RATED M for some theories on reincarnation and romance.




"One two three four!" screams a young man as he taps on his drumsticks.

The sound of the trumpet starts off with the symphonic notes of the musician's heart of pomp, jive, and soul. Tomorrow he will embark on one of the turning points of his life. Tomorrow he weds his love, soul mate, and bride to be. The band continues until Chuck finishes of with the song on his washboard.

"It is something isn't it when we get together and play the music of our past" cries chuck.

"It feeds the soul, I can't wait to play this for her tomorrow- this will be my surprise for her."


Cleaning the closet once again in his room Jamal, finds that with all the mess this time, the things will never be cleaned. He sets out to start, but doesn't know where to begin. Suddenly he sees a familiar flash delve into the computer. Jamal smiles, as he slides on over to his computer chair grinning at the screen.


"Huh?" said Jamal out loud.

: Hi Ghostwriter. Did you find these words from somewhere?:


:do you know from where?:


Ghostwriters trail led him to down the stairs to the basement. Ghostwriter landed on the shelf on top of a book with a piece of paper sticking out. Jamal picked up the book but it was covered in dust. No wonder Grandma tells us t tidy up more often he thought. Scrubbing of the dust to the best of his ability with his fingers he finds the words "Alice in Wonderland". The piece of paper sticking out appears to be a poem.

"Now I see it, I promise no matter what I will love you and cherish you. Wow this is a powerful poem. I wonder if this belonged to Frank or possibly Catherine. Maybe even Lucy. The letters and the paper seem to be tattered and old." He says out loud.

Jamal takes out his Ghostwriter pen and writes to ghostwriter on a small blank note card he sees on the shelf.

:Ghostwriter this might have belonged to Frank or Catherine?:

: But it sounds familiar:

Jamal gets excited continuing to write on the note card

:Are you remembering something from the past?:


Jamal decides to call a Rally at his house. Still affected by the poem and Ghostwriter's memory he paces in his room. He holds the poem and stares at it, not reading, but just looking at the details and of the kind of shape the paper was in. The letters were in cursive, the paper if it was glass, could've have been cracked.

One by one the team enters. First Alex and Gaby come in.

"Hey Jamal!" exclaims Alex as he high fives him.

"Hi Jamal, where's grandma Cici?" asks Gaby.

"She's visiting Casey and her Mom. Casey's mom is back from the center recovering from rehab and doing great. But Grandma Cici is staying with her to make sure Casey has a great transition. Casey really missed her mom"

"I bet, I remember missing my mom when she was just visiting family in El Salvador for two weeks!" cried Gaby

Alex snickered, "we miss Casey let her know we say hey."

"Hello hello," says Lenni as she goes straight to sit on the bed.

Tina sheepishly slides by Alex with a half smile and greets everyone as well. She has her video camera bag today.

"Another report for Hurston?" asks Alex.

"Yeah I am actually doing a report on the Swingnotes. They're the new independent band that recently started up in Hurston. They actually play Jazz which isn't so popular today with rap and hip hop but they are amazing!" cries Tina.

"Get out of here I love Jazz! Wish I could've heard them. High school isn't like Hurston. I sure do miss it at times" says Lenni, as Jamal and Alex nod in agreement.

"Yeah, it's not the same without you guys but having Gaby there now makes it feel a lot better!"

"Hey Gaby by the way how is Hector doing?" asks Jamal.

"He's ok, he just realized that his father has been diagnosed with Kidney problems. So they are back in Venezuela trying to find a Kidney donor from Hector's dad's brother. I feel really bad that he is going through all this by himself." Says Gaby sadly.

"Finding a donor isn't easy. My grandmother said that when my father had his heart problem when he was young they thought that the proposed idea of doing a heart transfer was out of the question since he was a baby. Thanks to Frank though, he's fine. Speaking of someone we've helped in the past, I have some interesting news guys. Get this. Yesterday Ghostwriter wrote a couple of phrases on my computer. When I asked him where he got these from, he led me to the basement downstairs. Inside an old book, was a poem. Ghostwriter said that the words sounded familiar. I think this is a clue to his past!" exclaimed Jamal.

Everyone looked at each other in amazement.

"We never really ask where Ghostwriter came from. I wonder what this could mean, " stated Lenni as Jamal passed the poem around to everyone.

"Wow who ever wrote this was really awesome. The words and sentences are really pretty," cried Gaby.

Tina took a look at it next, "yeah a real Casanova had to havewritten this poem!" cried Tina as the others laughed.

" So what's the scoop Jamal? Do you want us to figure out where this Poem came from and who wrote it?"

"Well I'm not sure if this is exactly one of our usual cases here. There's no crime and no problem to solve, just a mystery and we deal with those too. I've been trying to piece the puzzle together but I can't figure out what this all means. My only guess is because the book it came from looks so old, is it could be Frank and Catherine's" stated Jamal as he passed around the book.

"Wow Alice's adventures in wonderland. How neat, I loved this book." Lenni stated.

"I have an idea. Catherine Canellan might be at the library as we speak doing research or something on her next book. Maybe we can ask her if this poem looks familiar. If it's something that Frank wrote, maybe Ghostwriter just remembers reading the poem from somewhere back in time, "stated Tina.

"Guys listen. I don't know if I want to really know about Ghostwriter's past. I don't want to know who he is. Don't we all care for him and cherish him for what he is to us now?" said Gaby emotionally.

"Did you ever wonder Gaby why he is a ghost?" asked Alex as he grabbed onto a spare chair and sat down near Gaby. "I've read books that ghosts come and interact with people because they just can't rest. Something that happened to them was not justified. Basically they died unfairly or could not fulfill what they really wanted to do while their time on earth."

"Stop it Alex you're scaring me," said Gaby as she covered her ears. The five of them began to talk to each other, with no direction. The commotion was filled with references of the pros and cons of finding Ghostwriter's identity. It looked like Ghostwriter could feel the tension as an orange flash occurred trailing off into Jamal's computer.

"You guys stop it!" exclaimed Jamal as he rode up to the computer.


"You see guys. We need to reassure him nothing is wrong," stated Jamal as he began typing.

"Yeah, " said Lenni, " we don't want him to disappear again," as everyone else nodded in agreement.

:Hi ghostwriter. Some of us want to help you remember your identity, but some of us are not very sure. We're not exactly sure how the poem ties in either:

: I SEE:

"Hey Jamal, do you mind if I write a bit?" asked Gaby

"Sure," replied Jamal as he passed the chair on to her.

: Hi Ghostwriter, it's me Gaby. Ghostwriter, I care for who you are right now as the person that you are not for what you were. I'm sorry Ghostwriter but I am scared to look into your past. I don't want you to leave us again"


"He's right you know?" said a familiar voice.

The gang turns their head to find a familiar face and a familiar friend.

"ROB!" they all shout, and run over to him with hugs and pats on the backs.

"I MISSED YOU GUYS!" cried Rob! Rob explained how he had actually been in town for the past few days, and went to Jamal's house first. When he saw the door unlocked, he just let himself in. Jamal ran downstairs to re lock the door.

"Wow it's like the whole gang is back together again, " states Alex as he handshakes Rob.

"How long are you here for?" asks Tina.

" I'm back for good this time!"

"Are you sure? Because you said that last time" said Jamal with a smirk, as he entered back into the room.

" My mom is in Australia with my Dad. I'm living with Double T. We've been keeping in touch ever since I moved." Rob places his skateboard vertically against the computer , as he places the book bag on his one shoulder on the ground beside it as well. " His daughter Lisa has been in college now for over a year. Double T found a job as an editorial writer for the Brooklyn Sun. He lives in a nice apartment and has an extra room for me. I've been writing to him a lot, back and forth from Australia. I miss it here. Fort Greene was the only home that really felt like home, and of course there were all of you guys who always made it seem that way. Speaking of where is Casey and Hector?"

The Gang filled him in on all of the details but he realized just how much he had missed. He couldn't believe that Lenni got another single out, Jamal was doing well after the first year of the high school of science, and that Alex became captain of the Dragons neighborhood basketball team. Alex also informed rob that Victor was back with them, and that they have upped the number to 6 players on each team.

"So the tournaments are much more challenging, but it keeps me on point. Kevin has also been drug free ever since he started the intervention. He's been doing great."

"Gaby and I work for the Hurston News Paper, Gaby is our ample reporter and I video whenever I can. So Rob do you know what school you're going to go to after the summer?"

"Well I was thinking of going to Crenshaw with Alex and Lenni, but Double T sent me a pamphlet a while back to this high school in the liberal arts. He thinks it would be great for my writing and it's also in Brooklyn. I'm going to check it out with him in two weeks, "stated Rob, "so is this is a Rally or what? Am I missing something here?"

The gang filled him in on the poem and how Ghostwriter felt that it was a clue to his past.

"This writer sure is a romancer. Wish I could have skills like that!" joked Rob.

"I still think we should talk to Catherine," reinstated Tina, as Lenni nodded.

"I just don't know about this guys," stated Gaby

"Look Gaby it might not even be something affiliated with Ghostwriter. For all we know it could be Frank's or even something that belongs to my grandmother. But since she's not here, we need to figure out what to do right now. How about we come up with a list of people that we want to go ask,"

"I can write it in my casebook, " says Lenni as she goes for her bag.

"Guys please. Can we just talk to Catherine first and then make a case. I still, I just...I need some time to get to the idea of finding out who Ghostwriter is."

"I think Gaby is right," says Rob. "There really is no point to make this a case if we just ask Catherine if this belongs to Frank or not."

"Ok," says Lenni, "let's all just go to the library and see what she says."

Walking to the library Rob noticed that Gaby was dragging her feet, following the rest of the gang slower than everyone else. What was making her so reluctant to find out GW's identity. "GW", the name that he had always nicknamed Ghostwriter after Alex. Tina decided to leave her video camera crew and pick it up the next day. It was just too heavy to haul to the library and back again. Lenni slyly glanced over to Gaby just to make sure she was ok, but was very frustrated with Gaby not being open to talk about Ghostwriter's true identity.

At the library the gang when up to the familiar librarian they had conversed with in the past.

" Hi ma'am, we were wondering if Catherine Canellan was here. We need to ask her a question, have you seen her?" asked Alex.

"I'm sorry kids but you just missed her. She will be here tomorrow though. She said something about a dinner with an old friend who she had not seen in a while," stated the Librarian.

The gang sighed and looked at each other in disappointment.

" Hey guys do you mine if we stick around here for a while? I just want grab so more mystery novels," asked Alex.

"Yeah that's cool, I kind of just want to sit and chill anyway," replied Lenni. The three girls decided to sit down and glance through some of the magazines that were piled on their table while the guys went on their own following Alex. Rob slowly looked at Gaby. While Rob was in Australia he wrote to GW a lot. He got to know that the gang was ok, but never the specifics. It was great to be back where he felt he belonged. There was something though that Ghostwriter had said to him one time that had caught him off guard, but he didn't mention it to the gang. He did not feel that this was the most appropriate time.

As Gaby was fiddling through a magazine Lenni asked "why don't you want to learn about Ghostwriter's past?"

"I just don't want to. Alex might be right. If we discover his identity what if Ghostwriter leaves us finally put to rest from all the drama that we have discovered for him and, he's not a ghost anymore? I know it sounds selfish, but I don't want him to leave us. He's been a really great friend."

"Of course he has, " says Tina, " he's been a great friend for all of us."

"No but, it's different with me Tina, you just wouldn't understand." Stated Gaby as she closed the magazine and to follow Alex, Rob, and Jamal.

"What is her problem?" asked Lenni.

"I don't know. I think she may be still against me, because when I went to Hurston I saw all of you more than her," replied Tina.

"Yeah but if anything she should know that it was you two form the very beginning that always remained and started off as good friends."

"You would think that, and so would I, but apparently something I did unintentionally did hurt Gaby. "

"Hey Gabster, what are you doing here?" asked Jamal.

"Alex can we go home? I'm really hungry," asked Gaby.

"Sure let's go. I'll catch up with you guys later."

Back at the Bodega...

"Gabriella you haven't even touched your dinner" said her father.

"I know papa I 'm sorry"

"I thought you said you were hungry at the library, " stated Alex accusatively.

Gaby glared back at him, " I was. I think I am just tiered, I really want to just go to sleep."

"Ok, mija, go to bed, "replied her mom as they let her excuse herself from the table.

Later that night Rob had finished typing up his story when a familiar font showed up on his computer.

"Ghostwriter!" he squealed.


: Thanks, I had an awesome time surprising the gang. Thanks for not telling them I would be coming!:


:He's good Lisa just called so he's in an even happier mood. We will look into my new schools next week:


:Thanks GW, goodnight:

There was knocking at the door, and Rob opened it to find Double T.

"Hey Rob, I know it's a little hot tonight and for some reason the Air conditioner is down. I brought you this electrical fan."

"Thanks Double T. You know I'm really happy we're living together. I'm excited to see the school next week," said Rob.

"Listen you helped me so much this is the least I could do. So what were you writing there on the computer. A new Story? A New poem?" asked Double T.

"Not exactly. I've been recently concerned about a friend. She's scared about something and I don't know why exactly, but I think I may know something. I just don't know how to tell her. I feel like if I don't tell her soon, or my other friends, they'll think I'm betraying them." Said Rob.

"Wow man this sounds like serious stuff. Why are you afraid on telling them?" asks Double T as he rubs the side of his face.

"I don't know, because I could be wrong?" says Rob as if he is questioning himself.

"You know what- you could be wrong or you maybe right , but you never know unless you ask. If you don't want to tell all your friends try talking to her first, and see what she says," advises Double T.

"Yeah I guess I could try that. Thanks Double T."

"No problem man. Sleep tight," says Double T as he closes the door behind him.

Early next morning Tina decides to go to Bodega. She see's Alex counting up cans and Gaby sweeping.

"Hey Tina!" cries Alex,. Gaby just looks over but goes on sweeping.

"Hey Alex," she replies shyly. "Gaby could I talk to you for a moment?" she asks.

"Sure, " replies Gaby as she puts down the broom, "We can go to my room."

Gaby and Tina head over to Tina's room. She realizes how different it looks now that she doesn't have to share it with Alex. Pictures of musical pop singers and slogans. Gaby was always a dreamer, a person who cared deeply for her friends, and loved life. She couldn't believe that she had devoted all her time into other friends that concentrating on the two of them.

"Listen I just wanted to say I am sorry if I did anything to hurt you," stated Tina. " I didn't mean to ignore you like that and just hang out with Lenni more. And when I met Safira I didn't think of replacing you. I just wanted to meet someone who was different that wasn't also in the ghostwriter gang. "

Gaby looked perplexed. She first of all was not feeling at all alienated by Tina, although it did at times bother her that Tina would blow her off at times, but she understood that maybe it was because they were in different schools. But the fact that Tina had to state it slightly offended her.

"Tina. I'm not a charity case. When you went to Hurston it was cool. I hung out more with Hector and Casey. I didn't feel like you were making me some kind of outsider, but I was a little perplexed about how you and Safira became very close. I know you hung out more with Jamal and Lenni and that's ok. When you're at school surrounded by the same people that happens. And of course, you have a thing for Alex so that's under-"

"I don't have a thing for Alex!" interrupted Tina.

Gaby gave her a sly smirk. " Well maybe not now but you did. Tina it's all good. We're fine"

"If we're fine, then why were you giving me so much attitude yesterday. Lenni and I asked you why you were so upset to learn about Ghostwriter's identity but you refused to give us a straight answer, and you acted as if you were closer to him than we were. It really hurt my feelings Gaby," stated Tina as she looked down.

Gaby came over to Tina on her side of the bed. "I'm really sorry Tina, I never meant to hurt you. But you didn't see something I saw about Ghostwriter."

"Which is?"

"Look, there was a time when you all believed that I was a suspect in stealing Cutsie from the Galaxy Girl Show at Hurston."

"That's not true. Alex and I did not think you were guilty. We thought you were completely innocent," replied Tina.

"Yes but regardless I felt really outside of the group. I couldn't be involved in the case for a while because I was a suspect. The only person who let me into anything was Ghostwriter. Tina I never told this to anyone but as I was typing to ghostwriter about the predicament one day during that whole ordeal, and he hugged me. "

Tina perplexed asked "how can Ghostwriter hug anyone?"

"He made a swirl around my body depicting his life- for a split second. It was happy Tina- Ghostwriter was happy. I saw a trumpet, I saw a band, I saw music lights, a wedding party with blurred faces, and a party but then the last image got dark Tina- it got real dark. I saw dogs, in an alley but all I could see were their eyes and their teeth. Then I saw children running- again all the faced blurred."

Tina put her arm around Gaby to calm her. She could tell Gaby was getting emotional and worked up again.

"Why would I want to remind a friend the darkness in their past? Why would I, when they are happy now, not to mention helpful?" asked Gaby.

"Wow Gaby, I see your point. I don't think anyone has ever gotten a hug like Gaby. At least I know I haven't. Ghostwriter must really trust you to open up to you like that. However Gaby, maybe finding out who he really is might set him free."

"I know Tina I thought of that too. That means, no more Ghostwriter."