When Dada left he said that he would be comin home tomorrow.

That he was just to visit a close friend and return something he'd borrowed.

But I guess tomorrow hasn't come, cause Dada's not home yet.

An Mama stayed up all last night, weepin in her hankie set.

So I snuck out to visit his friend, bout a minuets walk away

And when gunshots sounded loud, flat to the ground I lay.

I crawled into an alcove to hide from the gunfire

And I found a man just lying there, in a soldiers attire.

He was covered in mud with blood on his chest

When I shook him he moaned "just let me rest"

Then looked at me and whispered " Please don't leave me alone to die."

I looked wide eyed till he asked "May I tell you my story? Before I say goodbye?"

I nodded so he spoke reaching me through my tears

His tale telling of brutal war and of a young mans fears

His tale told me why Dada wasn't comin home tomorrow

And of a family just like mine who would share our sorrow

H taught me something no one but this dying man could teach me

How war tears everyone apart, How we should let things be

And when I grow up I won't cheer when others join the line

I'll tell them all that with just one thought their families would be fine

If we would just remember that they have families to

If we all gave up the fight, they'd be comin home to you

An I'll keep fighting for the peace, keep trying to draw the line

As a testament to my Dada and that soldier boy of mine


A Plea Across the Generations
War is so often needless. Whether one life is lost or millions, it shouldn't be necessary. What motivates people? Greed? Hate? Why is it so hard to imagine that they have families to? Why is it so hard to let go and embrace everyone with forgiveness? They are just like us. We are not all warriors. We are motivated by fear, love, helplessness. Why can't they be? Are they really so different? Why can't we give each other a chance for peace? A chance for everyone to return home, to embrace their families again? Why can't we learn to love? Must the world be destroyed for peace to reign? We are neighbors and depend on each other. Please lets forget our hatered, our revenge. Revenge is a vicious cycle. Lets end it with us. Let us be the generation that holds hands with our friends b/c there is no one to be the enemy. Lets make war a fairy tale and a myth for our children yet to come. Please everyone, do not make peace make Joy. do not create a truce, create love. Grow together and learn each others ways and live in harmony, together.