Steph Meyer owns everything

i will warn you, it may make people cry

i live in outback Australia so if i write something wrong in American i'm sorry. no offence intended

i slowly walked out of the trees. i had spent the past few hours in the comfort of the forest. for some reason it made me feel like he was close to me. i missed him so much that it hurt. the trees were the last place i saw him and it made me feel better like he was close with me. i walk towards the house not thinking of anything but edward. it was at the door that i noticed something was off. the door was open. i looked down at the lock to see the door had been forced.

from the inside.

oh god no

'CHARLIE' i screamed

'CHARLIE' i ran from one room to another

'DADDY' i screamed running up the stairs

'DADDY PLEASE ANSWER ME' i went to his room thinking he would be asleep on the bed. but he wasnt. he was not in his bedroom. i checked one room and then another, to find the only room left was my bedroom. i slowly opened the door to find the worst sight i had ever seen. Charlie lay on the floor, blood everywhere. i ran to him, not thinking of anything else

'daddy, daddy' i shook him slightly 'daddy open your eyes' i checked his pulse to find the was none. 'no daddy' i started cpr. i had been taught it at a summer camp charlie had sent me to. i dont know how long i tried to save him. but i eventually gave up falling onto charlie chest

'daddy dont leave' i whispered 'i cant lose you too' my tears fell onto his chest.

it was past 9 before anyone came to find us. i hadnt turned up at school and charlie wasnt at work. it was his work buddy Mark that came and found us. sometime in the night i pulled charlie onto my legs. i slowly moved my hands through his hair. the tears fell down my face staining it. charlies blood covered me. Mark called a bunch of people and sat next to me.

'bella what happened?' mark asked softly.

'bella are you hurt?'

'bella when did you find him?'

'bella do you know what happened?'

'bella can you hear me?' i closed him out and kept stroking charlies hair. he was gone. the last person in this world that i had was gone. what was i going to do? how could he leave me?

when the coroner came he tried to take charlie from me. i simply screamed. i screamed to leave me, to leave him. i screamed that no one was to touch him. i pulled him closer to me not allowing my grip to faultier. the room was packed with detectives and forensics, i saw several people start to cry at my outburst but i didnt care. this was my charlie, my dad and i wasnt going to let anyone take him.