Earl walked into the trailer, a large bag under his arm, and both boys came running up to him.

"What'cha get Daddy? What'cha get?" They both yelled, and Earl grinned.

"I went down to the Wal-Mart and got a slip-and-slide and a thing of Palmolive dish soap." he said, pulling it out.

Amidst the "wow"s "awesome"s he kept hearing, they were both quickly stripping down to their little underroos.

"Well, I reckon I'd best go set this up." he said, grinning at Joy, and walking back outside...

Earl ended up staying the rest of the day, and long enough to tuck the kids into bed. He'd missed out on a lot, he realized, and he wasn't going to miss out on anything else. He walked slowly into Joy's bedroom--- the one that they used to share--- and stuck his head in.

"Kids are down." he said.

"Good, good." she nodded, not looking up from the box she was stuffing.

"What'cha doin'?" he asked, walking in fully now and sitting on the edge of her waterbed.

"Packing up Darnell's stuff." she said softly. "Gonna take it to the Crab Shack--- and burn it in the parking lot." she grinned. "Won't do me no good unless he sees it done." she chuckled.

Earl rolled his eyes. Yep, that was Joy... And, there was something to that effect he needed to speak to her about...

"Joy..." he hedged. "I'm sorry."

"About what?" she asked, looking at him with her large blue eyes.

"About being a sucky father. And, probably a worse husband." he said, rubbing his hands on his worn-out jeans nervously. "I reckon I got two other ex-wives who'd back you up that I suck at bein' a husband, and they didn't even last as long as you did. They barely had the patience for two weeks. You put up with me way longer than that."

Joy was looking at him like he had grown three heads, but he pushed through.

"So... I'm sorry?"

And, suddenly, her arms were around his neck, and she was kissing him, pushing him back towards the pillows. His hands came up on her back as he returned the kiss eagerly--- he'd missed her--- but, suddenly he pushed away.

"Joy, what---"

"I've been waiting years to hear those words from you..." she revealed. "You know, since you're sorry about being a sucky husband, maybe you could take care of one of your list items."

"Oh?" he squeaked. "Which one would that be?"

"Never gave Joy more than one orgasm at the time." she said, straddling his waist now, and starting to kiss his earlobe, something she knew was a hot button point for him.

"Ohhh... oh, that feels so good... but, ah, that's not on the list..."

Joy stopped, and looked at him sharply. "Doesn't mean you don't need to take care of it."

Earl nodded slowly, and backed up, taking off his clothes quickly as Joy did the same. Slowly, he came down capturing her mouth once again, and willed himself to think of other things, just to be able to take his time, and explore her supple body thoroughly, reveling in every little squirm and moan, knowing soon the room would be filled with her deep, throaty cries of passion...

Afterward, Joy had a satisfied, Chessy-Cat grin on her face he'd never seen, and she lay back on the pillow smoking her second cigarette. Earl grinned a bit cockily, even though he was worn out, and sighed contentedly. He'd wasted a lot of time, but, now he knew how Dorothy felt at the end of The Wizard of Oz. For the first time, he really understood.

He'd wasted a lot of time, but, he wasn't going to do that anymore. Karma had finally given him his second chance, his reward, and all this time, it had been right in his own backyard...

___The End___