In Nomine

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Summary: The betrayal of a teammate has Patrick Jane searching for answers, but those answers may cost him his life. What is the measure of true loyalty? Eventual Jisbon. Rated M for language, violence, and eventual sex-related themes.

Comments: Wasn't sure who to go to for a beta reader for this, but if anyone is willing, let me know. This is a very long story that is already fully written as I intend it (I'm currently preparing later chapters for uploading), however, I am open to ideas and am willing to incorporate any good ideas that come through reviews. This is rated M for later chapters primarily, with the use of some coarse language and some issues regarding rape. Once again, anyone willing to beta read, please contact me! I've got enough material to tie you up for a while. This is likely the shortest chapter I will post in this story, but that was a good cutoff point. Let me know if you are ready to see more!

Chapter 1-Hidden Pictures

Juan Gabriel was in trouble.

As an officer of the law, that was common. What wasn't common is finding himself staring down the gun barrel of his partner of seven months.

"What the hell is this, Halloway?" he asked, glancing between his partner and their quarry, who was now standing comfortably next to Halloway.

"There's a reason I told you to stay with the car, kid," the older cop grumbled, seemingly undisturbed by the fact that he was pointing a gun at his rookie partner. "'Cause now, I'm probably gonna have to kill you."

Gabriel felt the blood rush from his face. "You sold out," he breathed, right hand moving toward his gun.

Halloway raised his. "Uh-uh, kid. Hands in the air."

Anger turned the younger cop's face red as he put his hands up. "And to think I respected you."

Eyebrows raising, Halloway spread his hands. "Sorry, kid. You woulda made a good cop if you minded your own business."

Halloway gestured to his companion, who raised his weapon. Gabriel gave them a last defiant look before bullets ripped into his chest. Expression left his face as he collapsed. He didn't hear Halloway frantically radio for help, didn't see the tears that Halloway so masterfully produced when the paramedics arrived. He took his secret with him, as so many cops had before.

Patrick Jane usually found his team to be fairly transparent. Most people were. Agent Kimball Cho was a little difficult sometimes, and likely Jane would have had a hard time reading him if he didn't know him. But he did, and that meant Cho was an open book.

Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt were the easiest. They were generally without guile and unused to hiding things. He never had a problem reading either of them. In fact, they were almost too vocal with their body language, especially Van Pelt.

He had once thought Agent Teresa Lisbon was transparent and easy to read and uncomplicated. Usually the more he got to know someone, the more transparent they got. He was finding after over a year of knowing her, that he wasn't sure he really knew her at all.

He'd gotten a weird vibe from her lately, and he couldn't explain it. Jane didn't like things he couldn't explain. She seemed easy to read, but Jane got this nagging feeling that there was something deeper. Something she was hiding. That bothered him, a lot. He trusted her, and liked her. Patrick Jane did not like secrets, especially when he was unsure they even existed.

Her family was one thing, and while he thought his suppositions regarding her history were likely fairly accurate, he understood her keeping those quiet. That wasn't something he'd push. This was different, more recent, and he felt like he was trying to look at one of those hidden 3d pictures. The harder he looked, the less he saw, but he knew that if he just looked at it in the right way, that maybe he would see it.

The object of his thoughts emerged from her office, taking several documents to the filing cabinet. She looked tired and preoccupied. Jane felt the urge to go talk to her, to figure out what was wrong, but something held him back.

As if she sensed him looking at her, her head came up and her eyes locked with his. He gave her a little smile and she rolled her eyes, shaking her head, but her lips turned up a bit in the corners.

Her phone trilled quietly, and she pulled it from her belt. He'd come to recognize the ring for her text messages, and she glanced at her phone for a moment, then clipped it back into its holster. Maybe that's what was bothering him, all these texts lately. Maybe she had a boyfriend. Jane frowned inwardly. He wasn't sure what bothered him more: the thought of her having a boyfriend, or the fact that he was bothered by the thought of her having a boyfriend.

"Can you all hold down the fort for a bit?" Lisbon asked, her green eyes surveying her team. Her question was primarily directed at Cho, since he was next in command, but her glance included them all. "I have to run a couple errands for Minelli."

Jane frowned, visibly this time, but he quickly wiped the expression off. She was giving him mixed signals with her body language, that she was both lying and telling the truth about the same thing.

"Sure, Boss," Cho said absently, barely glancing at her from his book. "Unless we get a wave of homicides, we'll be sitting on our asses all day anyway."

"Thanks, Cho. Call me if we get anything."

The other three turned back to their work as she left, but Jane watched her leave, a contemplative look on his face.

Giving her about two minutes, Jane stood. "I'll be back in a bit," he murmured. No one seemed to notice he was leaving.