You know what I've never done? Write Sailor Moon in first person! So, why not start now?

AN: I do not own the characters.


There were certainly other things I should be doing, other tasks I needed to accomplish, other responsibilities slated on my ever increasing plate of royal activity…and yet, I couldn't tear myself away from his presence. His hands, so strong, ran gently through my silvery strands as we lay entwined in a hidden garden of the earth Kingdom's sprawling estates, momentarily protected from the outside world.

I knew it was a short matter of time before one of my guardians found me, before they admonished my behavior, before they took me away from him. Had I any responsibility, or strength, or will to leave Endymion's side, I would have, but I didn't. We were like two magnets, drawn together. Breaking the connection took far too much energy…

Furthermore, these stolen moments with my handsome prince were what got me through the never ending duties as Lunarian Crown Princess. However, today, the moon seemed a million miles away from the pleasant and perfumed meadow we were currently occupying, and I breathed in and out contentedly, happily lazing at my lover's side.

Even though I wanted for no physical item, that which I longed for the most, time, was a rare and precious thing.

His hands moved away from my hair and smoothed languid circles on my back. My eyelids felt heavy and lowered in the late afternoon sun. Surely, there was somewhere else I needed to be, but in this moment, I was incapable of movement, content to spend forever at Endymion's side.

AN: So, now that the series is complete, which was your favorite? Your least favorite? Any particular reasons? Feedback is always appreciated.