RATED T for some theories on reincarnation and romance.


Chapter 25

The Dodge began to swerve around the corners and turns.

"Hold on Kiddos!" cried Catherine.

" How are we going to go the airport and go through security? We can't just go to the departures section- we can only get limited access if that in Arrivals!" Lenni exclaimed.

The whole team just made a big sigh. There was always some little detail that stood in their way.

Catherine latched on to passenger seat's arm in which Lenni was sitting in, " we just have to try my dear. There is so much that Ghostwriter has done for us. We just have to try, that's all he's asking. If Frank was here I know he would say the same thing!"

As the team made holt at the airport, they parked in the airport parking lot. They began running to arrivals as fast as they could.

"You guys go on ahead, Rob and I will take care of Chuck, just go!" cried Alex.

"I'm sorry I'm not as young as I use to be!" cried Chuck as he staggered behind the rest of the team as best as he could, cane in one hand, and his other around Rob's arm.

"No worries, we'll get there, and then you can finally confront your cousin," replied Rob.

"Not sure if I can go through with another confrontation again!" replied Chuck with regret.

Lenni made it through the revolving door. As she stepped in she saw a guard in uniform with his back facing her. Lenni quickly went towards him tapping his shoulder, hoping he could help her- Hoping SOMEONE would be able to help her and her friends.

As the young man turned around Lenni smiled, as did Tina and Gaby.

"Craig!" exclaimed Lenni as she went to wrap her arms around Craig in happiness.

Craig quickly grabbed her hands interrupting the gesture of her hug, "There's no time!" cried Craig. "I know why you're here!"

"How could we forget Craig- of course he knows about Ghostwriter as well!" exclaimed Tina.

"I know it's my fault I never kept in touch," Craig started as he saw Jamal. Jamal shook his head in disbelief half smiling.

"I never thought I'd see you again man! How come when it always comes to saving my life or family for that matter, you're around?" asked Jamal as he became nostalgic of the time that Craig helped him to prove himself innocent in the case of Mr. Brinker's store burning down.

"What can I say?" smiled Craig, "now hurry, we just got a report from Heathrow on a questionable passenger on flight BA 744."

"Must have been Sam and Becky's Uncle," cried Catherine.

As they go to the gates, they noticed the many airport guards everywhere.

"Wait here," replied Craig to the team as he went to the airport guards.

As they waited Rob, Alex, and a tiered Chuck came in.

"Did you see him?" asked Chuck.

"No, but Craig is talking to the guards right now. I wonder what they are saying?" asked Gaby as she rubbed her arms. She was getting the shivers.

Tina looked back behind her meeting Alex's eyes. This would be it. Since the last time she saw the shooter she would be seeing him again, with that cold-blooded stare, and she wasn't sure if she would be able to handle it.

Chuck nodded to Alex, "well what are you waiting for? Go on and be with your girl."

Alex smiled back politely at Chuck thankful that he understood. Alex went to Tina and put his arm around her.

"You ok?" asked Alex with a smile.

"Yeah, just a little anxious- scared- nervous," she replied. Alex gripped her in a tighter hug.

Craig came back to the team.

"It seems there has been a passenger who hysterically became very vocal in the waiting area of his departure gate. Since he became a threat to the other people in the airport they've hand cuffed him into the Senior Security's Office. I told them as best as I could without sounding crazy about why we were here. Tina, they want to see you."

Tina gulped. "Do I have to go by myself?" asked Tina nervously.

"Well I can go with you but, it's important that you be there since you are the victim- you can point out and identify the shooter," replied Craig.

"No I'm not letting her go in alone," said Chuck as he freed his hand from Rob's arm. "I am coming with you. He is my cousin I can identify him as well."

Craig sighed," ok, we'll see what we can do. Here's hoping," said Craig as he led Chuck and Tina into the office.

The team were left alone, wishing they were all in there with Tina- to see who Charles was, to see his tattoos, to discover a person from Ghostwriter's/Lenard Harp's past.

As Jamal waited patiently, he heard a familiar voice from behind him.

"Why is whenever there is trouble, you guys always seem to be around?"

It was Lieutenant McQueen.

"Were you guys on the case to finding the shooter even though we told you NOT to?" asked Officer McQueen as he shook his head in disbelief. "What did we tell you guys! Not to mention your parents!"

Jamal didn't know how to respond. Catherine came up hoping to rescue Jamal from the parental like interrogation.

"Officer it's my fault. I, I kind of drove them here, and well I have to be honest with you. If my husband were alive today, he would do the same. Friends like these stick together, and for them, this was the only way they could help Tina."

Lenni and Gaby smiled in quiet excitement that Catherine was there to help them out with this little factor of Officer McQueen. After all, Officer McQueen had always been there on all of their cases.

All of a sudden, from a distance to wear the Security's Office was, a man handcuffed, ran out crying hysterically "You died in Japan! I killed you! Why are you still haunting me?"

Behind the trail were Craig and Tina. Soon the Ghostwriter team, Lieutenant McQueen and some of his men, and the airport guards were behind as well.

Alex, Rob, and Jamal took a detour.

"Gaby go down the stairs with Lenni, we'll be at the top so no matter what direction we'll get him! Block him! Somehow!"

"Ok," said Gaby wearily not really sure if they had the means to take on a shooter.

All of a sudden the handcuffed gentleman took a dive past the waiting gates, and the Ghostwriter team along with Officer McQueen and his team of officers had to scramble in different directions or they were going to lose him. Gaby and Lenni couldn't believe it but they were heading in the direction of the criminal- head onward. It was like an inevitable crash between two trains facing each other in rapid speed, and the look in Gaby and Lenni's eyes was not of ones that wreaked any morsel of confidence. As the man looked ahead he saw the two young girls, but proceeded to run, now, even faster. All of a sudden there was a huge light that beamed in front of the man, separating him and the girls.

As Gaby and Lenni looked up blinded by the glare of the blast, they raised their hands to the eyes to block the light. Gaby and Lenni knew who it was. It was none other than Ghostwriter. He was back and ready to protect them. The man began to scream, in shock and disdain. His body was completely frozen- literally. He couldn't move, not even an inch, forced to look into the light and into Gaby's eyes through the bright beam.

"What's happen to my body? I can't move," cried the handcuffed gentleman as he remained paralyzed.

As he peeked through to bright light again to find Gaby's face, his heart could no longer take all the shock. The young El Salvadorian teenager's face dissipated in the light and instead a familiar face with a hazelnut complexion overwhelmed the man.

"Lilly?" cried the gentleman. All of a sudden the bright light became a ghost of a man in his late 20's. It was Lenard.

"No more hurt Charles. You will not harm anyone else. You are forgiven. I forgive you. Please forgive yourself. You are the way you because you always chose the destructive paths of the soul. What can I do to save you from yourself?" cried Lenard's ghost.

As Lenni looked above in shock she saw ahead that Officer McQueen and his police force were approaching, but unlike Catherine, Casey, Chuck, Alex, Tina, Craig, Jamal, and Rob who were dead in their tracks as they could hear and see everything of Ghostwriter- meaning Lenard's ghost, the police men could not. Officer McQueen looked very confused as he saw the team in awe staring up in the air.

"Lenard my dear friend you have come back for me? You died because I killed you- it was my entire fault!" said Charles pitifully in rapid haste.

"I died because I was in the wrong place in the wrong time. It's not like you put the gun to my head. Yes I came for you that day, and it was because I came for you that I unfortunately was separated from my wife and daughter, but it was for you. And I would do it again. Yes you have done some bad things- but you need to stop this negative series of events. The children that you see helping me, that girl that you shot, Tina, these are the reincarnations of the Japanese children we saved along with loved ones we lost. How many more will you hurt? You need to let this guilt go! It's already consumed so much of you that you are hurting others!"

"I'm so sorry," whaled Charles as he cried, "I'm sorry that because of me this happened to you, but I can't stop these bad things. I try and then….oh…I just keep failing. Please take me from here!" Charles plead as he went down on his knees, the handcuffs somehow becoming a rosary wrapped around his wrists as he began professing his sins in a language of sounds and cries too difficult to decipher.

"Is that what you want?" asked Lenard, as his ethereal self came close to Charles with nothing but love in his face.

Charles couldn't nod but the sad look in his face said it all. All of a sudden Charles fell. He was dead. He was at peace.

Gaby and Lenni let out a gasp. As Officer McQueen and his policemen got to Charles who was now dead in his handcuffs, they couldn't see what the Ghostwriter team saw. As the rest of the team came towards the scene like silver metal beads towards a magnet, they saw the ghost of Lenard and he smiled. Jamal couldn't believe that it was his great grandfather. There he was catching the eyes of Jamal as he smiled warmly, a smile just for his great grandson. The ghost then looked to Casey. Casey reached out to Jamal and stood next to him half smiling at the ghost. Lenard appreciated the fact that physically Casey looked like Lilly, but he knew who the real Lilly was- and she was waiting for him.

Lenard's ghost turned to Gaby and Lenni behind him. Lenni and Gaby both were awestricken to how handsome their Ghostwriter, now Lenard was. Lenard's ethereal hand reached for Gaby's hand. All of a sudden Gaby's mind began to warp. The images of her past life flooded her synapses. A tear came down Gaby's cheek. Lenni was speechless, and did not see what Gaby saw, but could tell Gaby had been through something.

"Ladies, I don't have much time. 3 days from today, meet me at my mother's house. I want all of you to be there. I have given you this in case you forget where you come from. 3 days remember. Thank you for setting me free." and with that Lenard's ethereal self vanished as if all the light around him had imploded.

The team looked on. Gaby's expression was completely off-guarded. As she opened her fist she revealed the locket that Lenard's ghost had placed in her hand. It was a locket and as she opened it the heart shaped ornament revealed the portrait pictures of Lilly and Lenard in the left and right sides of the locket.

Charles was dead. Lenard was gone. Chuck was shocked. The team was perplexed.

3 days….what did that mean?