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Chapter 1

"Nooooo!" Tim gasped for air as he felt the pipe hitting his abdomen hard. He was scared and had no idea why this man wanted to torture him this much. He kept howling as the metal pipe kept hitting him, on his back, on his head, on his feet. It hurt so much, he could no longer stay conscious.

~~ Earlier that day~~

Tim came running into the bullpen. He knew he was a little late, but the traffic was really awful this morning. Not to mention that he couldn't find a parking spot.

"You're late," Gibbs barked. "We have a crime scene. Grab your gear."

McGee was still geared up since he hadn't even made it to his desk. He just turned around and walked back to the elevator where he waited for the rest of his team to join him.

During the trip to the crime scene, Tony started his usual teasing of McGee."So McSleeping Beauty, why were you late this morning?"

McGee sighed. "Traffic."

Tony was about to tease him a little more about it, but Gibbs, anticipating the teasing which only led to the ongoing bickering between the two, shouted "Shut up DiNozzo." The team wondered why Gibbs was in such a bad mood today, but they didn't speak the rest of the trip, and held on for their dear lives when Gibbs made the final turn onto the parking lot at Rock Creek Park.

It was mid-spring and it was beautiful. The flowers were starting to develop and their colors only served to add to the beauty of the area. The trees were about to bud. Birds sang and the place smelled like a spring rain. It would have been a truly beautiful place if not for the bright yellow police tape. Ducky had just arrived so it was time to get down to business. Tim always dreaded what they would find behind that police tape. As long as he had been doing this, he never got used to the dead bodies.

Tim saw Gibbs kneeling and talking to Ducky. When McGee came closer with some investigation gear he stood shocked. Before him in this almost magical place this time of year he saw a naked little girl, about 7 or 8 years old, red hair and terrified blue eyes. Her body was covered in bruises and a few cuts, the blood dried up. On her arm was a signature, marked with a knife: Special Agent Gibbs

Tim knew this was going to be a very hard case. This girl would remind Gibbs of Kelly, his daughter who was killed when she was 7. He swallowed hard and walked towards Gibbs. Gibbs was handing out orders. "McGee, 100 meter search, you lead the forensics team. Bag and tag everything. DiNozzo Sho.."

"Shoot and sketch, got it Boss!"

"I will talk to the person who found the remains," anticipated Ziva.

Gibbs went back to Ducky. He sighed before he talked to the ME. "Talk to me Ducky." The older man took a minute to take a look at his friend. He could see that this case already hit him hard. "We could give the case to another team, Jethro. Vance wouldn't mind. Agent Johnson has a great team." Gibbs knew that the old man was trying to help him, but when he heard about the case he took it personally.

"Time of death Duck? Or Cause of death?"

Ducky answered right away: "It is a little cold for this time of year, but just a guess the girl has been dead for 8 to 10 hours. No obvious signs of cause of death. But I will be able to tell you more as soon as Mr. Palmer and I take the poor girl back to autopsy."

Both men stood and walked away, but before Gibbs went looking for DiNozzo Ducky grabbed Gibbs shoulder and looked him deep in the eyes. "I am here for you if you want to talk." And with that he left to search for his assistant. Gibbs smiled when he heard the man talking to Palmer about the time that he was lost in a forest with Gerald.

When he came to the truck he saw his team standing together and talking with soft voices. The moment Ziva spotted Gibbs they immediately changed the subject. "We need to tell you something boss..." McGee started when Gibbs was standing beside them.

"We know how you will take this case personally," Ziva continued when she noticed that McGee was afraid to speak any further after receiving one of Gibbs' famous glares, "and we are standing behind you on this one. If we can do anything, just ask." Tony nodded to show Gibbs that he was in on this too. Gibbs' face didn't respond to this but he felt his heart warm a little. This was his team, and they wanted to go to great lengths on this case, because they knew this was personal for him.

Gibbs looked at McGee. "And?" he asked, covering his appreciation with impatience and gruffness.

"Nothing so far," the agent responded, "We found a lot of garbage, gum, cigarette butts and condoms. Abby will have a field day with this." Gibbs nodded and looked to Ziva. "Early morning runner found the girl. Was shocked and called local 911." Finally Gibbs looked at Tony. "No ID yet boss, I called Abby but she said that there were no missing girls reported over the last year that match this description."

"Uhm, Agent Gibbs?" A local LEO stuttered and took a deep breath before continuing. "You and your investigations are sort of uh, famous around here. So I wondered, if I um, could uh, tag along during this investigation? It would look good on my resume since I am looking to go in to federal law enforcement, CIA, FBI, you know. The big guys." They all took a good look at the guy. Tall, dark brown hair, a little longer than usual, bright blue eyes and earring in the upper part of his right ear. Gibbs didn't even bother to answer before walking away.

Tony felt sorry for the kid and told him with a smile: "We already have one probie, we don't need another one.. And telling him that you don't think NCIS is big, great mistake there, kiddo!" And with that he ran after his boss, back to the crime scene to finish the last things.

The ride back to headquarters was almost silent. There was a little small talk but that didn't last long. They talked the first five minutes about how beautiful the park was this time of year, but everyone was uncomfortable with the mood in the truck, so Ziva started making notes in her notebook, Tony was playing a game at his phone and Tim was just sitting in the back.

Everyone had seen how much the girl looked like Kelly. It was cruel that someone would hurt Gibbs using his daughter's death. When the truck was parked in the evidence garage, McGee and Tony took the boxes with the evidence they collected and brought them to Abby right away. Ziva said something about making sure she would have identified the girl by noon and within seconds they were all gone.

Gibbs leaned against the truck and took a deep breath. The image of this girl hit him hard. It made it painful to breathe for a few seconds back at the crime scene. But it felt good to know that his team was behind him on this one. He would track this killer down, even if he had to go to the other end of the world.