Spreading the Infection

A Fan-Fiction epilogue based on the game Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Story by Orion Petitclerc


During another battle between Spider-Man and his greatest nemesis, Venom's symbiote had divided itself and bonded with Spidey once more, and from that point on nothing was the same. Venom learned how to harness the ability of copying his symbiote, and soon Manhattan was overrun by a symbiote invasion. S.H.I.E.L.D., lead by Black Widow, quickly quarantined the island and began their task of taking back New York City from the bestial invaders. Spidey and a few other concerned heroes assisted S.H.I.E.L.D. in their mission, but in the end the darkness took control and Spider-Man destroyed the device that would have changed the tide of the war and became the ruler of his own KINGDOM of symbiotes alongside the beautiful-but-deadly Black Cat.

Desperate to regain control of the situation, Black Widow hired the symbiote-controlled Wolverine to hunt down and apprehend the rogue Spider-Man, only to prove that the symbiotes do not take orders very well. Nick Fury and part of the Avengers team arrived on scene with a strange twist of fate: the thought-to-be-dead Eddie Brock survived the fierce battle with Spider-Man aboard the now-decimated S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, and he's interested in stopping what he had started. With the help of the mysterious Mr. Li, Brock was reborn as the Anti-Venom, but at the cost of the Venom symbiote escaping before it could be destroyed.

The heroic symbiote Toxin joins forces with S.H.I.E.L.D. and together with Anti-Venom venture out into the infested island to plant and activate a new-and-improved sonic resonator to end the invasion, unaware that even darker events are in motion above their heads…

Chapter 1

A Fork in the Road

The team reached the building and began its ascent up the endless flights of stairs. After several minutes, the team finally reached the roof of the Empire State building. Eddie looked to the resonator carriers, "Give me the resonator. I shall deploy it at the very top." The carriers handed the resonator to him, and after a brief instruction Eddie zipped to the top of the antenna. He secured the resonator, but before her could punch in the command codes, Eddie was yanked away from his position.

"Eddie, you were always such a pain in the ass," Spider-Man sneered. "Moon Knight, break their new toy."

Moon Knight pounced from the side of the skyscraper, tentacle-zipped to the resonator and pierced it with two crescent boomerangs.

"Parker, what have you done? You can't allow the symbiotes to win," said Eddie.

"Parker no longer has a say in this," hissed Spidey in that disturbing tone again. "We shall take this world as our own, and I shall be king."

"The symbiote has taken control over you, as it did me, Parker. You can't allow it to devour you," said Eddie. "I can't believe I'm going to admit it, but you are a hero! Don't fall into the darkness!"

Spidey threw himself at Anti-Venom, his clawed hands extended. Toxin and Moon Knight grappled each other, and the soldiers scrambled up to the resonator to assess it. Spidey and Anti-Venom tumbled down from the skyscraper, narrowly missing a sudden death by using their tentacles to grip to the building. Both slammed to the ground, cracking the pavement. Moon Knight and Toxin followed, and all rose and began their fierce battle.

Anti-Venom beat Spidey a hundred feet or more across the street, giving him and Toxin enough time to hold Moon Knight down as Anti-Venom burned away his symbiote. Immediately after Moon Knight was complete, Spidey swung and kicked both Toxin and Anti-Venom into the window of the Empire State Building. Spidey grabbed Toxin from the rubble and threw him out to the other side of the street into another building. Then he bent over and attempted to grab Anti-Venom by the throat, but recoiled and yelled in pain and the symbiote boiled away from his hand.

Anti-Venom stood and walked towards Spidey, making him retreat from the building. "You can't touch me without your symbiote burning to death. Do you not see? The symbiotes are an infection, and I am the cure," laughed Eddie, "I am the Anti-Venom!"

"Impressive, Brock, very impressive. However, even with your new power you are no match against my army," laughed Spidey. Not a moment later, innumerable amounts of symbiotes revealed themselves from the surrounding buildings. Among their ranks, Eddie vaguely recognized a few familiar faces: the Rhino, Vulture, Electro, Ms. Marvel, and leading them all Spidey's queen, Black Cat. "You see, we expected S.H.I.E.L.D. to attempt another sonic-bomb stunt, so I stationed strike forces in several key positions around Manhattan and waited for you to spring the trap. You and your new pals all fell for it!"

All the symbiotes rushed the small group of rebels at once, immediately overpowering the soldiers. Rhino and Vulture subdued Toxin within a matter of seconds while Ms. Marvel, Electro, Black Cat, and Spidey all focused on Anti-Venom. Eddie knew he was outnumbered and that he couldn't kill all the symbiotes at once, but he knew he couldn't go down without a fight. After several exchanging of blows with all the turned supers, Eddie retreated.

"You see, I've known it all along! Eddie Brock is nothing but a coward, a broken little man," Spidey laughed. "Turn the soldiers, but don't kill Toxin: we shall turn him as well, in due time."

"Yes, my lord," hissed Moon Knight.

"Now, about that helicarrier—," said Spidey before he was interrupted by a sonic boom from a large fireball that passed over them. A moment later, it impacted the ground near the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, shaking the island and collapsing a couple of buildings.

"What in the blazes was that?" asked Vulture.

"I don't know, but you better make sure it's mine before anyone else gets it," said Spider-Man. The subjects scrambled towards the crash site, screeching and hissing as Black Cat and Spidey tentacle-zipped in front of them.

"What do you think, lover?" asked Felicia.

"I'm unsure, but I have a bad feeling that that lunatic Shriek may have gone and doomed us all," Spidey said darkly.