Luigi vs Freddy Krueger.

One night in Luigi's home. Luigi was sitting down watching some good old horror films. He was sitting down watching a Nightmare In Elm Street part 5, when the doorbell rang.

He went to answer it only to find Mario waiting.

"Hello Mario." Spoke Luigi. "What can I do for you?"

"Nothing much, just wanted to return this screwdriver I borrowed earlier today."

"Thanks, you wanna come in and watch some horror films? I got nightmare on Elm street."

"More of them? Luigi, over the last month you're watched all the Friday the 13th movies , Child's play, a good number of the Halloween movies and now Nightmare on Elm Street? Why you don't give yourself terrible nightmares is beyond me.

"Hey" Luigi replied "The only one bad night, I've had is when I used to live with you. God I'll never forget that night you had all those burritos and stank up the whole bedroom with your wind."

"Hey, I promised I lay off them after that night didn't I?"

"Yeah, right. I saw you go into that mexican restaurant yesterday."

"Anyway" Mario frowned "Have a good night."

So around midnight Luigi shut off the movie and went to bed. He lay in his bed and around 15 minutes later he was asleep. Only to hear a creepy voice just moments later.

"Wake up, Luigi." A voice growled at him.

"Snore ..Mario, keep it down. I'll play tennis with you later."

"No Luigi, I'm not your brother."

Luigi flipped on his bedroom light only to find Freddy Krueger with his trademark knife glove.

Luigi turned as white as a sheet. His first thought was to run as fast as he could. But his legs felt like jelly. He couldn't move.

"Any last words before you die?" Freddy grinned.

At first Luigi was going to cry Mummy. But then he remembered a book he had read about dreams. Then a question popped into his mind.

"Can you answer this question for me?" Luigi said in a weak voice "Can dreams be controlled by imagination?"

"Why I think so" Freddy replied. "Why?"

"In that case. If this is a dream " Luigi then grinned. " I imagine that knife glove of yours be turned into a bowl of flowers."

Freddy's murdering glove then turned into a bowl of flowers "Uh-oh." Freddy said nervously.

"I can do this!" Luigi shouted

Imagining shoes on his feet, Luigi then got out of his bed and kicked Freddy as hard as he could in the testicles.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!" Freddy screamed in pain.

"And I can do this!" Luigi smiled.

A type of big laser gun then appeared in Luigi's hands Freddy then noticed some writing on the gun.

The writing read "Special magic laser gun designed for making sure evil murdering psychos stay dead for good."

"Oh crap." Freddy gulped

Luigi fired the laser gun at Freddy, killing him for good.

"Nancy Thompson." Luigi spoke to himself. "If you want to catch a dream haunting psycho, this is how you do it."

At this, Luigi then woke up.

"Ugh what a weird dream." Luigi spoke. "No more horror movies for me."

Luigi looked down and got another shock. He was still holding the laser gun he had created in his dreams .

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