­­­­The Doctor died, cradled in Rose's arms. Shot by a Dalek, one of the few things that a Time Lord can't regenerate from. Jack, Sarah Jane, Martha and Donna look on and realised how much they cared about each other. Suddenly Rose gently laid the Doctor down and stood up; she walked over to the TARDIS and opened it up with the key she never threw away. She walked to the console and it opened up automatically for her, she didn't have to force it like last time.

She became the Bad Wolf.

The brilliant light coming from inside nearly blinded the four onlookers as she walked back out. The light surrounded her so that was all they could see, it then diminished so that they could see her.

"I am the Bad Wolf." Her voice was filled with so much sadness. "I... I can save my Doctor."

"Rose?" Sarah Jane asked in dismay.

"Is this what you did before? What you did to me?"

"You've got to snap out of it!" Martha shouted at her

"Rose, wake up!" Donna joined in

"I bring life." Rose said as she slightly raised her arms.