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Spoilers: For all books. (Counting the guide)
Timing of story: Christmas after the battle
Couples: Just about anything that happened in the last book. (:
Setting: Camp Half-Blood

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Tiny flecks of crisp snow covered the pine nettles of Thalia's tree. Lights covered both the many new and old cabins as well as the Big House in which Rachel had taken a break to rest in. The cabins were numerous, the Hermes cabin was no longer stacked. My own cabin, was still me. But my father informed me of a new half-sister that I unfortunately would never get to meet. New campers came year round, with no worries to any prophecies at all. Most of us were afraid to tell them of our newest one.

About my friends? Oh, yeah. Annabeth and I are tighter than ever, we both came to camp to catch up on each other for the winter. We decided to spend Christmas together. But ever since what happened to Beckendorf and Silena, some people were a little hesitant about us and that 'no two people alone in one cabin' rule really got boosted up and was regularly patrolled. The half-bloods who lived the battle came to live with us, and most stayed through the school year just to learn more. Ethan Nakamura and Nico moved in with us, it was nice to talk to them more. I didn't get to talk to Grover as much as I used to, he was always out with his Cloven Elders stuff. Yeah…he's a real elder, little thirty-year-old satyr.

There were only two weeks left until Christmas was here. I had bought gifts for most of my friends. I was about to send my gift for Grover, which was a crudely wrapped shirt that said 'Satyrs. Noun. Cool people with furry goat legs and hooves.' it was kinda funny with a brand new Rasta cap. I knew it would never fit him but it was still his favourite thing to wear. I was sending my mother a necklace Annabeth and Paula Fuhrman; the new Aphrodite counselor had helped me make. I was sending Paul some books. Zeus knew what the title of those books were. All I knew was that the book person said that the average teacher would love it, so heck, why not? Rachel was getting a lion stuffed animal. It's a long story; see, I decided to take Rachel and Annabeth to the zoo; Rachel was sitting happily in a corner while Annabeth and I sat happily next to each other and the little red-headed oracle would laugh at us every now and so. We went to watch a show, and there was this huge lion, and the man asked if Rachel wanted to volunteer for something. She went down and suddenly the lion roared and ran into its cage for fear. I had a little personal note attached to the lion that said, 'Maybe this one won't run away.' which I had written in nice big letters so even I could read it.

But I had been going crazy picking something for Annabeth. She teased me about how she had already picked out the perfect gift for me, but she would never tell me no matter how much I pleaded or begged to know. All she told me was that it was for my eyes only, and never let it get into the wrong hands. I was scared it was some deadly weapon. But the way she acted, I could never have a true clue whether it was a knife or a cheese enchilada.

Paula Fuhrman said we could go shopping and pick Annabeth out a nice necklace or something, and I agreed…sort of. Chiron still let us freely move in and out of camp now, as that the monsters weren't as bad anymore, most of us were pretty safe considering that it was only about half the amount of campers.

I was hanging out on the deck of the Big House with Rachel. Annabeth had gone to meet a new camper who had just joined today. "How's the Ladies Academy? Give any creepy prophecies?" I laughed.

She rolled her eyes and looked out at the sunset, which had just about disappeared, "Only once. My roommate asked me if I thought she and her crush had a future together."

I looked at Rachel in disbelief, "What happened?" I demanded.

"Um…I think I said something like.

Brown hair and blue eyes is your biggest dream
Green eyes and blonde hair is beyond your supreme
He'll come from unknown lands and give you a kiss
But you'd never know he really exists

God, I nearly gave poor Kaila a heart attack!" Rachel buried her head into her arms and grunted. "She almost called the police on me the second the green gas formed in the room. But I'm pretty sure Zeus was on my side. She fell asleep and I told her it was only a bad dream."

"Did it come true?" I asked her.

"No. Not yet, at least. It might be a marriage thing," Rachel shrugged and plumped down on one of the two snow-covered lawn chairs I had brought out. I sat down and we became silent.

"Um…Percy?" I looked over. One of the newest campers, Samantha Whitman stood there. She was a half-blood for a minor god, Hemera. I had never personally met the goddess, but I had a good idea when I met all her children. She had plenty, a few of them worked for Kronos. Sam had hazel eyes and blonde hair, she was probably the newest of the Hemera campers when she received a blue sun symbol upon her head. Few of us knew what else to represent the day goddess, so when we gave her a blue sun she seemed to be happy with it. "Annabeth's doing it again."

I cursed under my breath. Every time a new camper came along, Annabeth would nearly harass the poor kid. I got up as Sam took me over to a young boy with brown hair and brown eyes. We mostly suspected him to be a child of Hebe, the goddess of youth, but Annabeth of course had to find out exactly who it was to make the poor kid almost cry.

Suddenly, from no where a white symbol appeared, three white rings entangled in each other in the shape of a triangle came upon the boy's head. He smiled and I walked forward, "Welcome, child of Hebe," I said in a deep voice. The boy laughed and looked around.

"So." The boy looked down, "Where do I go?"

I pointed him in the direction of the brightly colored cabin. He gave his thanks and sped off. I looked at Annabeth, who was watching as Sam still sat beside us, "Why do you have to do that," I laughed, walking forward and putting my arm around her shoulder and shaking it lightly. "Look, this new prophecy might not happen for years. Stop trying to figure it out."

"I was right about you." Annabeth laughed. "I was the one who figured out you were a son of Poseidon."

I could never deny that. She was the one who pushed me in a river during capture the flag and told me that she thought Zeus was gonna have a child. Then again…he did. But now she was about two hours before her sixteenth birthday for eternity until she was killed in battle or fell in love with a guy. (Because that seemed so likely.)

"But there's no new prophecy that says when you find the right person your life will change. I already did that to you." I retorted.

She shrugged, "You've got a point there." She leaned her head back against the cabin we were sitting against. I soon realized it was the Apollo cabin after looking at the color of it, which hadn't changed at all. It looked old and rusty, but was still bright yellow like the sun.

We were a little silent for a bit. And eventually, Sam left to go talk to Rachel. She had become a bit of a camper here; and though she didn't do anything like archery or canoeing, she spent most of her time around the Big House and came to all of the events and to dinner. She was aloud to sit where she wanted, like a satyr. Usually she would sit with me so I wasn't always lonely and such. It was nice of her.

I stood and held out my hand, she took it and stood. "Let's go eat some lunch," I offered. Annabeth nodded wordlessly and we walked back to the Big House.

I was thinking of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But then I heard Rachel's scream at the Big House.

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