A Twist of the world at hart

Chapter 1~ the Worst villains in Townsville the RRB

Hello you know me as Ehsswimchick and I know I have another charter from the story tell it like the CCG one im telling because im in it but what can you do? Anyway lets stop talking about me lets get to the story shall we!

It was another day in Townsville and unlike other villains they don't really care about jewels, money or anything like that all they want to do is do evil in their own twisted games and they do it for FUN! They don't care about ruling the world the only thing they do care for is…DESTORYING THE POWERPUFF GIRLS! And their only 9! One day they decide to try once again.

"come on guys we have been doing the same stuff over and over again lets go and kill the powerpuffs" the leader of the Rowdyruffs said with his red cap in his face which he lifted to show a evil smile with his red eyes.

"yeah this is going to be fun!" said the blond one with his big blue eyes who also showed a smile of evil then the leader also known as the red rowdyruff Brick hits him in the face for no reason.

"HEY! What's that for!"

"for being stupid" the red one replied to his brother.

"come on lets just go and get it over with I want that Buttercup to beg at my feet for every time she kicked my ass this is MY WIN this time" the green one Butch said mad for the last few times…no make that ALL the times Buttercup beets him and he gets annoyed by it. So without anymore words they flew off.

In the mean time the hero's the powerpuff girls were flying around town and to check to see if everyone was alright then the RRB came in. "hello powerpuffs" said Brick then the pink one named Blossom shouted back "not you guys again!" then the green one named Buttercup yells "yeah we had to much of you guys coming in just to get your buts kicked! Were tired just go home!" then Butch smirked "you scared you going to lose?" "OH SHUT UP!" yelled Buttercup but before they could say something more they started to fight.

The fighting was unlike anything they have ever seen before it got so bad the girls got tired a lot sooner which means the Rowdyruff's have been training and taking things more seriously and that's not good for our three girl hero's. But as all hope seemed lost a black hole a portal opened out of no ware and the girls were able to get out of the way but as for the boys they were sucked in and not happy at all!

The black hole was actually a demotion portal made by a Pokémon and the boys heads were hurting bad as they went threw and screamed at the top of their lungs in till finely they got dropped into the Pokémon world separated into different lands of the Pokémon world were they will meet 3 young 9 year old girls who will be well known by the Pokémon world when they go on their journeys with Ash…and the girls are Misty, May and Dawn.

okay note I AM aware that RRB and May,Misty and Dawn wouldent meet! im a fan of the coples


and im a fan of thease shippings





and if that shipping doesent work then I am fine with


but I like Ikari better ^^

this is just something that came into mind and if this cople was real then it would be the top of my fav list you just got to use your minds to see it work but if you think about it they do have things in commen anyway I hope you injoy