Part 3

Leah and Embry's wedding day came up quickly. I helped Leah prepare for her wedding day. I went shopping with her for her wedding dress. She settled on something simple, very Leah, a silky white dress that clung to her slim frame. We decided that she should have her hair curled and flowers scattered in her hair. I knew she would look amazing. Leah had turned to me, in her wedding dress with tears in her eyes.

"I never thought that I would plan my own wedding," she whispered reaching over to take my hand, hers was hot and shaking with joy and excitement, "It's finally happening for me Em, fate is finally on my side."

Rachel, Renesmee and I were going to be bridesmaids, Leah picked out our dresses. Again they were simple, reaching our calves and a bright yellow colour. Leah decided that she wanted to get married on First Beach, so they were going to have a beach wedding, with a reception to follow all on the beach as well. Sue had been beside herself with excitement that her only daughter was getting married. She and Charlie had footed the bill for the entire wedding.

The day of the wedding Leah was ready to go and she checked the clock eagerly then tapped me on the arm. She could barely contain her excitement.

"Will you check if the boys are ready?" she asked pleadingly and I nodded kissing her cheek.

"Of course Leah," I assured her then drifted from the Clearwater house over to the house I shared with Sam where the boys were getting ready. Quil was in the front yard playing with Claire who was wearing her mauve flower girl dress.

"Quil, make sure Claire keeps her dress clean," I reminded him as I walked up the familiar path to the front door of my house and Quil gave me a salute and picked Claire up causing her to giggle as he spun her around and around. I shook my head, a smile on my lips.

I came upon the front door when I heard the hushed voices from inside and I stopped to listen. It was Embry, Sam and Jacob.

"You promise to love her forever and never hurt her the way me or Sam did," Jacob was saying to Embry who was standing in front of the hall mirror checking his tie was straight. Embry turned to Jacob and Sam who were standing behind him, almost intimidating.

"I don't know why you idiots are making me promise this to you," Embry retorted shaking his head at them, and when neither Jacob nor Sam spoke, Embry sighed giving in, "I'm marrying her, of course I will love her and never hurt her. I'm not you Jake, or you Sam. Leah is my world. If I imprint, I'll fight it or die trying."

"Good," Sam finally said patting Embry on the shoulder and Jacob leant forward and hugged Embry thankfully.

"Congratulations," Jacob whispered his voice soft.

Embry backed away from Sam and Jacob frowning, seeming perplexed by their actions. I was confused as well. Jacob and Sam were acting so protective of Leah.

"Why do you two care so much? It's not like you both still love her…" Embry's words faded away as Jacob and Sam looked at each other and then down at the ground, not denying or confirming. I felt my own heart clench. Of course Sam still loved Leah, he loved her first, and he always would. I was what fate chose for him, but his choice would always be Leah. That was my cross to bear for hurting my second cousin who had been like a sister to me. Embry looked from Jacob and Sam, and back to Jacob as he whispered with realization, "Oh my god you both do still love her."

There was an awkward silence.

"Just treat her right Embry, she deserves all the happiness in the world," Sam replied then he reached over and rearranged Embry's tie changing the conversation briskly, "let me fix that for you."

When Leah Clearwater walked down that sandy aisle to become Leah Call, she didn't realize that there were two men present who wished that they could have been standing where Embry Call stood waiting for her. Leah may have had hard knocks when it came to love, but what she shared with Embry was real, fragile and above all exciting and unpredictable.

She would never know but I envied Leah Call, with all my heart.

AN: My first Callwater lol. It feels like I'm betraying Jacob by putting Leah with Embry. Jacob and Leah are still my first love, I am just exploring at the moment. After Last Light, I have a half finished Leah/Nahuel that is begging to be posted, and also a strange little Leah imprinting story where Leah decides…she doesn't like her imprint…as only Leah could, and her having the strength to resist and proving it can be done. Thanks for reading!