A/N:- Best effect if listening/reading lyrics to About You Now by the Sugababes, while reading. Inspired by a sudden idea... I couldn't resist the temptation! But don't you worry – Series Four in Yellow Red and Brown will be updated in about half an hour or so!

Read on, chumettes!! =D

'I know everything changes, for the cities and faces, 'cosI know how I feel about you now...'



You don't trust him and you deny him first time round, because you can't accept that it's the Doctor. It's not him, it can't be. You try to stay strong to your opinions, but then the day unfolds and you can't lie anymore.

As you watch him save the world from the clutches of the Sycorax, you can see he's still there. The surface may have changed, but you know, deep down, that it's still him. You understand what he means 'Same man, new face' now. You can't compare.

Because everything has to move on, everything changes in the end. You can't run away from it. His face has changed, his clothes have changed and his accent's changed, but now, as he takes your hand as the sky rains white ash, you know how you feel about him...

It's a new start for you both. You know you let him down by disbelieving him, but you can start afresh, even though times wil be tough. Cos ever he took your hand and said 'RUN!', your heart automatically belonged to him and you can't live without this magical life, saving the Universe, in a small blue box. More to the fact, you can't live without him.

Your feelings are clear and you know what to think, because you're ready to forget your doubt from before. Your life is starting over again for the second time, but this time you're ready. You're gonna make this work. Cos you know how you feel about him now...

And it's going to be fantastic.


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