from the student's pranks."

Grimmjaw cocked his head and continued reading.

The three came from an orphanage, Bounts Institute. He heard a lot about that. They took care of homeless children and when they reach age 18, the children would be allowed to get out from the orphanage and h ave a chance for life.

It seems only Neliel was adopted some three years ago by a middle-class family. Then a year following her adoption, her foster parents died in an accident, leaving Neliel back to where she was – an orphan.

"Now, how about we see what's happening to them?" he said as he switched on the television for them to view what would be happening to the three girls.


The first thing they have noticed upon arriving at their lockers is the identical red tag posted on each of their locker. Oh, they need not guess what that means. They have seen a lot of those and heard a lot about it from victims of the so-called "hot guys".

"Uh-oh." Neliel muttered and took hers while Rukia and Senna exchanged glances. They're in deep shit. That's their thought as they removed theirs as well. They knew something like this would happen the moment they have crossed the basketball player.

They turned around to see other students thronging at them, their eyes wearing a mischievous gleam – something they hated the moment they saw it.

"To have their card in your locker, you must have done something to them," one girl, a redhead said as she approached with what looked like a paint.

"And what do you intend to do with that?" Senna asked crisply.

"You'll see," the redhead said as she motioned for the others to come closer. Of course, the three had nowhere to run since they're stuck in the corner so they chose the only option left. Besides, they were not raised to become some weakling.

However, just as the students could grab any of them, a voice halted them all.

"What is the meaning of this?" the voice was crisp and said with a slight authority. All eyes turned to the newcomer and they raised their brow.

"You know what it means, Tatsuki," the redhead answered with a sneer. "Just because you're a girlfriend of Renji does not make you one of them."

The girl named Tatsuki merely glared at the redhead. "Since when did I become one of them?" she asked with sarcasm. Then she glanced at the three women who sighed with relief at the distraction. They made no effort to run from the harrassing group but merely stood their ground, waiting for what would happen next.

"Tsk, if not for your boyfriend, you would probably be experiencing the same fate as the three," the redhead once again spoke then glanced over her shoulder.

Tatsuki did not appear to have heard her as she raised her head, looking straight at the hidde camera. Her eyes were hard as steel.

"Renji, I'm so gonna kill you if you're the one responsible for this," she growled before fixing her eyes on the three. "Now, how about we grab some late breakfast?"

The smallest of the three gave a curt nod before looking at the camera, as if seeing what Tatsuki had seen there. "Okay."

They passed by the redhead only to have the smallest tripped on the floor thanks to the girl who seemed to be in-charge. Since it happened without any warning, Rukia fell with her face almost slamming the wall. A roar of laughter followed as one had taken a video and a photo.

Neliel and Senna immediately tended to her. "Rukia, oh god, are you alright?" the green-haired asked and helped her up.

Although seething in anger, Rukia did her best to smile. They have some reasons why they don't indulge these students. "Yeah. It's nothing."

Tatsuki glared at the redhead. "Chizuru…you're going too far."

Said girl merely gave a careless shrug. Then she gave a crafty smile.

Rukia sighed and calmed herself. Tatsuki went near them.

"You might want to watch all your backs from hereon. This had never happened sicne a year ago. So just watch for yourselves here. The boys could go so far just to teach anyone a lesson."

At the remark, Rukia actually hissed. "Lesson? Damn him. He ought to be taught a lesson and not us!"

Tatsuki smiled nonetheless. "Maybe but it had become a rule here you know and if you don't play their games, you might end up being victims. Who among them did you piss anyway?"

"No one," was the curt reply from Senna. "Or at least if he felt offended by what we did, then he should be the one."

From their room, Icihgo could not help but laugh while Renji was uncomfortable. It should be okay but having Tatsuki seen that, he's the one who would be at a receiving end later.

"Now, that's something," Ichigo mused as he rubbed his chin. He could not forget the look on her face when she tripped. Man, that's classic. And what did she just say? He ought to be taught a lesson? Who? By them? Pathetic.

They watched as the four girls left the area and all the while, Ichigo could not control himself. He kept laughing much to Renji's annoyance.

"Don't laugh since I'd be grilled later," he said with a scowl. True that no matter how famous or how badass Renji is, there seemed to be only one person he fears. None other than his girlfriend.

"Did you see the look on their faces?" Ichigo asked instead just as the door opened. Ulquiorra came in with a bored look. Looking at the paused video, he somehow knew why Ichigo felt blissful. He shook his head and glanced at the files laid out in the glass table.

However, he did not comment.

That's just how the three do things way back in high school until they reached college. It had only stopped a year ago when Renji met Tatsuki. Well, Ichigo met Inoue too but the girl is nothing to the guy but merely a girlfriend. He pitied that woman who knew nothing of it. However, Renji's case is different. He is truly serious with Tatsuki and one condition the karate student gave before is to stop harrassing other students. And so it stopped. Ichigo had respected that wish from Renji only until yesterday when he was suddenly pissed off by three girls in a row.


Rukia had let out her anger through swimming. It is the only way she could actuall calm herself after what happened a while ago. Neliel had a class while Senna had a defense for her thesis. She's the only one available this lunch and she decided to actually spend her time in the pool. At least, no one would harrass her here. Or she only hoped so.

"If you think you can bully us around for that then you're dead wrong," she mumbled as she got off grom the water and sat at the edge. If not for the scholarship, they would not be here in this prestigious school. And should they lose that because of something that jerk of a basketball player then they would certainly be nothing now.

They have dreams to follow so they could not afford pride to get in their way. At least not now.

And that asshole had to actually make things difficult for them. They would be kicked out if they try to even be in a trouble once…or fights or whatever.

It took her willpower to actually control herself a while ago. If that had happened, outside the school campus, she would have fought back. However, it did not so she had to control her anger that moment.

"I swear, I'll pay you back, dickhead," she hissed again as if talking to the person in question. Oh how she would love to pay him back. Differently.

"I see, you're a woman with exquisite control," the voice came from her left and Rukia immediately stood up to prepare herself from another harrassment. Besides, Tatsuki had already warned them about it.

And her face darkened at the sight of the newcomer. For it was no other than the devil himself.

Kurosaki Ichigo.


Sorry, that was quite random. Anyway, I'm still trying to establish things here so…well…anyway, as I have said earlier, this is an Ulquiorra x Rukia fiction and involves multi-pairings. You could have already guessed the other pairs I suppose just by the names I have mentioned.

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