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Four months had passed since Robin escaped from Slade's apprenticeship. He hadn't told his friends about the coma he had been in or the dreams he had during that eight-day period. He left those ten days out of his reenactment when he relayed the story to his friends. The only ones who could sense that something had gone horribly wrong were Raven and Beast Boy. They did not push their suspicions however, in fear that he would go off the handle. It was usually best not to ask. Robin usually hated when people worried about him too much. The only one he would allow to worry about him was-

"Robin, are you listening to me?"

Robin lost his train of thought. He looked over at Slade, who pushed the button to the elevator again to stop it from going any higher.

"Shouldn't we be fighting or something?" he asked, ignoring Slade's question. "Like you said four months ago, if I were to escape, we'd be enemies again." He paused. "Why did you really bring me up here?"

"I just want to talk, but you seem to be down memory lane," Slade answered. He approached Robin, who stood his ground. Stopping in front of him, Slade placed his right hand on his cheek. "I will be honest, little Robin. Someone is replacing you. It is a teenage girl. However, I have no such feelings for her as I did for you four months ago."

Robin stepped back, bumping into the wall. "If you don't want to fight, then let me go back to help Terra and Raven. What we did four months ago was wrong." He looked to the side. "That's why I wish we weren't on opposite sides of the law because then it wouldn't be wrong," he added quietly.

Robin allowed Slade to grip his chin and turn his gaze to him. "I know how you feel, little Robin. But what has passed has passed. We cannot change what we did. I cannot change the pain I put you through." Slade reached for his mask. "But I can make you feel better." Robin stared at Slade's handsome face in silence. Deep down, he missed the face of his enemy. "Ever since you escaped, I have thought of no one but you."

Dropping his mask, Slade gripped his neck and kissed him firmly. Robin's eyes slowly closed. He opened his mouth, allowing Slade's tongue to enter and taste him. His other hand reached for the front of his belt. He clicked it open and slowly dropped it to the floor. Robin was slowly losing breath and it didn't help that Slade had placed his hand in between his thighs and stuck a gloved finger into him. Needing air, Robin turned his head away, panting.

"W-We shouldn't do th-this with Raven and T-Terra -ah- c-close by," he breathed out, a small moan escaping his throat when Slade added a second finger. "They -ah- m-might h-hear or see-"

"As long as you don't scream loudly, they won't hear over the machine and worms," Slade said, using his other hand to unbuckle his own utility belt and drop it. "Do you still trust me?"

Robin looked at him and nodded as Slade worked on his zipper. "A-Always…"


Within seconds, Robin was in Slade's lap, his knees on the floor on either side of him. Rocks continued to fall around Raven and Terra as they struggled with their very different ideas on stopping the worms. Robin had his head on Slade's shoulder as his gloved hands gripped the back of his soft, white hair. Slade's left hand was resting against the small of his back, his right arm wrapped around him. Robin was moaning loudly as Slade lifted him up and down on his hard shaft that was all the way inside of him. He bucked his hips, the tip of his penis hitting his prostate. Robin was almost screaming in pleasure.

"Ah, ah, master…!" Slade suddenly came, making Robin moan. With each buck of his hips, Robin let out a loud, quick moan. With the last thrust, he cried out. "Ah master!"

Slade placed his right hand against the back of Robin's head. He felt his heart beating rapidly against his chest while they tried to regain their breaths. The elevator suddenly shook slightly, but they ignored it.

Slade sat beside Robin three minutes later, after making themselves decent, and were silent.

"I did expect this plan to fail," Slade suddenly said. "I planned it that way just so that I could see you again."

Robin's eyes were slightly narrowed as he listened to Terra and Raven far below. He sighed.

"I appreciate the gesture, but…" He paused. "But we shouldn't have let this happen again."

Slade nodded. "You are right, pretty bird." He placed his mask back on. "But this may be the last time I see you."

Robin looked at him, confused. "Why?"

Looking at him, Slade ran his hand through his soft hair. "It all depends on you."

Robin looked down at his hands while Slade kept petting his head. "Why did we have to be on opposite sides of the law? If we weren't, would it still feel wrong?"

Slade smiled softly behind his mask. "It doesn't matter." He pushed some stray hair behind Robin's ear. "Right or wrong, you can't ignore your feelings." The elevator suddenly tilted to the left, forcing Slade and Robin back harshly. Slade stood up and helped him to his feet. "I'm afraid it is time to part." Robin made sure he looked clean enough. He was sweaty but the fight they didn't have could be the reason for it to the others. Placing his hand on his cheek, Slade rubbed his thumb underneath his eye. "We may or may not see each other again. If you want to ask me anything, now is time to do so."

The elevator suddenly pelted downward. The sound of breaking pulleys and thick wire resounded around them. If the two didn't get out soon, they would plummet to the bottom and get caught in the explosion. Robin thought about it for a second.

"What do you think of the name Nightwing?"

Slade stared at Robin briefly in silence. He slowly smiled softly. "I think it suits you."

The second he said this, Slade raised his arm and fired a grappling hook. Robin quickly turned as he was pulled away from the now falling elevator. He looked around but Slade was gone. Getting up onto the edge of the elevator, Robin whipped out his own grapple and fired it towards a support beam. He flew away seconds before the elevator crashed into the floor and exploded upon impact. He soon landed on the floor as Raven and Terra ran towards him. His communicator suddenly beeped. Whipping it out, Robin opened the lid.

"Robin! Our home is saved!" It was Starfire. "How has this occurred?"

Robin smiled, pushing what happened in the elevator aside. "Raven and Terra worked together to put our home back where it belongs. We're coming up soon."

"I will see you soon, friend!"

Robin closed the communicator. He turned to the girls, who were smiling. "Get us home, Rae."


A black hole appeared under their feet. It took the three friends out of the underground control room and back to the surface.

After Terra's betrayal, Slade and his apprentice were getting ready for the final plan on taking over Jump City. Something had been nagging her in the back of her mind ever since Titans Tower almost went underground. So she decided to talk about her dilemma with her master.

The door to Slade's control room slid open. Terra stood outside it. "Master?"

"Yes Terra," he said, not looking away from his keyboard.

"May I ask you something about Robin?"

Slade paused what he was doing. "What about him?"

Terra shrugged. "I don't know why, but Robin started acting different after our last failed plan. You told me you would keep him busy while Raven and I tried to stop the worms." Slade didn't reply. "May I ask what you and Robin were doing in the elevator?"

Slade continued to stare down at his keyboard, his mask shrouded in darkness. "You want to know?"

Terra blinked. Was it bad that she had asked? "If that's okay with you, master. If it's serious, I won't tell anyone."

Slade didn't reply right away. He decided to start from the beginning… Turning around in his chair, he said, "Robin was my apprentice before you. He hadn't been in my old Haunt for very long." Seeing a chair, Terra pulled it over and sat down. "Every day was spent training, mostly in darkness. Lack of sun or any form of natural light wasn't healthy for a boy like Robin. So he got sick. I had not realized it until it was too late." Slade paused. Flashes of what he had done appeared in his mind. "I am going to be blunt," he soon added. "Do not be alarmed by what I am going to say next."

Terra nodded. "I won't, master."

Sighing, Slade leaned back in his chair, his arms folded over his chest. "I raped him." Terra's eyes widened. "I raped Robin."

An awkward silence filled the room the second those words left Slade's mouth. Terra swallowed.

"Oh, is um…that so?" Slade looked impassive. "…Did you mean to?"

Slade shook his head. "No, it was an accident from anger. For eight days he was in a coma, dreaming about me. I didn't know what he had dreamed of until after he woke up." Slade explained to Terra all that had happened the day Robin came out of his coma and how he had forgotten the incident. Terra listened intently, feeling sadder and sadder every second. "After my old friend left for the day, Robin thought he was still dreaming after I had kissed him. He didn't know if it was real or not. Touching his cheek, I asked him what he thought then. He felt like it was both. Before either of us knew it, I had Robin pinned to the wall, kissing him passionately. He wanted to stop but we couldn't help ourselves. Robin eventually said he thought he was falling for me. The whole situation was wrong to him. I told him it did not matter. In the elevator, all I wanted to do was talk to him. We did more than just that."

Slade knew he didn't have to go any further. The look Terra gave him was proof. "I see why he has acted strange since then," she said after recovering from the small shock. The room became silent again. "…I thought killing the Titans was the plan."

"Yes, it is," Slade said. "However, you will eliminate everyone but Robin first. I want you to ask him if he would rather stay with me or die. It is his choice to make. If he chooses death, then it will be the end for us."

Terra nodded. "Yes, master."

"If you have nothing more to ask, you are dismissed."

"Yes, master. I will see you in the morning," Terra said, standing up.

Placing the chair back where she got it, Terra left, the door sliding shut behind her. After staring at the door a few seconds longer, Slade turned back around and typed something into the keyboard. Surveillance that Terra planted in the Tower appeared on screen. Typing in another code, one frame zoomed into full screen. Slade watched the live feed of Robin's room. It was almost eleven at night and he was still awake, staring at his laptop. He just sat there, as though he were waiting for something. Half an hour later, Robin shut the computer down, closed the lid, and got ready for bed. Slade watched him undress in the dark.

Realizing what he was doing, he turned off the monitor, stood up, and started to leave the room. A sound suddenly came from the speakers, making him stop. Turning back, he turned on the monitor and zoomed in on Robin, who was lying in bed with his eyes shut tightly. Slade blinked in surprise when he heard him pant and moan. He couldn't help but chuckle. He heard Robin's voice all too clearly. Hopefully his room was soundproof.

"Ah, ah…m-master…"

The more Robin moaned and said the man's name, the more Slade wished he would stop. If he didn't soon, he would go down there and most likely fuck him senseless. Slade knew he couldn't, wouldn't, do it, but he was very tempted.

"If you choose me, little bird, I will give you everything."

Typing something into the computer, the sound died and the computer shut down. Smiling softly, Slade turned around and left.

A flicker of light caught the corner of Starfire's eye. She quickly pushed Robin out of the way before a rock crashed into her. Spinning around, he watched as she fell towards the rushing water, unconscious.


The alien fell into the water with a splash. Robin's heart was beating rapidly.

"Feeling lonely since I killed your friends?"

Robin spun around to see Terra standing calmly behind him. He glared at her. "They were your friends, too, Terra," he said angrily. "What did we do to make you hate us so much?"

Looking at the ground, Terra sighed. "I didn't hate any of you. At least not you." Robin blinked. Terra was quiet for a moment. "I know what you and Slade did in the elevator."

Robin's eyes suddenly widened upon hearing that. They quickly narrowed. "I told you, we fought," he said, trying to hide his surprise. "That's all we did."

Terra looked up at him. "I know about your accident. I know about the coma, what you and Slade did after you woke up." Robin stepped back, almost forgetting he was near a ledge. "Slade gave you two options. Either I kill you or you come back with me to stay with him. Yes, he ordered me to kill your friends, but he didn't kill them, I did. All he wants is for you to be with him. Knowing this, I hope you'll choose to come with me."

Terra and Robin were quiet for a long time. Robin wasn't sure what to do. His friends were dead, but he wanted to live. But, knowing that Slade ordered Terra to kill them, he would rather be dead than go to him. They were dead because he ordered them to be. Robin was about to fight her off and escape, but flashes of the past drifted into his mind.

"I am sorry, Robin."

"I like you, Slade. I like you a lot."
"I like you too, Robin."

"Since you kissed me does that mean I'm dreaming again? Or is this real?"
"What do you believe in, pretty bird?"
"I don't know."

"I-I'm w-worried that I m-might be…might be fall…that I might be falling for you."
"I-If that's true, th-then I'm f-falling for you too."
"B-But its wrong…"

"I hope you understand that, despite what has happened, we are nothing more than master and apprentice. Who knows, maybe one day you will escape from here to be with your friends once more. If that happens, we are back to being enemies. There is no going back."
"…Yeah, I understand…master."

"Ever since you escaped, I have thought of no one but you."

"Do you still trust me?"


"I did expect this plan to fail. I planned it that way just so that I could see you again."
"I appreciate the gesture, but…we shouldn't have let this happen again."

"Why did we have to be on opposite sides of the law?"

"What do you think of the name Nightwing?"
"I think it suits you."

Robin's eyes narrowed slightly. He was struggling with himself, trying to make a decision. After a while, he made a choice. He looked up at Terra, his eyes watery.

"I'll go with you."

The wind blew through Terra and Robin's hair. Stepping up to him, Terra wrapped her arms around him. Tears streamed down Robin's cheeks as he hugged her back.

"There's no going back now."

Robin held her tighter. "I know."

Slade slow and gently ran his fingers over Robin's naked arm as he held him against his side. Robin's hand rested against the middle of his chest. He had his head against his shoulder, his eyes half closed.

"I still feel so wrong about this situation. My friends are dead and I'm sleeping with my enemy."

Slade kissed the top of his head. "That is true, Robin, but no one can judge us now. You are here, with me, and that is all that matters."

Robin exhaled. "But it's hard."

"I know," Slade agreed. "I don't expect you to feel secure right away. It will take time; time I'm willing to give. I will be here to help you whenever you need it."

Robin snuggled closer to him to keep warm. "Do you promise?"

Slade smiled down at him. "I promise."

Robin took a deep breath. "Will you help me become Nightwing?" He smiled softly. "I mean, someone has to kick your butt."

Slade chuckled. "I will help you become whoever you want to be."

Robin smiled a little wider. "Thank you."

Rolling onto his side, Slade held him closer to his chest. "I love you, my little Robin."

"I love you, too…"

The End