I never had someone to take care of me.

My parents were murdered when I was one year old because of a prophecy made about me.

My aunt and uncle neglected and abused me because they didn't like my kind.

My Godfather spend 13 years in prison, blamed for my parents death, and then escaped to be on the run. And when we finally had proof he was innocent, he died, in the war, because of me.

My father's and Godfather's other best friend couldn't take care of me, because the Ministry thought it was too dangerous for a child to live with a werewolf. He died trying to save me.

The parents of my best friend wanted me to live with them, but they didn't have enough money to pay my costs. Ironically, I had a vault filled up with gold, silver and bronze. I only wasn't able to withdraw more than necessary to pay my school. Molly died trying to save her daughter from a madwoman, Arthur is driven insane by too many Crucio's because he wouldn't tell them where I was hidden.

The teachers of my school weren't allowed to take care of me, because the Headmaster thought it would be more safe to send me back to my abusing relatives. He ignored the fact I came back every fall even skinnier and bruised than the year before.

My Godmother I didn't know till I found out the Headmaster had locked her up in one of the schools dungeons for 19 years when she died of dehydration. After the Headmaster was gone, nobody even knew she was down there. We found her dried up carcass when we started rebuilding the school after the Final Battle.

The love of my life, my professor when I was at school, my lover when I started teaching there, in an attempt to be somewhere safe and loved. I found love, yes. Until they took it away from me. My lover wasn't allowed to take care of me, to love me, because homosexuality is outlawed in the Wizarding world. And since he was older than me, and an ex-Deatheater, and I was the Man-Who-Lived-Twice, they executed him.

So here I am

All alone. With no reason to live on

Friends I do not have

Not after they found out about Sev and me

I had one friend

They killed her


So here I am

I'm coming Severus...

Teardrops spilled on the stained parchment when the young lady read the message. She came to apologize and to offer some comfort to her former best friend. She had found him, in a bad filled with half molten ice-cubes, water colored red. His right hand was clutching a silver dagger.

The parchment lay on top of the kitchen table.

She called an ambulance, but she knew, by looking at his blue lips and white face that he was already gone too long.

They had cleaned everything up. Stored his belongings in a safe until they read his will.

She stood there, staring of in the distance before she left the house.

Her last words still echoing in the empty living room.

I'm so sorry Harry...