Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans. I am not making any money on this. I wrote this many years ago with my friend Worren from Germany

Summary: Robin is filled with horrible memories of Slade during his time as an apprentice. One question stands: will Robin be able to break away from Slade before his life is compromised, or will he fall into total darkness?

Rating: M

Warnings: Sex, rape, abuse, mystery


Robin stood on top of a giant building, looking deeply in thought upon the sleeping city. His mind was shattered. Old images came up in his head, haunting every second of his life. He could not forget; never. The deep and cruel voice always came back to his thoughts and reminded him of that day. That horrible day. Eventually the pain became more than he could stand. Holding his hand to his head, he wished that the pain would go away. It doesn't.

"It never will," he whispered to the wind. Robin wished he could cry, but he felt as if he had cried too much, that no tears were left. Silently, a soft rain fell upon him. He raised his head with closed, masked eyes up to the sky, hoping the crystal clear water would wash all the dirt and pain away. It doesn't. "It never will…"

For a few minutes he stood there, without moving, not thinking, and, for a moment, he doesn't hear the deep moaning and breathing, just the wind and the rain. Loud thunder brought him back to reality and a painful sting traveled through his body. He opened his eyes and looked down. A flash suddenly crossed his view. Robin blinked.

"What?" It was there for a second, coming with the lightning and then going dark again. Robin looked closer and squeezed his eyes together, wanting to see something. Lightning lit the sky and illuminated the area again, but the streets of Jump City were deserted. "But, I'm sure-" Robin closed his eyes and shook his head. He then let out a soft sigh. "Maybe I'm just tired…"

Opening his eyes again, Robin turned around. Within two milliseconds, he saw a figure dart away out of the corner of his eye. He quickly turned back and saw, in another flash of lightning, a robot. The boy gritted his teeth, his masked eyes narrowing.

"I knew it!" he growled in anger.

With an angry snarl, Robin jumped off the roof to another under it. He continued downward until he was on the sidewalk. His crouched body was filled with rage. He clenched his hands into angry fists. The Titan leader could feel his blood beginning to boil. Standing up straight, Robin ran down the street. All the pain came back and changed to pure anger as he ran. There was something different too; something that didn't belong to anger; something that was deeper and more passionate. He shook his head, keeping a close eye on the darting, black shadow.

'No. Don't think about it. Just follow it so you can find him and fight that perverted bastard and punish him for raping you and destroying your life!' The anger came back at this revealing thought. "Slade!" Robin growled.

He followed the robot to an old warehouse. Robin distinctly heard a warning, but he paid no heed. The boy was so angry with the fucking bastard he hated so much that he could not hear it. But, deep down, inside, he knew it was a trap. Robin knew it because he knew Slade and he knew Slade because he knew himself. He would never admit that out loud; not ever.

Reaching the warehouse door, Robin carefully pushed it open. It was old, so it made an evil screech. He hissed in anger, hoping that whatever was waiting inside would not hear him. As quiet as he could be, he snuck into the warehouse. He waited every second for an attack, his body tense. Then he saw the shadow again. But…had it been bigger than before? Oh well, it didn't matter.

Robin didn't wait to think before attacking the dark shadow darting away in front of him. The shadow, naturally, was faster. It vanished from sight. Robin tried to look around for it, but a harsh kick against his spine forced him into another room. He tripped over his own feet, falling flat on his stomach. It took Robin several seconds to understand what had happened before pushing himself up with his hands. A giant shadow suddenly appeared over him. Rolling over swiftly, he looked up and saw Slade standing over him like a merciless, dark cloud. Robin's eyes were almost as wide as saucers. A cold shiver ran up his spine. The pain of the past came back and paralyzed him; he could not move. Fear crawled up his stomach.

No. Please don't

Robin continued to stare wide-eyed at the evil villain. He was unable to breathe…


Robin was five seconds too late… The door slammed shut and the lights went out, because of the storm waging war outside, so Robin was shrouded in total darkness. He tried to crawl away backwards, but Slade was behind him in an unforeseeable flash. Robin was suddenly forced to his feet. He tried desperately to break free from the strong grip that had him successfully pinned to an armored chest.

"Let go of me, Slade!" The demented man chuckled fairly close to his ear. "Why can't you just leave me alone?"

"Because I am not through with you yet, Robin," Slade said with a purr against his neck. Robin shivered; the villain wasn't wearing his two-toned mask. He could feel his hot breath on his cold, slightly wet skin. "Why are you afraid of me Robin? Why do you shy from me when all I want to do is touch you?"

"Y-You what?"

"Now, now Robin, don't be afraid." Slade slowly trailed a seductive, gloved hand down his chest. "I just came to get what I desire."

Robin swallowed some of his fear. "What do you want then?"

Slade had his hand hovering over Robin's slightly quivering stomach. "I want to see the fear in your eyes, Robin. Also, you still need to be punished for leaving me all alone."

Slade's hand brushed lightly against Robin's belt. Robin was frozen in fear when he removed it from his waist. With the lightness of a slithering snake, he slid his hand inside Robin's boxers.

"S-Slade, what are you doing?" The villain's hand gripped Robin's limp boyhood, causing his entire body to stiffen. "S-Slade, please don't-"

No! Not again! Slade…don't!

"Cry all you want, Robin," Slade said, while he began lightly stroking him with his gloved fingers. "Your little friends won't hear you; they are simply too far away."

Robin's knees buckled when Slade's thumb tip brushed over the head of his slowly hardening penis. He fell to his knees, Slade coming down with him. This position was better anyway: Robin, all alone, in a submissive stance with the cruel hands of his tormentor.

"S-Slade, stop it! Please!" Robin's fingers dug into the cold, concrete floor, his nails chipping as he pulled them back. He was crouched, kind of like a frog, between an immobile floor and an impassable villain. Robin closed his eyes, panting out hot air. "W-Why are you doing this?"

Slade chuckled darkly. "I already told you, it's punishment, apprentice," he said, stroking him faster with his entire hand wrapped cruelly around him. "I have yet to see the fear behind your eyes."

Robin's breathing quickened as Slade's hand movements were too hot to handle. His once limp cock was now hard and dangerously close to bursting. Seconds later, he spilled his seed all over Slade's hand, a cry forcing its way out of his throat upon his release. He instantly bit his tongue to stop from moaning. Opening his mouth, Robin let out a shuddering breath.

"S-Slade, please, leave me alone"

Leaning most of his weight on him, Slade chuckled deeply into his ear. "Why Robin? Is it because you're afraid? Or is it because you don't want me to hear your loud moans of pleasure as I touch you?"

Robin shook his head; he was near to tears. "Please, l-leave me alone. Slade…stop."

Ignoring his weak plea for peace, Slade removed his hand from between his legs, his cum-coated fingers trailing silkily over his stomach. Grabbing his hips, Slade slowly lowered his green, spandex pants and black boxers. He then undid his own belt and pulled down the zipper of his Kevlar pants. Pulling out his arousal from his own boxers, he brushed the tip right against the crack of Robin's ass, letting him now what was going to happen soon. He shivered even more when Slade's hands were back to his hips.


After digging his fingers into Robin's skin, Slade spread his ass cheeks apart with his thumbs and then harshly thrust deep inside of him. Robin could already feel the flesh tearing within him. He bit his lip to stop himself from screaming from the pain. His tormentor pulled out over half way before thrusting harshly back inside of him in an even rhythm. Within seconds, Robin felt blood slowly trailing down the back of his legs. His breathing was deep and heavy as Slade grinded ruthlessly against him. This lasted a few minutes before he felt the villain climax deep inside of him. Tears tracked down Robin's face, pain filling him. Slade pulled out and then pushed him to the dusty-covered, metal floor. Robin landed face down, breathing deeply. He could suddenly hear running footsteps heading in their location.

"Your friends will be here shortly," Slade announced, standing beside Robin. His belt was back around his waist. Robin tried to get up, but the pain of his torn, bleeding flesh prevented him from moving much. "I so enjoyed seeing you again, Robin. But remember: no matter where you go, no matter where you are, I will find you. Remember that."

With another chuckle, Slade started walking deep into the shadows. Robin could hear his footsteps fading away. Only one spotlight came back on, right over his bleeding body. He couldn't move; the pain was too much. The door suddenly hit the wall with a bang as the Titans came rushing in. They spotted their shivering leader several feet away, his pants and boxers still around his knees.

"Dude! Robin!" Beast Boy was the first to reach him. He turned into a dog and started licking his wet face for a few seconds before turning back. "What happened?"

Cyborg knelt beside Robin and tried to move him, but he screamed in pain. That's when he saw the blood seeping out from underneath his leg.

"Man, this is bad," he said worriedly. "Raven, a little help?" The Empath floated up beside Cyborg. She crouched down next to Robin, healing him the best she could. Then she pulled her cloak off and laid it over his body. Cyborg gently picked him up and then looked at his friends. "Come on ya'll. Let's get him home."

With their leader safely back with them, they all headed out of the warehouse. Soon, Slade came out of the shadows, clicking his mask back into place over his face.

"I will be seeing you again soon, Robin. I don't feel like you have been punished enough just yet."

With that notion on his mind, Slade, too, left the warehouse.

Two days had passed since that incident and Robin had not spoken. His friends had brought him back to the tower. They had been worried about him when he didn't come down for dinner and when the storm hit. They located his communicator signal and went to find him. And they had. But, how could they forget what they saw? Robin didn't tell them what happened, but they could tell by the way they found him: bloody and full of pain. They knew what Slade had done. They knew it was Slade, because he had done it before…

Now Robin was sitting on the roof of the tower, staring at nothing. His eyes were sad and empty. None of the Titans dared speak to him. They knew that they could not help him. And that drove them mad. They hated Slade so much for what he had done to their friend. But they couldn't prevent him from doing it again, not now and not the time before…

Robin looked at the dusk, but he didn't see the beauty of the sun, nor did he feel her warmth. He could not feel because if he did, he would break. But he didn't want to break; he would never allow Slade to win. Never. The boy would be damned if he didn't have his pride, which was all he seemed to have left.

Robin slowly closed his eyes. Secretly, he wished he would never open them again… Once he did, however, it was night. All the beautiful stars shone in the dark blue sky, but he didn't pay attention. He looked down at the water that gently crashed into their island. He then heard a silent voice in the howling wind. His eyes narrowed slightly.

"Just leave me alone," he whispered. "I don't want…"

Robin closed his eyes again. Darkness soon swallowed him.

"Don't! Stop!"

But he was ignored. Light, naked fingers trailed down Robin's stomach. Heat was rising in his body; burning passion. A soft moan fell from his lips.

"See Robin…you like it."

Slade's soft whisper left Robin shivering in lust.

"N-No, I…I don't. It's…It's a lie…"

The hot air coming out of his mouth was proof enough of the truth.

"You do…" Slade growled softly into Robin's ear.

Slowly, Slade moved his right hand down onto Robin's groin. The boy had no choice but to gasp in pleasure. He was in the man's lap, both of them nude, with his head lying against his chest. Slade moved his hand up and down in a teasing gesture, his free hand stroking the right side of Robin's chest. The small, untouched, pink bud was gradually hardening. Robin couldn't stand the heat inside him, so he moaned in satisfaction.

"…Ahh… Please…Sla-ade…"

The villain smirked softly. "What do you wish my sweet song bird?"

Slade's voice was always full of tease; Robin didn't stop making the sweetest sounds. Having another cunning idea, Slade stopped. The boy looked confused.

"Uhh…! Wh-Why are you…s-stopping?"

Robin's breath was very hard. Slade smirked at him from behind his back. "So you want me to keep going?" he asked mocking.

Gritting his teeth, Robin shook his head frantically. "No…I-I mean…maybe…I-"

"Maybe or no?" Slade asked in a whisper in his ear. "You have to tell me, Robin. What do you want?"

Slade softly licked Robin's ear. He shivered again.

"I-I don't…know."

"Alright, then I will stop."

"No!" Robin screamed.

Slade chuckled softly. "Well…then tell me what you want."

Slade laid his hand on Robin's stomach, keeping him still. He started to sob. There was only one thing he could do.

"I…I-I want-" Robin couldn't hold it in anymore. "I want you to finish it."

He almost screamed out that last part. Slade laughed inside. 'I know you do.'

Slade started stroking Robin again, making him moan in pleasure. He softly kissed Robin's neck, nipping and nuzzling the tender, young, virgin flesh. Sweat trailed down Robin's body.

"Nngh! Ahh! Slade!"

Robin soon came into the villain's hand. Slade led it to his mouth, forcing his index finger passed stubborn, bruising lips. Robin had no choice but to taste his own cum. The lust suddenly took control of him. Grabbing Slade's hand with his smaller ones, he sucked fervently on the finger. Something inside his subconscious mind suddenly broke. A small feeling of guilt began to fill his stomach. Then, his vision blurred, darkness swallowing him…