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A handsome young man with a shoulder-length jet black hair jumped down from a sleek, gray car as he moved casually towards the big house ahead of him. Man but it feels good to be back…and now he came back for his parents' anniversary…

He could not believe it had been so many years since he started living in Japan. He was six then when he first stepped foot on the country where his father met and fell in love. He had visited every place he could remember from his mother's story…the Shinigami Academy…Vizard's pub…the small cottage where she used to live with his Aunt Senna and Aunt Neliel…

After getting married, his father, Ulquiorra Schiffer sat him down one night and they both played a game…a game he so enjoyed with his father…for Akira, his father is the best…he looked up to him with so much respect and love…he had never known that that is how it felt like to have a father…you have someone to look up into…someone who could become your model…who would guide you…

Then he learned of their story and he smiled a little remembering how his mom had said her last line then. "In the end, I had a bargain with a prince."

A prince was how she described his father to him and perhaps a prince indeed. He wondered how his parents are doing right now.

Then he stopped and grinned for in the doorway was his father waiting for him with the same grin. Now that he grew up, it was so easy to say that he is indeed Ulquiorra's son. The resemblance is too strong…people always say he was the spitting image of his father and that the only distinct feature he got from his mom is the eye color…

Akira grew up with so much love from around him…his parents, their families and friends…he knew there exist a word love but somehow he could not understand, for the life of him why he could never find himself settling down…

Perhaps he was setting too high a standard…because what he was looking for is a quality similar to his mom…even though there was one woman he had loved…

"Hiya dad," he said and raised his two fingers.

Ulquiorra cocked his eyebrow and studied his unruly appearance. "Welcome home son. How's Europe? And you came unannounced so I assume you were trying to hide from the paparazzi."

Akira rolled his eyes. "I have to or they will continue nagging me about this and that…jeez why can't they just focus on Youji alone. Youji is the actor here not me."

Ulquiorra chuckled. Youji had actually entered the entertainment industry and was one of the most celebrated young actors globally. Akira on the other hand chose to live away from the limelight but then again, fame had been the two's companion since they were young. It was something they could not run away from…they're both children of the prestigious families…and not to mention that Akira is also a noble which added more intrigue…then there is also the fact that two were famous for their relationships with different women…

Akira could still remember his mother's reaction when she learned of his escapades. She was horrified that he was playing with women…but it was something inevitable to begin with…the women were the ones chasing them and not the other way around…however, the fathers were far from amused too…why…the two hunted in pair…women they want to bed with if the ones ogling over them were boring…

But Ulquiorra was glad that in the recent years, Akira and Youji had already started to act like real adults. Youji had just recently left the limelight and decided to take over his father's businesses. Akira had already been managing the business a long time ago…something that attracted attention in the business world.

Ever since he reached the right age, Ulquiorra had already transferred everything to Akira for him to handle. He had also stopped traveling frequently like he usually did in his younger days…Akira had taken all the responsibilities when he was just twenty one.

Ulquiorra did not want to because his son is too young and he wanted him to enjoy life still so what he did is he only gave one of his companies for him to manage until he noticed that his son is indeed capable of it already. So after turning twenty four, Akira Schiffer, heir to Schiffer empire and heir to some of Kuchiki empires, had already been known as the world's youngest businessman ever to conquer the business world. They say he inherited his parents' wit and sharpness. And the others described him as more than just charms…

Naturally it made his parents proud but somehow worried for him –something Akira could not still understand. He's doing great but why are they worried for him?

He gave his father a hug. "It's fine. How's mom? And where is she?"

"She's fine, she's fine," he said as he swung his arm around his son's shoulder and led him inside. "She went out with Neliel a while ago for shopping. Smythe had just arrived as well from her trip."

At the mention of the name, Akira gave a wry smile. They were close…the two of them…ever since Smythe began to talk and recognize thing, he had always been the first in her lips…he was her person as she said it…and to be honest…most of his relationship with other women never worked because they saw Smythe as the shadow lurking behind…they saw Smythe as someone more precious to him than them…

And some years back…he realized it…he loved her…had always loved her but never dared to cross the line because heck…he was her protector from other guys…Smythe would not even date any guy he disapproved…something Aisha, Ichigo's daughter, commented. And things happened fast some years back…he could not remember how he managed to admit his feelings towards her…they dated a short time until he broke with her…something Smythe was not able to understand…something even him could not understand…

Smythe and Aisha are both stewardess and the two loved their work greatly.

His Uncle Ichigo and Uncle Grimmjaw had been complaining about their rare homecomings and once they even grumbled why they didn't follow after them then his father remarked how it was a good thing his Uncle Renji's son had taken over his father's businesses as well.

Abarai Youji is Akira's best friend. They were of the same age when they first met and since then, whenever Renji visited Europe to have a glance at the kid, he takes his son with him.

"Oh? So she came home?" he asked. "How about Aisha? I bet Youji is complaining again for not being able to see her frequently."

Ulquiorra chuckled as Akira poured wine for his father. "Well, Renji had been telling me about it. Youji had already proposed to Aisha you see but the girl said she wanted to fly still so it might take them longer."

Akira smiled. He made a mental note to contact his friend later and share a drink with him. They were in college when Youji realized he is so head over heels in love with Aisha and Aisha with him. He could very well remember how Youji had looked like the first time he realized it…

He sat across his father and took a sip while Ulquiorra studied him carefully. Despite reaching his prime years already, his father had not lost much of his looks. His mom told him about his father's past…about a boy who was neglected by his parents…looking at him, he saw no trace of that anymore. It seemed his father is already content and was able to avenge his bitter childhood by becoming the best he could be as a father.

And he did not fail.

"What's with the look you are giving me dad?" he asked with a frown.

"Well, your mom is bugging me about you…she's restless you see about you not settling down."

Akira scratched his head. "Come on dad, I've no time for it yet."

"You've been in love with your work," he said and shook his head. "That's basically one of the reasons why I was reluctant to give you full control of the business at such a young age…"

Akira grinned. "I can't find the right woman for me dad." But he was lying.

He raised one brow and studied him closely as he leaned. "Why? What's the right woman for you?" he finally asked.

Akira pondered on it. "I don't know…someone like mom perhaps?" he asked with uncertainty. Honestly though, he does not really know…he had met a lot of women since he hit puberty…he had dated some…shared some kisses…bedded some…but he does not seem content with them…it was like he was searching for something…

"Then you will never find a woman to marry," Ulquiorra said. "Every woman has a uniqueness, son, and what you want to see in someone is what I saw in your mom. That's tough for you."

"Why does mom seem so restless about me hitting the age of thirty without a steady relationship?" he asked. "I'm happy with the way I am dad. I'm happy with the way I run my life."

He nodded. "True but you'll never find contentment. You can't find it with different women. Don't you envy your friend a little? Just look at him…"

Akira looked away. His father is right. There are different qualities in every person…and he was right also about not finding real contentment…

But only his father knew about his love for a certain girl and the first time he talked to him about it, he begged his father not to mention it to anyone.

"If you don't take actions now, then someone would beat you to it. I heard there is this man and I've met him a couple of times already…a fine man he is…he's interested with Smythe."

"Smythe is a beautiful woman and it's impossible if there would be no man to give interest towards her," he said though at the back of his mind, he made a note to check on it. Damn, he had lived in Europe for two years after his break-up with her.

"Do the right thing and make the first step," Ulquiorra advised. "You lived in Europe for two years just to avoid crossing paths with her. It's time you take some actions. You've never been a coward in your life."

"I hurt her before dad…and I could not face her…" he admitted as he played with his glass. It was because of that fact that he avoided some of his family's reunion. He could not face his Uncle Grimmjaw without remembering that he had played on his daughter too. That was unforgivable. "When I was eight and she was still a baby…I promised to protect her…I promised to be his prince like you were to mom…but in the end…I just hurt her…"

Ulquiorra was just studying him still, his green eyes now seemed faded with age. It amazed him that somehow in more ways than one, his son is just so much like him…

"Make amends," he advised. "It does not hurt to swallow your pride and correct what you had done. I'd a feeling she did love you way back you know…she really did…and was terribly hurt when you jilted her with no reasons at all…"

Akira's lips were pursed together as he contemplated on what his father said. Perhaps that's it then…

"You never said a thing when I told you about it," he pointed out.

Ulquiorra nodded. "That's right. Because I figured you're grown up to know what you do…though I would admit I was pretty disappointed with what you've done…Smythe was my goddaughter after all just like you're Grimmjaw's godson."

"Hey dad…I did not really jilt her…that's too harsh a word," he corrected and leaned on one of the couch, his eyes staring at the family portrait which his mom had painted three months after her wedding. Beside it is the picture of his father and his group…on the family portrait's left side is also a group picture of his mom and her friends…

Near the stairway, there was also a family portrait of his Uncle Byakuya with his wife…next to it is his father's family…his Grandma Halibel and Grandpa Stark with his Uncle Toshirou…all of them had already aged just like his parents…

Then there was an individual picture of him, Youji, Smythe and Aisha…all in all, the wide house is filled with pictures of friends, families and others…

As to their house…it was something his father designed when he was still a student and was still pretending with Rukia…in his mind…he had envisioned a home…a house with a welcoming warmth…a house filled with love…in his subconscious, according to his father, he had hoped and planned beforehand a life with his mother…and the house was a gift to her…

"Then what do you call your action?"

This time, Akira set his glass down on the glass table between them then rubbed his tired face. "I just ended it with her…because I fear I might hurt her…and yet I ended up hurting her…either way."

Amused, Ulquiorra chuckled. "You know, ever since you've been famous around the ladies, I can't help but say that you followed on your Uncle Ichigo's footsteps. You might hurt her because of your philandering you mean?"

Akira frowned at the term but Ulquiorra just waved him off with his left hand. "Getting hurt in a relationship is just normal kid…you learn from it…if you have said that reason to Smythe…she would not accept it…that's lame, don't you know that?"

"Stop making fun of me," he drawled while Ulquiorra just shook his head.

"You know what to do…do the right thing by her…if you don't love her, it's okay but give her an explanation as to why you left. Don't commit the same mistake I did."

His father stood up. "You always have to give up something when you want another thing…your eyes tells me you wanted her still…love her still…but there's something you could not give up…your bachelorhood…if Youji could turn his back on his fame and all…I know you could too."

Then Ulquiorra walked towards the window when he heard the sound of a car. "That should be your mother. I'll tell you something…you were afraid to hurt her because you knew that sooner or later…your feelings would deepen and you're not ready yet…at least that was two years ago…perhaps now that would change. You're good as ready to settle down, ain't you kid?" Akira did not speak though as he contemplated on what was just said.

Ulquiorra sighed at his son. He could not understand how his kid had grown up to be a ladies' man and all…and perhaps he was right…he had followed Ichigo's footstep…he just wished Akira would also have Ichigo's courage to swallow his pride and make the first move…


He found his mother on the verandah that night of the party. Age did not diminish her beauty…her raven hair had now some traces of white in it…but still, she never lost her strong personality…something his father had admired from her…

He wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed the top of her head. "Happy anniversary mom."

She spun with a wide smile on her lips. There is no doubt that the first woman in his heart is his mother…

"What are you doing here?" he asked before she could begin to speak. "The party has already started."

"Oh, just going back to the past…I do it every year…" her voice was soft. "It had been many years since I met your dad…I get back with our memories…"

He grinned. The love between his parents was too strong. He wondered if he could be capable of loving with the same intensity…

From his pocket, he took out a small box and reached for her hand. It looks like she is already expecting it because her smile widened even more as he lifted the lid and revealed a golden pendant with amethyst as the stone in the middle…

Rukia's heart simply fell at her son's sweetness. He made it his habit to shower her with gifts every year on her anniversary…slowly, Akira spun his mother around and placed the pendant where it should be…

"I love you mom. I love you and dad so much."

"I love you too son," she answered croakily just as the door opened to reveal Ulquiorra who was cocking one eyebrow. It was already a common sight to him to see Akira giving his mother a gift.

"Well, they're looking for both of you downstairs," he said and approached them. They simply stood – the three of them – together and for a moment savored the peacefulness…Akira was between his parents and he swung his arm around them with a grin.

"Let's not keep the guests waiting," he said and led them outside to where their friends and families are all waiting…where his life would also make a change because down below was the woman he had loved so much yet was unable to keep…

It was a small gathering meant for those close to them only so Akira was not surprised to find a few people…he caught a sight of orange just from the corner as the three of them descended the stairs…his Uncle Ichigo is busy bickering with his wife…that thing about the two never changed even when they got older…Aisha waved a hand at him as she sat beside Youji who was smirking…he waved back with a grin…it was so good to be home indeed…

"Well, well, so the boy has returned," Ichigo said as he moved towards them along with Senna, Renji and Tatsuki. "Akira Schiffer, notorious heartbreaker…glad to see you again, young man."

"Hello guys," he said and scratched his head. He leaned towards the two women and gave them a tender kiss. Senna smiled warmly. He turned to Ichigo and gave him his oh-so-familiar smirk. "And I've grown Uncle Ichigo. I ain't a boy. And you have aged."

"You don't have to rub that into my face," Ichigo scowled while the others chuckled. At least this thing about Ichigo and Akira never changed in the passage of time. "It's not like you are not aging either. You're turning thirty soon."

Akira gave a laugh and shook his head. Senna stepped forward and kissed his forehead.

"It's so good to see you again, Akira…" she said.

"Now, why don't we let the kid get to his friends out there," Ulquiorra said and patted Akira's shoulder, giving it a small squeeze for encouragement. "I'm sure they have a lot to talk about."

"Yeah, now that you mentioned it," Rukia said and glanced at the woman who stepped out from the kitchen. It was so hard not to miss her with her blue-green hair and dashing looks…she tiptoed and whispered to his son. "It's also about time you give your love to her."

Akira only grinned as Ulquiorra pulled his wife already. "Don't start bugging him about it again," he heard his dad say.

"I'm not…and I forgot to tell him I want a grandchild."

Shaking his head, Akira turned as he heard his parents' laughter mingled with their friends. Then he stopped as one man stopped in front of him.

"Akira, boy," he said warmly and the said guy felt awkward facing him so he bowed a little.

"Uncle Grimm," he said and was surprised at the warm hand that patted his shoulder. He looked up to find the man looking at him closely…hurt evident in his eyes…

"I was beginning to think you would not even talk to me," he said. "I've missed the old days when you were still young. And I can't help but notice you've changed when around me…"

This time, Akira grinned reluctantly though. "Uh well…"

To his astonishment, Grimmjaw just wrapped his arms around him for a brief moment. "It's alright you know…you don't have to be afraid of me…I heard from your dad…and I was never angry with you…"

"I'll do the right thing by her," he promised and saw how all eyes were on both of them. He pulled away then clasped the man's hand. "Thank you Uncle Grimm."

Grimmjaw just grinned and winked at his wife who was standing beside Rukia. He could only hope all would go well for both of them…

Akira sighed with relief and walked towards Smythe who was just standing there, her face devoid of any emotions at all…but her blue eyes surely showed something…

He made a hand signal to Youji…promising to talk with him later…right now…what matters is that he talks with her…

Aware that everyone is waiting to see what happens next, he stopped just in front of her then grinned. "Hello Smythe."

"Hiya Akira," she said coolly. "Didn't expect you to be home."

"I would not miss it," he said. "Can we talk?"

She stiffened knowing she could not avoid the inevitable…a talk with him…about the past…sensing this, Akira immediately held her hand.

"Please…there are so many things I never said two years ago…so many things I regretted not telling you…" he pleaded softly and without waiting for her to speak, he pulled her towards the kitchen and exited the house. Smythe did not make any attempt to actually fight back as she let him lead her towards the fountain.

"You can let go of me now," she said in her cool voice.

He did and panted slightly before straightening up. "I would not beat around the bush," he said seriously. "I love you Smythe and I'm sorry I let you go."

Flabbergasted at the sudden confession, she just stared at him, unblinking. Did he just say what she thought she heard?


"It took me some time to realize what a fool I was…" he said. "I'm so sorry but please…give me another chance…"


"I know I hurt you and I'll amend that…but please…just this once…" he pleaded now, his eyes showed it…his tone said it… "Damn…I just want to be with you."

Finally waking from her stupor, Smythe took a step back and studied the man. She had always wondered why he left her…she always wondered what went wrong…she even thought it was her fault…

But her godfather talked to her a while ago…because he knew she loved him still…he knew she is waiting for him still…because that is how much she loves him…

She raised one hand and drew a deep breath. "Okay…now that you have said your part, let me speak up." Oh how she loved this man despite what he had done…

"There is something I would like to ask you before you continue babbling," she said seriously this time, gathering all the courage she needed. It had been two years waiting for him to come back…and now she'll be damned if she'll let him walk away the second time around…

"Ask me what?" he asked with a blink, his beautiful eyes looking at her.

Again, she drew a sharp breath. It is now or never for her. "I want to ask you to marry me, Akira Schiffer."

The courage she had mustered evaporated upon seeing his hand dropped to his side and he only looked at her. "I thought the day would not come when you'd come confessing to me or even apologizing for what you did back then. And I was thinking a while ago that if you would not talk to me tonight, I'll be the one to do the talking. So it surprised me that you were the first one to come to me…" she trailed off when he merely stared at her. Heat rose to her face. "Well at least say something there."

There was merriment in his eyes and she huffed. "Don't make me sound like a fool here Akira."

"Well, this is so sudden," he said as his mobile rang. "Hang on a minute."

She gritted her teeth. Here she was, pouring her heart out and of all the things he would say is just to hang on a minute. Great, she just made a big fool out of herself.

"Shut up," she heard him say before flipping the mobile and turned to her. "Just hang on. I'll be back. That was Youji."

Again, of all the things she expected, it was not for him to walk away in the middle of her confession. Damn this guy for making it hard for her. She waited.

Akira ran back to their house and scowled at all the peering faces on the window. "Don't you know privacy?" he snorted when he entered the house and found his mother, father and their friends all peeking into the window. He spotted Youji and Aisha doing the same on the other side of the window while his other Uncles were acting like they did not do a thing. Their faces are all showing anticipation and excitement though.

"Well, you're taking it so slow, boy," his Uncle Byakuya said.

"I'm not," he answered and they all sniggered, thoroughly enjoying his discomfort.

"You know, though I said you followed into Ichigo's footstep, it is still a good thing that you didn't follow into his stupidity – "

"Hey! Abarai" Ichigo bellowed which earned a laugh from those who knew what was being referred to.

Akira grinned at them and Ichigo groaned. "Well, at least I do not have to play dead just to get the woman I love." Those who knew about what he meant stiffled a laugh as Ichigo scratched his head while trying to make a comeback from the verbal argument. Renji and Grimmjaw turned around to hide thier grins.

"Hey, you two! Stop conspiring against me," Ichigo groused knowing his friends were grinning from ear to ear despite hiding it.

"What are you doing here still? It's not proper leaving her there," Toshirouo muttered as he stood beside his wife, Karin who was smirking at his brother. At the sight of the two, Akira could not help but recall how both Isshin and Stark had tried so hard to set the two up into dates and all…and when the two old men gave up…it finally worked…

Upon remembering what he came for, he rushed upstairs while the people below chuckled with amusement. It was really rare to see Akira like this…often times they were wondering where the bright kid went…he grew up suddenly serious and all...

"I wonder if he ever followed into you," Rukia said as she linked arms with her husband. "He's still a charming guy."

"He is," Ulquiorra agreed with a small hint of a smile. His wife would never know that she was the measuring stick in Akira's choice of women. A few minutes later, they saw Akira running down the grand stairwell as if he was having a race with a devil.

"See ya," he grinned at them.

"Oh I love that child," Yoruichi said. She was never blessed with a child so Akira became her son too.

"We all do," Mashiro who met the kid before agreed. "Him and Youji sure never lost their charm."

Akira hooked his thumb in his pocket as he slowed down his pace towards Smythe who was waiting still, her face still flushed. He grinned. He'll always remember this. He cleared his throat, his expression now polite and pleasant.

"Where were we?" He gave a look as if he was going over it once again then he flicked his finger with a grin.

He saw her eyes sharpened. "Oh yes, you were asking me to marry you."

"Yes," she said sternly now. "Listen here you big oaf, if you can't stand behind the talk about being in love with me, then you definitely don't know what you're dealing with."

He grinned, practically enjoying seeing her face so flustered with annoyance and embarrassment. "Don't I?"

"If you told me you love me because you felt guilty about jilting me two years ago – "

"I did not jilt you," he corrected as he now stood close to her.

"Whatever. The point is, if you don't want me, then at least have the courage to say it right in front of my face!"

He nodded, his hands moved into his coat. "That's right."

She felt like she was slapped in the face. "That's right?" she repeated with a choke. Oh perhaps her godfather was mistaken…Akira never did love her…

"Yep. I don't want you," he said, his face blank despite the merriment dancing in his eyes. Smythe swallowed, needing to salve whatever remaining courage she has.

"Oh, I see," she said and took a step back. "I guess – "

"I don't want you Smythe because the proper thing to say is I need you – with me," he said as he lifted a small box from his pocket and opened the lid much to Smythe's shock. "I need you with me for the rest of my life. And I was kidding. I want you…to become my wife."

Smythe could only stare at the delicate and bright diamond ring.

"It was the ring my father gave to my mom when he proposed to her. I was six that time. My mom gave it to me as a family heirloom, telling me to give it to the woman I want to share my life with. I want to share my life with you Smythe."

She blinked, feeling a big lump in her throat so she only shook her head helplessly. Akira grinned. "You have so many things to say a while ago like something about me standing up." He glanced towards the house and saw them giving him a good luck sign. He chuckled. Why, it was so different than what he expected to do…

He leaned closer to her so that his lips were almost kissing her. "So I would answer your question. Certainly and absolutely yes…I would like to marry you though I initially planned to ask you first after talking with you."

Slowly, he slipped the ring into her delicate finger and kissed her tenderly. He felt her tears flowing down her cheeks so he wiped it with his thumb gently as he pulled away just as they heard the cheers from the house.

"They were watching since a while ago," he said and pulled her into him. "I love you Smythe and I don't want to let you go."

She smiled. "I love you too you know…and I somehow know why you broke with me…that was so lame…" she smirked.

He laughed as he led her towards the house. "How about we join them?" he suggested. "But well, you see, dad was right when he told me perhaps I was not just ready to give up my bachelorhood two years ago…so fearing our relationship would lead to something more serious, I decided to break with you because I ain't ready for commitment then. I regretted that."

"That's past," she said and saw her mother talking with her Aunt Rukia happily. She raised her hand and stared at the diamond. It was so beautifully cut.

"My dad told me that diamonds are the best stone though not necessarily the most valuable," he said. "Diamonds are clear…without color. It's also cold and hot at the same time."

Smythe knew how much Akira adored his parents. Perhaps it was the most obvious feeling he had shown in his entire life…his love for his parents…

"Do you know that diamonds has one curious property?" he asked as he opened the door where they could hear the laughter, the music and all.


"It's because when you hold it in your hand, it feels so cold…so cold that it could burn your skin."

She smiled. This was one thing she admired and loved about this man…his wit, his charm, and everything about him…

"Fire and ice?" she asked.

He nodded with a grin as they were met by the people inside, first and foremost their parents. "Precisely."

"A toast for the reunited couple," Youji said from the side and everyone cheered. Akira knew that it was the start for him as well…to find his true happiness with the woman he loves…he met his father's eyes and he grinned while his father winked.

His mom may have made a bargain with a prince but Akira can be a prince in his own way.

"I want a grandchild immediately," Rukia demanded and Akira grinned.

"Mom – "

"Me too," Neliel joined in with a beautiful smile. "We want grandchildren as soon as possible."

"Come on, like we'd allow you to beat us to that," Ichigo piped in as well, Senna on his side. "Yo, Aisha, when will you say yes to Youji? Say yes so you two could start making babies."

Everyone laughed at that while Aisha and Youji only grinned. "Daddy!"

"I was beginning to think I could win first for the first time knowing you'd be wed and I'd have a grandchild to boast to my friends," he groused while Senna gave him a light punch on his chest.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, that's not something you should be saying,"

Aisha and Youji joined Smythe and Akira as they watched their parents enjoying the night with the other guests. It sure seemed just like yesterday when they were just six, Akira and Youji, and they witness the love between the eight…

And now it was time for them to create their own story…

Akira pulled Smtyhe closer to him. Aye, it was time to create his own story too…


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