Hello. Lvlss here. This will be my first fan fiction, a one shot. I hope you enjoy it. Reviews are appreciated. And, just so you know, I kind of just pulled this off the top of my head...



Haruhi found out that she had to be extra careful with fire at a young age. After her mother had died and she had taken over the chores and whatnot, she had her first run in with fire. She was seven when her father let her use the gas stove in their home for the first time.

"Be extra careful, Haruhi." her father warned her over the phone when she had called to ask if she could use the burner to heat up water for tea late one night. "If the fire doesn't start after a few seconds of clicking, then you are going to have to light a match and get the flame close enough for the fire to catch."

And she followed her father's instructions. When the flame didn't start, she flicked off the dial to turn off the gas and went in search of matches. All she came up with through her search were short, flimsy matches.

Fearless as she was, she hesitated before flicking on the gas and lighting the match. She needed to hurry or she would burn her fingers before she even lit the burner. Quickly, she thrust the match towards the burner, but her moments had been much to quick. The flame went out before it made it to the gas.

Darn... she had thought, dropping the match into a near by trashcan before getting another. She lit this match closer to the burner and moved slower than earlier. As soon as she started feeling heat on her fingers, she knew she had gone to slow. But it was to late for her to turn back now, because as soon as she sensed the heat on her fingers the match hit gas.

Instantly, the flame shot up. Yelping, she jumped back, shaking her hand violently on instinct. Whimpering, she had run cold water over he burned fingers and had given up on making tea.

Now a days, Haruhi was wary of fire.

But Hikaru was the exact opposite.

He was addicted to fire.

Haruhi found herself backed against a wall with a box of matches in her hand with Hikaru glaring at her furiously. "Give me the matches!" he demanded, holding out his hand and looking furious.

"I don't think I would trust you with matches, Hikaru." she said lightly, keeping her hands (and the matches) behind her back.

"Why not??" he demanded, infuriated. "I am totally trust worthy!"

"I would beg to differ..."

"You're so mean, Haruhi!!"

"What would you need the matches for, anyways?" she asked, attempting to slip around him while still keeping the matches out of his reach. "In all common sense, it would probably be something devilish."

He grinned and thwarted her escape attempt by putting one arm on either side of her shoulders. "No, I just wanted to set off some fireworks."

"And blow something up." she accused, not sure what to do next.

"Nah." he shook his head, then paused. "Well, maybe. But not something important!"

"No." she said firmly, attempting to duck under his arms.

"Come on, Haruhi!" he whined, pouting.

"I said no."


"No. If you want to blow something up so bad, then why don't you go home and do it."

"Meanie head."

"No." she said, walking away.

He chased after her and wrapped his arms around her waste. "Come blow stuff up with me, Haruhi!"

Expertly, she wiggled out of his grasp. "No, Hikaru, I won't go blow stuff up with you."

"But Haruhi!"

"No, Hikaru, I don't want go blow stuff up with you. Go find Kaoru; I'm sure he'll assist you."

Hikaru pouted as he watched her walk away. Then he grinned and held up the bright red box before his eyes. "I got the matches, Haruhi!" he whispered to her receding figure.

Grinning happily, he went to find his twin, who was probably waiting with the fireworks.

Oh, how he loved to play with fire!