Chapter 3: What is wrong with Sailor Moon?

Ami and Makoto had decided to spend the morning in the park when they noticed a youma standing in the middle of the park. "This seems way to familliar."

Makoto pulled out her communicatior," We have a youma in the park and every one keep your mouths closed ." Makoto said as she and Ami headed to a concealed location to transform.

Usagi woke to the beeping of her communicator it was now just about lunch, "Shit, I fell asleep in the park." She cursed while opening her communicator to hear Makoto's message. Usagi found herself in a dilemma with dilemmas lining up. First off how to get up off the bench.

"Can I help you up, ma'm?"

Usagi looked up to see none other then Mamoru. Sighing she acknowledged and accepted his help. Once she was on her feet she excused herself saying she needed to use the bathroom.

Mamoru looked after her. He had been watching her since he first noticed her when she entered the park. She looked identical to Usagi but couldn't be as Usagi wasn't pregnant. He was sure he would have noticed that.

In the bathroom Usagi held up her broach and called out her transformation phrase. She found herself lucky in that she was able to transform and although her balance was still off, she could also still feel the four babies inside her moving. However, looking at herself in the mirror no one could tell that she was pregnant although she was concerned that she was still appearing pregnant after 24 hours.

Sailor moon emerged from the back door of the bathroom and headed towards the battle.

Mamoru still waiting to make sure the young woman was ok, felt Sailor Moon transform. Taking one last look at the door to the bathroom Mamoru headed to the men's room to make his own transformation. He then heads following instincts to the battle.

Jupiter and Mercury were both busy dodging what appeared to be darts flying at them when Sailor Moon showed up. Sailor Moon was still cursing herself as she knew she should have been to the battle scene faster but the additional weight still slowed her down and she could feel her energy dropping.

Sailor Moon bent over to try to catch her breath and didn't notice the youma turning to her and shooting several darts at her. Luckily Tuxedo mask was there and protected her while taking two darts himself and only one hitting Sailor Moon. Both suddenly got very very nausious and weak.

Tuxedo mask weakly raised his head, "Are you ok?" Sailor Moon nodded. The youma happy to have hit at least two marks disappeared back to where ever they go.

Mercury took one of the darts for analysis. "I advise that you both take it easy for the next few days."

Both nodded as they attempted to get up. Tuxedo mask got up with a small margin of difficulty. Sailor Moon actually needed both Jupiter and Tuxedo mask to help her up. "If you need any medical assistance we have a contact at the Hikawa temple on cherry hill." Tuxedo mask nodded. He attempted to make his usual escape which landed him back on his behind.

The senshi turned to make sure he was alright and in the time Sailor Moon disappeared into the crowd.

That night Mamoru found himself unable to sleep his stomach was on a roller coaster and he found that his nipples hurt. By the time he was suppose to be in class he had to call his teachers and work because he had only gotten about an hour worth of sleep and had been to the porclin thrown more times then he cared to count. Breakfast didn't even get cookedbefore he lost it. Even his usual coffee made him nausious. Finally at about 5pm he made his way to the temple. He stumbled up the stairs and almost collapsed at Rei's door.

Rei had gone outside to see if her grandpa was sitting on the roof only to find someone at her door step. "Mamoru-san, what are you doing here? Are you alright?" She asked realizing his current state.

"Senshi..." Mamoru managed to say before throwing up into a bush.

"Girls! I need some help out here,"Rei called as she tried to help Mamoru up the stairs and inside. Makoto quickly pushed passed the other two and helped Rei carry Mamoru into a spare room.

Once Mamoru was on the bed and had some water to drink Rei asked, "Are you alright, Mamoru-san? and what possessed you to come here looking for the senshi?"

Mamoru nodded and pulled out a rose as if to explain the answer to the second question. The senshi gasped. "What is moon going to say when we tell her?" Gasped Mina.

"Why? Who is moon? Really I mean." The senshi mumbled excuses and Mamoru took the hint and didn't push them any more. Ami transformed and scanned Mamoru while the girls tried to keep out of they way as Ami and Rei did what they could for Mamoru.

Meanwhile Usagi woke up in the most pain she had ever been in her back ached something fierce and her stomache felt like it was being ripped apart. This continued for the rest of the day and if she didn't know any better she would have guessed that she was going through labor. Apparently mixing the pills and whatever was in the needle was not a good mix. Finally around 8pm that night the contractions stopped and she was able to get some sleep.

The next morning she met up with the girls and guest at the temple. "Sorry bout yesterday,girls. I was feeling extremely nausiated. Ah, what is Mamoru doing here?"