Chapter 13: Epilogue

Back in the bullpen Gibbs watched his team. He knew this was coming. Tony was his senior field agent for more than eight years. That is a long time. Most of Gibbs former Senior Agents were leading their own teams after four years.

Eight years was also a long time for DiNozzo, the kid never had more than two years somewhere before he joined NCIS. Gibbs was happy when they crossed that timeline, knowing Tony would stay here longer. He sighed; he only had to convince his agent now that he was ready to lead his own team.

Abby started talking. "I really, really do not want an assistant." She told him matter-of-factly. "Fix it.!"

But Gibbs thought about it. "No Abs, you can find your own assistant. And he is right. You work too much, way things would never work with McGee with you working that much."

Abby looked at him, how did he know that? But he was Gibbs; he knew everything.

Still a little mad, she decided to get McGee and wheel him away from the new baby agent that had replaced her Geek.

McGee was sitting in his wheelchair between the desks. He had a box and cleaned his desk out. It was now George's desk. He took George aside to give him some advice.

"Whatever you do, never let Tony get under you skin." George smiled.

"Thanks," he said to McGee.

"Maybe we could have lunch sometime," McGee suggested before he got wheeled away by Abby.

Tony sat at his desk staring at his blank computer monitor. Ziva came to stand next to him, putting her hand on his shoulder. He stood up and walked away to the men's room.

Gibbs saw Ziva following him and wondered when people decided to break rule 12 all together. He leaned back and looked at his new junior agent. Time to break him in. "Commers!" he yelled at the man, making him jump. Gibbs grinned, this was going to be fun.



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