Chapter 14- enough is enough!


I think I can stick up for myself now since Edward doesn't rule my life anymore.
I think I can take a stand and say You dont scare me.
Jasper thinks we should leave the house.
I will not leave where I live just because I am scared.
I felt someone behind me and turned to see Esme holding Emma.

"Bella, I think you are doing the right thing and staying and faceing your fear and all.
"I know, I just am scared.
"Why you scared? He is not a big bad person he is all talk and all. I know thats my son, but he had no right to treat you the way he did.
I know Esme. Its just hard to grasp that he is coming back.


I overheard Bella and Esmes' conversation.
I agree with Esmethere is no reason to be afraid.

I heard a car pulling up andjust knew it was them...
Bella was calm when she heard the front door open.

I was shocked Bella can do this.


Bella and I were talking and heard the front door open and surprisingly she didnt get scared.
Maybe she will just be calm and stand up for everything.
Emma started crying, so Bella grabbed her and started walking to the front door.

I walked around the corner to see Edward trying to grab onto Bella.
Jasper was behind me.

"Jasper, let her do this."
"I cant just let her. She will be afraid."

Jasper walked into the kitchen but all Bella did was hand Emma to him.
I heard Bella say the one thing that proved she was strong.
"Jasper will you take Emma into the living room Please?"

Jasper looked shocked and then walked past me to the living room."

Bella reached up and slapped Edward in the face. She looked shocked as well.


I actually slapped him.
Me Bella slapped him.

And Edward looked shocked and angry.
He raised his hand. It happened to fast.

Jasper was suddenly pinning Edward to the wall.
I was just trying to play it in my head.

Edward started to scream and fuss.
"Bella you will not take over the house i lived in for over 100 years."

"Oh, So what you going to do? Kill her? Rape her? Or Take her baby? I hate to tell you this but before you lay a finger on her you have to go threw me!"

"Oh i can get her to do alot!"

I just blew up and started trying to beat the hell out of him I was grabbed from behind by Alice.

That just pissed me off more!

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