Possibly my favorite part in Lucifer Rising was in the first few minutes where Bobby chewed Dean out for his stupidity at the end of When the Levee Breaks. You know, as many times as I say (and know) that I'm a Sam fan through and through, I've ended up writing more things about the other characters. This is another first person POV piece, as well as being a one-shot. I'm not sure when I'll get around to writing a chaptered fic for SPN, but hopefully it won't be very long before some inspiration strikes. This is also my first time doing a Bobby fic. As always, I don't own Supernatural, and please let me know what you think in a review!


"No, you sound like your dad. Well let me tell you something, your dad was a coward!" I couldn't stand by and watch Dean make the same mistakes his dad made regarding Sam. I had to make Dean see that what John had taught his sons regarding emotions was wrong. While I wasn't exactly the touchy-feely type, I knew that the "no chick flick moments" mantra Dean was so fond of wasn't what Sam needed. It may have worked fine for John and Dean, but Sam was cut from a different cloth than his brother and daddy. He needed emotional attachments and needed to talk things through instead of ignoring them. I had always known that since I first met the Winchesters – it was part of what made Sam unique, not the demon blood or psychic powers.

But Dean misunderstood me, though whether it was a deliberate misunderstanding or not I wasn't sure. I wasn't attacking John's physical courage; that I had seen enough in action to have a healthy respect for. It was John's emotional courage that had been nonexistent. Avoidance of emotion was the Winchester way, at least that's what I had thought until I had Dean sitting on my couch whining about Sam and how much of a sob story his life had become. I was fed up of it – it had been all talk and no action to rectify the situation since Dean had come back from the disastrous attempt to bring Sam back.

And what a situation that had been. I waited for hours for Dean to call saying he and Sam were coming back, that they had worked things out, only to have him show up alone. Course, I couldn't really blame Sam for leaving, not when Dean had told me what he said to Sam. I'd leave too, if my brother had called me a monster.

I was sorry it had taken me this long to get up the courage to say something. Sure, I had tried to say it to John, but he had never listened to my words and threatening to fill his ass with buckshot didn't have quite the effect I was looking for. In my own way, I had been a coward too, never really pushing the issue. But no more; I had tried to help from the sidelines and look where that got us. No wonder Sam was drinking demon blood and other unsavory things; we had driven him to it, especially me in the breech Dean's death had created. If I had just done a better job at finding Sam after he left none of this would've happened. I just hoped Sam survived the madness of the apocalypse so I could apologize for my part.

When Sam would finally come back – and there was no if; I would drag him back, kicking and screaming, even alone if it came to that – I would finally have the courage to do right by the kid. I would show him that someone cared enough about him to reach into his space and give him whatever he needed. I just hoped that Dean would come to the same realization I had. Because even if family didn't stop at blood and I loved Sam like a son, the circle wasn't complete without both him and his idiot of a brother. So though I wasn't really the praying type after seeing some of the angels, I sent up a brief one for Sam and hoped he'd become the prodigal son.

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