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(U)Of Lions And Lambs(U)


"Alice, how can I help?" Draco asked as he and Jasper entered the Cullens amazing house, dropping their school bags by the door on their way in. The littlest vampire had only been inside a few minutes longer than them but already she was moving around in a frantic manor, getting the house ready for Bella's surprise birthday party. Draco hadn't had a birthday party when he turned Eighteen a month ago, he'd not told anyone it was his birthday and by some minor miracle Alice had let him get away with it. Jasper had not been impressed but had forgiven Draco after a few kisses. Alice paused, holding an armful of Japanese lanterns in her little arms. She smiled brightly at him,

"Yes. In the living room there's candles and holders. I need them everywhere in there. Oh and the bowls of rose petals," Alice gave her orders calmly, "Not on the presents table though. Or the piano."

"Ok," Draco nodded in understanding, taking Jasper's hand. The two of them walked into the white living room to find Emmett grumbling as he lit candle after candle with a match. "Emmett, step back."

"Huh?" the biggest vampire asked. Draco pulled out his wand with a flourish. He was looking forward to this; he'd never shown them anything fancy. Actually he'd never shown them anything on purpose at all, only doing spells when necessary.

"(I)Incendio(I)," Draco cast the spell with great care so that he didn't simply set the house on fire. Instead the little flame that shot out of the tip of his wand rushed around all the candles that littered the floor. In seconds they were all burning away, it would have taken Emmett at least an hour thanks to the sheer number there was. "(I)Wingardium Leviosa(I)," the candles floated up into the air as one and the two vampires now standing behind Draco gasped. Focusing he made them spread out around the room, lowering gently onto the flat surfaces all around the room. Again a job that would have taken quite a while was done in moments.

"Holy shit," Emmett half gasped, half laughed.

"Emmett," Esme scolded from the other door into the living. Startled Draco turned and found the parents of the Cullen family watching from their door, "That was unbelievable Draco."

"That was nothing," Draco said softly, "Two very simple spells. Although moving all the candles at once was a little more complicated than the spell is usually used for. We learned it with a feather for example."

"Alice! He's done!" Emmett called out over his shoulder.

"What? Alrea…oh! I see," Alice called back, "I want stars floating around the ceiling!" Draco spun and stared out of the room towards her, Jasper and Emmett laughing at his expression which quite simply said 'and how the hell do you expect me to do that?' And if he did do that there would be only one way to explain it to Bella…maybe it was the right time though. An extra birthday present of sorts.

"What? Don't know the spell for that one?" Emmett asked with a laugh.

"No, but I can find out if you have a fire," Draco said confidently.

"No fires," Esme said apologetically.

"Candles it is then," Draco said, walking over to a group of five candles close together, "Never done this with candles. Don't know if it will work with candles. Don't know if it can work with candles. But never mind, here goes." He muttered to himself as he thought of the best way to do it. Using his wand to create some floo powder he closed his eyes, hoped for the best and threw the powder onto the candles, "Harry Potter!" he yelled as sparks flew madly from the flames.

"Draco your hand!" Carlisle called worriedly as they all rushed to him. His hand was now buried in the large flame sprouting up unnaturally from the candles. Alice and Rosalie rushed in to stare wide-eyed with all the others.

"Harry?" Draco called out.

"Draco? What's your hand doing in my fireplace?" the voice came seemingly from nowhere, "Stick your head in so I can see you."

"No!" Jasper cried out in alarm.

"It's ok," Draco said softly to his boyfriend before doing as Harry asked, replacing his hand with his head. Immediately he could see into what he could only assume was Harry's living room and the Cullens couldn't hear anything from him or the other voice anymore. Harry was sat in front of the fire, a baby cradled in his arms. "Is that Lupin's boy?" Draco asked, startled.

"Yes," Harry said, smiling down at the baby, "Nearly two now aren't you Teddy?" he asked the baby who laughed up at him, waving his little fists. Draco stared at the tiny boy who was related to him by blood, his grandmother was Andromeda, his mother's sister. That baby in Harry's arms was part Black just like he was. "What can I do for you Draco or did you just call to chat?"

"If I'd just called to chat I wouldn't have had to use candles," Draco said.

"Candles? Does it work with candles?" Harry asked.

"Apparently, and yes, candles. Look I'm helping set up for a birthday party and they know I'm a wizard…"

"They what?" Harry asked in shock, startling poor little Teddy.

"It's those vampires I wrote to you about," Draco said softly.

"I've been meaning to write back to you about that," Harry said apologetically, "Sorry. Work and Teddy and…so they're not evil?"

"No they're good," Draco said, "One of them is my boyfriend."

"You're kidding."


"Wow," Harry muttered.

"I know. Anyway they wants stars on the ceiling, probably like at Hogwarts as that's what I'm thinking so that's what Alice probably saw," Draco explained.

"How would she see that?" Harry asked.

"She's a Seer," Draco said.

"A Seer and a vampire?" Harry asked in disbelief, "Well thank Merlin they were good! Imagine if they'd been on Voldemorts side."

"I'd rather not thanks," Draco said shortly,

"Sorry Draco," Harry apologised quickly for mentioning that name, "So why are you calling me about this?"

"I don't know how to do that," Draco admitted, "I was wondering if you could find out the spell. They haven't seen magic before this and I don't want to have to tell them that the thing they've asked me to do I can't."

"This boyfriend of yours must be good for you, you've gotten much better," Harry said as he got up easily, carrying Teddy with him as he went over to a large bookshelf, "Stars like at Hogwarts you say? Well let's see how they did the ones at Hogwarts. Good old Hogwarts; A History. Hermione made me read it, finally."

"I never read it," Draco snorted, "And he is good for me." Harry smiled over at him as he balanced a baby on his hip and flicked through the book, "You look far too natural like that."

"Huh?" Harry asked.

"With the baby. You're so comfortable with him," Draco said softly.

"I'm going to adopt him when I turn eighteen," Harry said softly, "I love him like he were my own, not only because of how close I was to his parents but because he has been with me every moment, give or take a few, since the war ended."

"You look good as a parent," Draco said, "I know I never will."

"What? Be a parent? Draco it is possible…" Harry began.

"I wouldn't let myself be," Draco said quickly, "I wouldn't trust myself to be. No, the Malfoy line will end with me. I just don't know how to tell my father."

"Don't you want children?" Harry asked.

"I do," Draco sighed sadly, "But…I wouldn't be good for children. And children should never grow up with parents that aren't good enough for them."

"You've still got time to change your mind," Harry said softly, "Ah hah!" This was a cry of triumph and he carried the book over to the fire, holding it open so Draco could see what was written on the page. "They explain it all here in great detail. You can follow this."

"It says it mimics the sky outside, we don't want that. It rains every day here," Draco said, reading the words quickly, "Literally, worse than England."

"Ouch," Harry muttered, "Well, the mimicking seems to be in this line here," he pointed to the line of the incantation, "If you just say something like, I dunno, create the stars of the heavens at night, maybe it'll just show the constellations." Harry suggested.

"Harry, you are not a poet," Draco said seriously, "But I get what you mean. Stay will you, I'm gonna give it a go but if it doesn't work, well…"

"You'll be back," Harry chuckled after his impression of the Terminator. Draco didn't understand the impression and just pulled his head out of the fire and faced the Cullens. Harry's hand appeared in the flames, keeping the connection open.

"Right," Draco said calmly.

"Are you alright?" Jasper asked, apparently worried beyond belief. His hands touched Draco's face, checking for burns.

"I'm fine. It's called fire calling. It's normal in the Wizarding world," Draco explained, "Now stand back. Never done anything quite like this before and there's a pretty good chance it won't work. The main part of the incantation was in Latin which only Carlisle understood. The line that Draco made up on the spot was no where near as complicated as the rest of the spell but he hoped it would do. Coming to the end he pointed his wand at the high ceiling and from it shot a big black blob.

"Whoa!" everyone, Draco included gasped as the black blob turned into the background for the night sky on the ceiling. Then clouds came out and disappeared into the blackness. Then one by one stars of different sizes shot out and soon the constellations were twinkling down at them.

"Huh," Draco muttered when it had finished, "It worked."

"That was…" Emmett began.

"Don't swear Emmett," Esme interrupted quickly.

"Amazing," Jasper breathed, "You are amazing." He pulled Draco in for a kiss.

"I'm genuinely surprised that worked," Draco admitted, "Better let Harry know and say goodbye. Might have a little chat with him if that's all right with you lot. Catch up on everything."

"Is that the Harry you weren't friends with but…"

"Saved my life? Yes, it's that Harry," Draco answered.

"Of course we don't mind," Carlisle said calmly.

"Thank you," Draco said, kissing Jasper once more and then his head was back in the fire, pushing Harry's hand out, "It worked and the Cullens are understandably impressed."

"Good!" Harry laughed, "I've decided that sometime soon I'm going to come and visit. See how you are doing, meet these good vampires, meet your boyfriend. What's his name?"

"Jasper," Draco answered.

"Meet Jasper and make sure he's good enough for you."

"Harry, I worry that I'm not good enough for him," Draco admitted.

"Draco Malfoy, you are good enough for anyone, more than good enough. And before you say anything about a certain little tattoo and certain little past, the past is the past. I'm trying to forget it entirely. You have no idea how that is, what with everyone calling me their saviour day in, day out. Don't wanna be a saviour, I just want to be a normal wizard raising a wonderful little boy," Harry said cheerfully.

"You could come stay with us for a while if you wanted to get away for a little bit. Least we can do after you found us this haven in the first place," Draco offered.

"I might take you up that, after Ron and Hermione's wedding though. They'd kill me if I didn't go, seeing as how I'm the best man," Harry chuckled.

"They're getting married?" Draco asked, "When?"

"Two months time," Harry answered.

"I'll send them a letter of congratulations. They might not read it but I'll send it anyway," Draco said.

"They'll read it," Harry said confidently, They want to move on just as muc has I do, a little more in fact. They want to start the next generation of Weasleys. Although rumour has it Bill has beaten them too it but nothing has been announced yet." Harry grinned conspiratorially at Draco, "So don't tell anyone yet."

"I won't."

They talked for another half an hour, avoiding the past as much as possible, talking about the present and the future. Eventually Draco had to leave so that he could get ready for Bella's party.

"I'll write to you," Harry promised as they said their goodbyes, "See if your still willing to let me come and stay."

"Sure. Well, bye then," Draco said, pulling his head from the fire just as Harry replied with his own farewell, making little Teddy wave bye bye to 'Uncle Draco'. That final phrase had Draco almost in tears when he turned to face Jasper who was the only one still at his side.

"Are you alright?" Jasper asked worriedly, watching as the candles returned to normal. Draco nodded, letting himself be pulled into Jasper's arms. "You sure? I can feel how sad and emotional you are."

"Just the past," Draco muttered, "Time for the present. Now I believe we have a party to get ready for."

"Yes we do, but Draco, if you ever want to talk…"

"I know. Same goes for you, still don't know your story…"

"One day…"

"Yeah, one day…"

~ * ~ * ~

Draco stood a little way away from Bella, Jasper stood close behind him and hugging his from behind, watching her reluctantly open the presents as Alice handed them to her. Her face when she opened the empty box had been so funny that Draco had actually laughed out loud. She glared across at him as she said softly to Rosalie,


Draco actually had to cover his mouth to stop himself laughing again at that.

"It's a stereo for your truck," Rosalie said, actually seeming to crack a smile for once, "Emmett's installing it right now so that you can't return it. His idea." It was gift from the pair of them and that explained where the big vampire had disappeared to earlier.

"Thanks Rosalie," Bella said, suddenly seeming to have a genuine smile on her face. Obviously she liked the stereo idea, "Thanks Emmett!" They all heard Emmett's loud laugh from outside.

"Mine next," Draco called out to Alice and obediently she picked up the green present, a large silver bow completing the Slytherin look of the gift.

"Draco," Bella turned to glare at him, "I told you no presents."

"Do you really think that I'm not going to get my first American friend a present on her birthday?" Draco asked, raising an eyebrow at her, "It's from me, Jasper and my parents."

"Thanks," she muttered a little reluctantly, pulling the ribbon off without untying the beautiful bow. The paper came off carefully next and then she opened the cardboard box. At least this one had something in it. It was a silver photo frame, the border made up of intricate swirls and bubbles and the photo in the frame was one taken by a photographer that had been at the prom. Edward stood close behind Bella in the photo, his hand on her waist. Bella was sipping from a glass of fruit punch as she talked to Jasper and Draco. Jaspers arms were about Draco's waist, his hands resting on Draco's stomach. They look like two happy couples. "It's lovely."

"Good. My parents, well my mother mostly, picked the frame, we chose the photograph," Draco explained.

"Thank you Draco, could you thank you're parents for me?" she asked and he nodded, "Thank you too Jasper."

"Your welcome," Jasper said, bowing his head slightly, ever the gentleman.

"Open mine and Edwards next," Alice ordered, handing over a little present that was shaped like a CD case. As expected Bella turned her accusing eyes on her boyfriend, growling out,

"You promised."

"Just in time!" Emmett cried as he entered, cutting of Edwards response as he slipped in to stand beside Draco and Jasper. Rosalie made her way over to stand at his other side.

"I didn't spend a dime," Edward said reassuringly.

"Give it me," Bella sighed almost sadly, holding out her hand to Alice. She began to open the little present and that was when everything went wrong. "Shoot," she muttered, pulling her finger away and looking at the little droplet of blood appearing from the paper cut.

"No!" Edward screamed as Draco suddenly found himself thrown aside. He hit the ground hard with a cry of pain, his wrist giving a horrible snap as it broke under his weight. But he didn't care, he was watching horrified as his boyfriend rushed towards Bella, snarling like an animal.

Edward stopped him, their bodies crashing together like two boulders being struck together. Jasper was almost unrecognisable in his desperate attack, snarling at Bella and clawing at Edward in order to get at her. Edward had knocked Bella back and she fell onto the glass table. Of course as it was glass it shattered and the little shards dug into the skin of her arms.

"Jasper…" Draco breathed in fear and shock as he watched Emmett grab his brother from behind, holding him back as Jasper struggled on, his teeth snapping close to Edwards face. Bella backed away on the floor, her back pressed against the leg of the piano. She looked scared. Draco couldn't blame her.

What had happened to his loving boyfriend?

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