Chapter 18: In the Garden of Hogwarts

The Weird Sisters had taken a break and the music had switched back to something more suitable for slow dancing.

Harry didn't know whether to be thankful for that or not as he led Hermione in an easy waltz.

She barely met his gaze as he held her as far away from him as he could while still touching her. Merlin this was awkward.

It wasn't because he didn't want to touch Hermione nor that he didn't want to dance with her, she was actually a surprisingly good dancer. It was just that despite Daphne telling him Hermione didn't belong to Neville … sides had been chosen.

He didn't blame Hermione, who stumbled a step and pulled closer to him on instinct, he was the one who'd more or less locked himself away and he hadn't tried to get in contact.

'Sorry Harry,' Hermione muttered, her cheeks flushed. 'Guess my dancing is rusty. It's been so long.'

Harry smiled half-heartedly and put his arms around her a little more securely. 'Don't worry about it Mione, Daphne pretty much insisted we dance, I know you didn't want to. We can stop if you want.'

Hermione shook her head, her fringe swinging like a curtain. 'No, it's okay … I don't want you to get in trouble with Daphne because I'm awkward.'

'You're not awkward,' Harry said. Hermione raised one eyebrow at him in a perfect 'yeah sure' expression. 'Okay you are a little, but no one can blame you, we've not spoken for months and now we're dancing? It'd mess with anyone's head, especially when we don't know if we're still friends.'

Hermione frowned at him, looking more than a little hurt. 'When did we stop being friends?'

Harry span Hermione in an easy twirl so he wasn't facing Daphne. She had been watching them like a hawk from the table pretty much since Harry had led Hermione to the dance floor. It was more than a little bit off-putting.

'Well, you saw my duel with Neville … wouldn't blame you at all if you didn't want anything to do with me now,' Harry said. He resisted the urge to look down at Hermione. He didn't want to see her face right now. She'd always worn her heart on her sleeve, which was probably why she wasn't in Ravenclaw. She was a smart girl but her heart ruled her head.

'… Neville still won't tell me what that was about …' Hermione said. Her grip on Harry's robes got a little tighter, like she thought he'd bolt after her next sentence. 'Daphne told me how she found you Harry, I know you didn't mean to hurt him.'

Harry missed a step and they nearly went tumbling over before Harry righted himself with a flurry of steps. His throat was dry and he knew he'd probably just grabbed Hermione pretty hard because he saw her wincing. She didn't say anything though.

He didn't wanna talk about this now. If at all. Neville still wasn't talking to him. He had to change the subject quick.

'You look good by the way Hermione. I didn't recognise you at first.' Harry smiled.

Hermione frowned but didn't say anything about the obvious subject change. 'Yes, I saw. You might not have recognised me, but you noticed me straight after Cho didn't you? Did you like what you saw Harry?'

Harry blushed but thanked Merlin Hermione's tone wasn't as annoyed as he was expecting. 'Yes, you looked … enchanting.'

Hermione smirked at him. It was so out of character it unnerved him. Someone was feeling more confident than usual then. 'Well you certainly had difficulty taking your eyes of my breasts. Perv.'


And he was. Despite what she might think, she was a good looking girl, under all the bushy hair. He didn't feel bad for checking out her tits, he was male and they were nice, no he was sorry for not recognising her. That was really crappy of him.

'I know, it's okay.' Hermione blushed a little and looked away with a small smile. 'It was actually kinda nice.'

'Liked the attention huh Mione?' Harry chuckled. 'I can talk about the rest of you if you'd like.' He waggled his eyebrows at her.

'That's not what I meant Harry.' Hermione swatted him on the arm good-naturedly and forced a scowl at him. It didn't work though, she was too busy smiling at him. 'I was just reminded of the old days before … Halloween. I've actually missed it, would you believe?'

They shared a smile and Hermione clung to him as Harry turned them around again. Clever girl, sneaking in a quick hug when he couldn't stop her. He chuckled at her.

'I've missed you too Hermione,' Harry said, he squeezed her hand and hugged her properly.

Hermione beamed at him. 'So can we still be friends Harry? Maybe I can help you with the Tasks, maybe then you won't jump off something when you don't have to again.'

'It seemed like the only option at the time.' Harry grimaced at her. 'Did you come to visit me when I was in the Hospital Wing while I was out?'

'Yes, I've never seen Neville look that pale,' Hermione said. She stroked his arm when Harry jumped in her arms. 'Harry, he does miss you too you know, even if he's being stubborn about it - Then again he is still angry with you - oh, I'm sorry Harry, I was trying to be helpful,' Hermione rambled at him.

Harry didn't say anything. He caught a frustrated Daphne being led to the dance floor by Neville, like just saying his name summoned the boy.

An awkward silence reigned over them as they danced. Harry finally snapped just as it was getting too painful.

'So … you and Krum huh? How'd that happen?'

Hermione cheeks pinked. 'Well, I don't know if Daphne told you or if you noticed yourself, but Viktor had spent a lot of time in the library before the First Task and afterwards. It was annoying at first, not him, he was fine but his fan club followed him everywhere, even though he hates them doing that they still do it. All they do is sit around a table and watch him and giggle, do you have any idea how hard it is to study when you can't get silence? In a library as well … I mean some people have no respect …'

'Hermione,' Harry said with a fond chuckle. Hermione had had a long time grudge with anyone who went to the library and didn't respect other people's studies. It was quite endearing but she did have a tendency to go off on one.

Hermione ducked her head, an embarrassed smile peeked out at him. 'Sorry … well Viktor finally talked to me and explained that he'd only been coming to the library because he was trying to get close to me.' Hermione blushed redder than Harry had ever seen as she spoke. 'He said he liked me since he first saw me. He asked me to the Yule Ball and I said yes. Oh Harry, he's so sweet and kind and really nice, I think you two would get on famously if you gave it time.'

Harry looked over at Krum, who was now sitting on his own, looking more than just a little disgruntled. Would appear the Durmstrang Champion was getting impatient to get his date back. Harry smiled to himself. The Bulgarian really did like his friend it would seem.

'I'm glad you're happy Mione,' Harry said. He kissed her on the forehead briefly. 'I think we should hurry up and finish this dance so you can go back to him. He's kinda glaring at me.'

Hermione nodded and gave him another beaming smile.

Harry extended his arm out so his partner could swing out and then back in, which she did perfectly.

'Rusty huh?' Harry asked.

'You're a good dancer, like your dad.' Hermione shrugged then shook her head. 'Did you know he was going with Professor Sinistra though?'

'Aurora, Hermione, she's not our professor right now.' Harry laughed. 'But yes, I knew they were coming together. Dad took his sweet time though, I mean, look at her, why he didn't snap her up sooner I don't know, she's already stayed over Merlin knows how many times.'

Hermione hummed at him. 'She did look really happy when they were dancing. Did you see her face when your dad left with Professor Moody?'

Harry had actually. The look of hungry need on Aurora's face as she watched James walk away was staggering. He really hoped a beautiful woman or two looked at him like that someday.

'I did. Dad's so getting laid tonight.' Harry grinned.


Harry just laughed.

Daphne swallowed down a yelp as Neville stood on her foot.

Morgana, she knew he could dance just fine, he only got clumsy when he was angry.

'Sorry,' Neville said gruffly. 'How's your foot?'

'Fine,' Daphne grunted. The same couldn't be said for her shoes though. Damn Neville, these shoes were lovely. Why hadn't she kept her wand on her? She'd be able to fix them in a heartbeat then.

They danced in silence, both their tempers hanging heavy in the air. Daphne had a mighty good idea what was pissing off the blond boy and if she was completely honest, she didn't give much of a damn. Though, it was probably best to get his latest tirade about Harry out of the way so she could enjoy the rest of her night.

Maybe she could catch Harry for a smoother dance later? He had to run out of girls he'd promised dances to at some point right? Yes. That'd be nice. Besides, any time she got to spend pressed against that boy's body … well.

A silly little smile crept onto her face drawing a weird look from Neville. He actually dropped his scowl for a second but he didn't say anything.

Oh for goodness sake this was stupid. He wasn't going to say anything and she didn't want to talk about Harry in the middle of a packed hall where anybody could be listening.

She might not mind people knowing something was going on with her and the Gryffindor golden boy, she was pretty sure the more physical element of their relationship was starting to show its effects on them but that didn't mean she wanted to talk specifics about it where anyone could hear.

Tracey had teased her rotten about coming back from an evening with Harry with a bounce in her step.

'So, how do his tonsils taste Daph?' Tracey had asked without even looking up from her homework. 'Or were you kissing somewhere else?'

Daphne had blushed scarlet and thrown a nearby stuffed animal at her.

Speaking of her best friend, she was somewhere across the dance floor having the time of her life dancing with her date. Though Daphne was pretty sure some of the professors didn't approve of how they were dancing. Girls gone wild she thought the Muggles called it?

Tracey wouldn't care and clearly Sophie, the Beauxbatons girl, didn't give a damn either if the way she looked at Tracey's hips was anything to go by.

She was glad. Tracey had been lonely. She'd had flings away from school but she wanted a proper girlfriend. Maybe Sophie would be that girlfriend? Daphne certainly hoped so and both girls knew Harry approved. He'd made that very clear.

He was such a perv. Sweet though and it always made them smile.

'So Daphne, still insisting your fucked up relationship with Harry isn't eating at you?' Neville interrupted her thoughts and pulled her back from watching her best female friend finally happy.

'Shut up Neville.' Daphne glowered at Neville but he didn't back down. 'If you really want to talk about this now, can we at least find a secluded table where my love life won't be overheard by the gossips? Harry isn't the only person who likes his privacy.'

'Fine,' Neville said. He stopped dancing abruptly and craned his neck. 'There's a table over by the doors to the grounds. Is that private enough?'

Daphne nodded and followed Neville, she cast a quick glance over her shoulder to see Harry dancing with Su Li. She tried to squash the jealousy building in her chest, it was her decision to be friends with benefits. It was just as much her fault as Harry's that they weren't exclusive.

That didn't mean she wouldn't be very happy if Su Li's dress ripped or one of her heels broke on her. Not that she was petty of course.

Daphne followed closely behind Neville until they reached the deserted table.

'Well come on Neville, let's get this over with, I'm sure your girlfriend is wondering where you've got to. How is Hannah by the way?' Daphne perched in one of the chairs, her arms crossed. 'Does she mind that you're spending all this time with another girl?'

'She's fine, she's dancing with some of her friends.' Neville grimaced at her and sat down next to her. 'I'm sorry if I'm annoying you Daphne, I just don't want to see you hurt, you didn't see what Harry was like at the party after the First Task. He practically had Valerie on top of him, if I hadn't stepped in …'

'Yeah, thanks for that Neville, do you have any idea how much you freaked him out with that?' Daphne asked. 'I practically had to drag what was wrong out of him. I know you're angry with him … rightly so I know …' Daphne said as Neville opened his mouth to defend himself. 'But I had to lie to the poor boy or his head would have exploded.'

'I didn't make you lie, you could have told Harry you loved him like that. Then at least you wouldn't be being strung along like this. I don't want to see him hurt you, cus he will. It's what he does.' Neville looked away and clenched his teeth. 'Even when all you're trying to do is keep his stupid arse out of Azkaban. He's an ungrateful twat who only cares about himself and getting his end away.'

Daphne glared at Neville.

He didn't back down though and the two fell into an uneasy silence.

She understood he was upset with Harry and he was only trying to do what he thought was best but Morgana if he hadn't stomped all over her plans.

Yes, she'd lied to Harry in Madam Puddifoot's when he'd asked her if she loved him as more than a friend. It had killed her to do that. But he'd been so freaked out by the idea that he was hurting her … she couldn't tell him it was true.

She hated that he flirted with other girls. Daphne had never been happier when she found out Cho Chang was with Cedric Diggory. If she'd had to listen to Harry's pervy comments about the Chinese girl one more time she'd probably have screamed.

Tracey, Neville and Hermione had all given her endless amounts of grief over wussing out and not telling Harry the truth. But they didn't get it. Not even Neville.

It wasn't that Harry didn't love her, the idiot boy clearly did, he just wasn't ready to process it properly. That realisation had come in the tea shop and it had hurt worse than everything else combined.

She probably could have told him the truth. Should have probably. At least then she wouldn't have to laugh and pretend she didn't care that Harry would spend a lot of tonight in the arms of other girls and he would more than likely make out with a few of them.

And all of it would be with her permission. Morgana she was stupid sometimes.

But he'd looked so freaked out … and with the Triwizard Tournament hanging over his head … he needed to be clear headed or Harry could very really die. She'd rather have him in her life as a bit of fun and maybe more when he finally opened his eyes than watch him die at the hands of Morgana only knew what this tournament threw at him.

Her friends had made arguments that Harry was nearly always in mortal danger and that the tournament wasn't enough of an excuse to lie to him.

That was true, but there were just so many more opportunities for Harry to die this year. She wouldn't risk it. Harry would get through the year, he just had to get to the summer and then they could maybe have a proper talk about their relationship.

Until then, she'd keep a track of what he got up to with other girls and do her best to … keep up. It shouldn't be too hard, horny animal Harry was, Sirius had seen to that, but he wasn't about to start having sex any time soon.

She could suffer through some kisses as long as it wasn't in front of her.

Her friends, Neville and Hermione especially, had recommended maybe going out with other boys, but she didn't want other boys. Daphne wanted Harry and she would wait for him. He'd come back to her every time anyway, she just had to be patient.

Besides, it wasn't like they hadn't taken any steps towards being a couple. She did spend a good chunk of her nights sat in his lap snogging his gorgeous face off. She had something special planned for tonight too, Harry wouldn't know what hit him.

Daphne smiled impishly to herself but quickly schooled her expression to indifference. 'Neville we've been over this so much, it's starting to give me a headache, if you haven't got anything new to say can we please let it go? It's Christmas after all.'

Neville sighed and glared over at where Harry was, now dancing with a very pretty brunette girl in light blue, form fitting dress robes that showed off her rather busty figure. Was that Zoe then?

Daphne's eyes settled on Zoe's breasts, her rather large breasts. Damn, Harry loved big breasts and Zoe's were definitely bigger than hers … it was probably just the dress the bitch was wearing. Yes, just the dress. Probably a good bra too.

'Yeah fine,' Neville said. 'I only wanted to stop him from hurting you again Daph, sorry, it's not your fault he's a dick.'

He must have seen something on her face when they looked over at Harry. She'd have to work better at hiding her feelings. Thank Morgana Harry was more or less oblivious to reading emotions.

'So, when you told us you had a date with a Beauxbatons boy?' Neville asked awkwardly. 'Did one actually ask or was that just for Harry's prank?'

Daphne frowned at him. 'Why don't you think that was my idea? I can prank too. Don't you remember the one with glue and duck feathers?'

Neville shivered and smiled appreciatively. 'Oh I remember, Harry laughed at me for a solid week for that. Remind me to never forget your birthday again.'

'Well I don't need to thanks to that,' Daphne said with a smirk. 'But yes, there was another boy. He asked first too.'

Neville frowned and tapped his fingers on the table. 'You should have said yes.'


Neville lifted his hands in defence. 'Well he did ask first. If Harry can go off with other girls I don't see why you can't too.'

'I think you're mistaking me with Tracey Neville, I prefer boys to girls,' Daphne teased. Neville blushed and gave her a sardonic look. 'Then again, Tracey and I have spent a lot of cold, lonely nights together …'

'Have you told Harry that?' Neville replied.

'I did, poor boy nearly passed out. He had such a goofy grin on his face.'

'Pervert.' Neville chuckled but caught himself.

Daphne poked him in the chest. 'I saw that, so if we're laying out truths, are you going to finally admit that you miss him or not?'

'I don't miss him.' Neville glowered over at Harry. He paused briefly. 'Why would I?'

Well that was a lie.

Neville missed Harry just as much as Harry missed Neville. Okay, maybe not just as much but there wasn't much in it. All three of the girls knew it too. Even Hannah had picked up on it and she'd barely started going out with Neville before the big falling out on Halloween.

That had been a terrible night. Daphne still thought about how badly Harry had injured himself. Thank Morgana her mum had taught her some healing magic in preparation for the next time Harry hurt himself.

'He misses you. You know he does.'

'No he didn't. I had the scars to prove it,' Neville snarled. 'He tried to kill me Daphne and it was completely unprovoked. One minute he's in the door acting all weird and then he's firing spells at me!'

'Neville, he didn't try to kill you.' Daphne rolled her eyes. 'He knows the spell, he knows it better than anyone I'd say. If he wanted to kill you, you'd be dead. He was just angry.'

Neville gave her an incredulous look that she'd been expecting, it was the same way he reacted every time one of the three girls tried this approach to bring the two boys back together.

Daphne loved having Harry to herself most nights but she did miss being able to hang out with all her friends at once. And she knew Harry missed having a male friend. Cedric was a good friend but he wasn't Neville.

'Could've fooled me,' Neville said. He was about to say something else but instead he closed his mouth tightly and glared over at where Harry was being ushered out into the Hogwarts grounds by the girl he'd been dancing with, she was giggling.

Daphne's heart panged when she saw the lipstick smeared on Harry's cheek and quickly turned away. She mustn't jump to conclusions, maybe she'd just kissed him and Harry hadn't been able to stop her?

Yeah right.

She wouldn't cry, damn it. Harry would come back to her later and he'd spend the rest of the night with her. He would.

Neville stood and started to walk away. He put a hand on her shoulder as he passed.

'I'm sorry Daphne,' he said sincerely. 'Maybe you should go find that Beauxbatons boy? He might want a dance with one of the prettiest girls in Hogwarts.'

Daphne took in a deep breath and pressed her fingers under her eyes to push back her unshed tears. 'Go find Hannah Neville. She'll be wondering where you are.'

Neville left without another word, leaving Daphne to console herself that no matter what the French bitch was doing with her Harry, she'd match it and beat it later when Harry came back to her.

Like he always did.

The cold of Christmas Eve barely registered to Harry as he walked through the grounds.

'This place is lovely Harry,' Zoe whispered breathily. 'How do you ever get any work done with all this beauty around you?'

Harry, who pulled his companion closer so she was almost on top of him, was too distracted by the feel of Zoe's tits pressing against him to answer. 'Mm.'

Zoe stared up at him through her fringe and smirked. 'The great Harry Potter at a loss all because of little old me.' She kissed his neck and lingered there, her whole body pressed against his arm. 'I like this Harry and I will show you how much, soon.'

He didn't know if it was her accent, which was dumbfounding in how hot it was, or how she was barely inside her dress, but Harry had never felt so horny in his life. Why hadn't they gone back to his quarters and just got on with it?

'But first, a walk around the gardens of Hogwarts, then we shall enjoy each other no?' Zoe led him on, her arm wrapped around his, as he stumbled over his words.

'Don't you have gardens at your school Zoe?' He finally forced out as they rounded into a stone panelled courtyard filled with white rosebushes. Alcoves, big enough for two people with stone benches and raised walls that made them perfect for couples who wanted some privacy, were at each corner. 'I mean, this must be nothing in comparison.'

Zoe dragged him over to a conifer bush and her long fingers through the branches and smiled. 'Oui, but they are city gardens. Tiny and they are dotted amongst the palace's grounds. This …' Zoe gestured to the courtyard with a broad grin that made Harry tingle. 'Is much more beautiful. It feels more real. Is grander. One could get lost in these grounds … for private moments.'

Harry blushed as Zoe ran a hand up his chest and tapped his nose. 'Yeah, I guess.'

'I know what you want Harry Potter,' Zoe said, her hand now pulling his head closer to her. Her sweet breath tickled his lips. 'Be patient, sweet boy, good things come to those who wait no? And I am very good.'

'And what if I don't want to wait ma cher?' Harry said. 'What if I can't wait?'

Zoe shivered at his touch, his fingers tracing up her back, and stroked his chin with one finger.

'Mon Dieu,' she muttered. She put a hand on his chest and pushed him away slightly. 'Learn Harry, while these alcoves are private … what I want to give you may require more … warmth.'

'We'll cast warming charms.' Harry pulled her closer again and breathed in her scent. Oranges and lemons. Mmm, he wondered if her kisses would taste the same or not?

Harry closed the gap between them, his arms wrapping around her and his hands questing to Zoe's pert arse. He stole a fierce kiss and Zoe returned it hungrily.

She didn't taste like she smelled, more like cinnamon. He could work with that.

Her hands were on his neck, then in his hair and her little moans were wonderful as he darted his tongue into her mouth. He squeezed her arse hard and was treated with Zoe pressing her tits against his chest and pulling his head down so hard he nearly fell onto the floor.

Zoe broke the kiss and panted. 'Harry Potter, you naughty boy.'

Harry didn't let up though and started kissing her neck with light, fast kisses.

'Says the girl who's been teasing me since we left the dancing,' Harry murmured between kisses. 'You're just lucky we got this far before I snapped.'

She was as well.

The flirty French girl had been whispering not so sweet nothings in his ear all the time they'd been dancing and pressing herself up against him. Then that last kiss … teasingly close to his mouth and with enough pressure to leave an imprint of her lips on his face …. He'd nearly led her to his quarters straightaway.

But Harry had let her lead him into the gardens to find a perfect spot only to curse his luck when he heard Hagrid's booming voice trying to whisper to Madame Maxime. It was a bit of a mood-killer and the French Headmistress hadn't been shy about her dislike of Harry Potter.

Harry wondered if Zoe was getting off a little bit on being with him against her headmistress' orders. Maxime had forbidden all of the girls from asking him to the Yule Ball.

He wasn't stupid enough to ask Zoe that though and allowed her to pull him away from a private conversation he didn't want to hear anyway. Hagrid was going on about giants and Harry had other giant things on his mind. Mostly how to get them out of his companion's dress.

Zoe moaned and stroked his hair as she enjoyed the kisses. 'Mm, you're sure you don't have a little French in you Harry? You're too charming to be completely English.'

Harry nibbled her neck a little harder and made the girl yelp. 'You were saying something about being English Zoe?'

He liked French girls but he'd be damned if he'd let her insult his country damn it. The English were just as capable as being charming thank you very much. Frenchmen, to Harry's experience, could actually do with some lessons in seducing women. There was a reason British boys were so popular with French girls. They'd got so tired of French boys and decided to try the Brits out for a change. British boys and French girls had never been happier.

'I'm sorry Harry.' Zoe giggled and gave his arse a playful squeeze. 'Mm, don't stop kissing.'

Harry chuckled against her neck, kissed once and pulled away.

Zoe pouted at him. It did wonderful things to her mouth and Harry kissed her again before she could let out a complaint.

Harry wrapped his arms around Zoe and pushed her towards the nearest alcove.

Zoe's back hit the wall just outside the entrance and flattened herself against it with a sexy smile.

'Mm, well aren't we forceful?' She purred and pulled him in for another hard kiss. 'I like this too Harry.'

Harry's eyes darting down to her chest, which were rising and falling quickly and by Merlin it was entrancing.

'Harry,' Zoe teased. One hand lifted to her cleavage and traced over the swell of her tits. One finger pulling down her dress ever so slightly. 'It's rude to stare.'

Harry licked his lips and ran his hand up Zoe's side, making the French girl shiver, until his thumb grazed the underside of her left tit.

'Mm, Harry.' Zoe lifted his chin up and kissed him on the corner of the mouth. She whispered against his lips. 'You can touch me Harry Potter, please touch me.'

Harry stared into her lusty eyes and smashed his lips against her's as he lifted his hand up to cup her tit and massaged it clumsily.

Merlin, he was finally holding tits in his hands and they were wonderfully soft and a little heavier than he expected. As far as Harry was concerned they were fleshy mounds of loveliness and he never wanted to let go of them. He gave Zoe a light squeeze and she moaned against his lips appreciatively.

Zoe's hand slipped down his back to his arse where she gave him a hard squeeze.

Harry traced his fingers over Zoe's tit until his fingers bumped against a hard nipple. Zoe wasn't wearing a bra then. He hadn't thought she was. That dress was too tight for that.

Wait … Zoe wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were hard enough that he noticed with just his fingers.

Fucking Merlin, that was awesome. He was squeezing a gorgeous girl's tits and she was getting so turned on because of him. Fuck yes.

He must have stopped squeezing because Zoe whimpered against his lips and pushed her chest against his hand.

Harry smiled into the fierce kiss and flicked her nipple then squeezed her left tit before swapping his attentions to her right.

When he pinched one of her nipples Zoe moaned loudly and broke the kiss. She grabbed his hand and kissed his fingers.

'Did you want me to stop Zoe?' Harry asked worriedly. Had he gone too far? She seemed to like the pinching though … what had he done? Merlin he wanted to feel her boobs in his hands again.

'Oh my dear sweet boy,' Zoe said with an incredulous laugh. She kissed him and her hand slid to his waist. 'You did nothing wrong.'

'Then why did you stop me?' Harry's hand was still on her tit. He squeezed and Zoe let out a little moan and swatted his hand.

'I want to give you your reward,' Zoe whispered. Her eyes darted from his groin, his cock had hardened as he'd been playing with her tits, and to the entrance. 'I'd prefer more privacy but I cannot wait, do you want it here?'

Harry looked around the alcove and grinned a ridiculously stupid grin. 'Yeah love.'

'Come here then Harry,' Zoe whispered. She grabbed the front of his dress robes and dragged him inside the alcove. 'Sit on the bench Harry Potter, while I make us some privacy.'

Harry stared as Zoe pulled her wand from seemingly nowhere, where on earth had she been keeping her wand in that dress? Harry wanted to know desperately.

Zoe pointed her wand at the entrance to the alcove and waved it in an upward zigzag pattern as the entrance filled and the alcove was shut off.

Zoe cast a couple of quick silencing charms and then turned to face Harry again with a sultry smirk. 'There we are, now I have you all to myself.'

Harry's erection throbbed and he stared as Zoe swayed towards him. 'How did you make a solid wall from nothing?'

Zoe was in front of him, her tits level with his face. She knelt down in her dress and placed her hands on his thighs. 'Is this really a question you wish answered right now Harry Potter?'

Harry blushed as he followed the girl's gaze down to his groin. 'No.'

Zoe licked her lips as she eyed him. 'No, I thought not. Relax Harry, I'm going to give you your reward now.'

Harry stopped thinking about how Zoe had conjured the wall as her hands stroked up his thighs. Her fingers left trails of fire as she reached his groin, centimetres away from where he wanted them.

'I think somebody wants to say hello.' Zoe smirked from between his legs.

Harry nodded dumbly.

Zoe's nimble fingers loosened his dress robes and brought Harry's erection out into the cold air.

Zoe inspected him with a look of mock intrigue before smirking at him again and wrapping her hands around his member.

Harry's eyes rolled shut as her hands glided up and down him. Merlin this was Heaven. He didn't care what else happened tonight, this was the highlight of it. Hell this was the highlight of the freaking year.

Zoe, who was urged on by the little moans that escaped from Harry, seemed quite content to work away at him with her hands.

For minutes Harry just sat there and basked in his own wonder as the gorgeous, French – by Merlin was he looking forward to rubbing Sirius' nose in that little fact – girl kept up a steady pace. Harry didn't think his night could get any better.

Zoe proved him wrong though as Harry felt a wet, warm sensation on the tip of his erection.

His eyes shot open and his mind boggled as she stared back up at him, her lips round his tip.

'Zoe?' Harry gasped out.

Zoe lifted her eyebrows at him, winked and started to bob her head.

'Merlin, don't stop.'

Zoe didn't. She sped up, taking more of him into her mouth with each downward movement.

Merlin, new high point. Definitely the new high point.

Harry leant back on his hands as Zoe blew him, her tongue doing unspeakably wonderful things to him all the while.

Way too soon though Harry felt pressure building up at his base and tried his damnedest to think of something to calm himself down. He didn't want it to end when it had only just begun. Merlin, that'd be so embarrassing.

Come on Potter, think unsexy things. Don't focus on the gorgeous girl with her tongue round your cock and her hands squeezing on your … Merlin!

'Z-zoe!' Harry gasped and then groaned as his shock was greeted by Zoe giggling. With her mouth still around him.

It. Was. Glorious.

His eyelids flickered and he arched backwards as pleasure rocketed up and down his spine. Merlin, he'd have to get more blowjobs in the future, this was the best thing ever.

'Merlin, Zoe, where did you learn to do –ack!'

Zoe interrupted him by thrusting her head forward and taking in as much of Harry as she physically could and hummed.


Harry exploded into her mouth and Zoe pulled back coughing and spitting.

'A little warning would have been appreciated Harry,' Zoe scolded as she waved her wand around to clean herself up. 'I was hoping for that to go on a little longer.'

Harry blushed scarlet and mumbled an apology as he readjusted his robes and stood up.

Harry reached full height and froze in place as he looked out to see two shadows approaching the courtyard entrance.

'Non, honestly Harry, you'd think you'd never received oral before … your other girls must be no good.' Zoe stood and continued talking as Harry stared out into the alcove.

Harry growled and dropped to below the opening and pulled Zoe down by her wrist as he did.

'Harry!' Zoe hissed and swatted his arm. 'I just cleaned off my dress, what is your problem?'

'Zoe, shut up.' Harry ignored her scandalised look and slowly straightened up so he could peek out the window. 'We've got company.'

Zoe rolled her eyes at him and pulled her wrist free. 'Harry, we have Silencing spells and all kinds of other privacy spells just in case this happened.'

Harry gritted his teeth and fought down another blush. He'd forgotten that … well he had just had a gorgeous girl, even if she was disgruntled now, sucking him off. He felt somewhat justified in his slightly crappy memory of anything else.

He ducked back down when the two shadows turned the corner though.

Moody and Karkaroff stood in the archway in a fierce but silent argument.

No, this couldn't be happening. What in magic's name were those two doing skulking around the castle together?

'Harry, really, you're being ridiculous, now come here and pay me back for what should have been much more fun and maybe we'll do it again later,' Zoe purred in his ear and tried to coax him back down to the floor. 'Whoever it is, can not hear us and as long as we stay low they won't see us either.'

'I wouldn't be so sure of that,' Harry said.

Moody snarled at Karkaroff, the coloured drained from his face a little more with each passing second. Whatever Moody was shouting at the Durmstrang Headmaster it clearly wasn't nice.

Then why wasn't Harry enjoying seeing this? Moody giving Karkaroff a well-deserved hard time should be making Harry's heart jump nearly as much as Zoe's gift.

Moody's eyes though … they looked truly manic. Like he was genuinely balancing on the line between sane and batshit loco.

People could say what they liked about Moody but anyone who knew the man personally would tell you he was most assuredly sane.

He didn't look it now though. Moody was clearly teetering into the deep end right now.

Harry was just about to jump through the window and leave Zoe behind when Moody pulled up his sleeve and poked his left forearm hard.

Horrified recognition shone in Karkaroff's eyes and he pulled Moody away from Harry's view.

Whatever they'd been talking about, Harry wouldn't find out now. He couldn't believe what he'd just seen. Moody was clearly showing Karkaroff his left arm … where Death Eaters were branded with their … no, not a chance. Moody couldn't possibly be a Death Eater. Just no, not Moody. He wouldn't be able to keep that hidden from them.

Could he?

'So Harry?' Zoe scowled up at him from the floor. 'What now?'

Harry swallowed and tried to focus back on Zoe … but he couldn't.

Suddenly, all the French girls in the world couldn't have turned him on. Moody's secret meeting with Karkaroff had seen to that.

'No fucking way,' Harry whispered while shaking his head. 'Just no way.'

Harry burst back into the Great Hall so fast that Zoe had to trot behind him to keep up.

'Harry! Wait my dear, you nearly left me behind,' Zoe said as she latched onto his arm.

Uh huh,' Harry muttered.

She painted on a beaming smile for everyone who made eye contact with them and tightened her grip on his arm. Yeah cus that's what he needed right now, to be the centre of attention.

She'd been doing that all night now he thought about it. How hadn't he noticed her making sure everyone could see them? He was normally pretty good at picking out the fame-hungry morons who flocked to him.

Maybe it was because he'd been really horny?

Oh whatever, this wasn't important, where was his dad? He wasn't dancing with Aurora again, he'd have seen him. He'd best still be down here, Harry did not want to go interrupt whatever those two were doing in a secluded room somewhere.

'Come Harry,' Zoe whispered in his ear. Her body was pressed up against his arm, her breath on his ear. 'Let us go dance again, you're such a good dancer.'

Harry resisted the urge to tell the girl to go away. He hadn't realised just how simpering she was when it came to getting his attention. Merlin he hated when people did that and right now if he wasn't angry and confused as to what the hell Moody was doing with Karkaroff he'd be furious with himself for wasting anytime with someone who was clearly only bothering with him because he was the Boy-Who-Lived.

'Not now Zoe, why don't you go find your friends and I'll find you later?'

Zoe paused and a slight frown formed on her face, she sagged her shoulders so her dress sloped off her shoulders to expose more creamy skin.

'Well if you don't want to dance we could always go back to those quarters of yours,' she purred.

Oh for Merlin's sake, why had he let his dick lead him when it came to Zoe? Yes she was hot and her tits were all kinds of yummy but she was so damn fake. She'd gone from being annoyed in the courtyard to a desperate fan girl faster than Harry could say easy.

She winked at him and kissed his robed shoulder.

Bollocks to this. He was in no mood for her shit right now.


A hand fell on his shoulder and squeezed.

James was glaring at Zoe as he leant down and whispered in Harry's ear. 'Where the hell have you been Harry?'

Zoe jumped at James' sudden appearance and hurried to rearrange her dress with a bright red blush on her cheekbones. 'Monsieur Potter! H-hello, Harry and I were just out taking a stroll, may I just say your dancing earlier was magnifique, your girlfriend is a very lucky woman.'

'Thank you, now if you'll excuse us I need to borrow my son.' James' eyes never left Harry's as he spoke. 'We have a bit of family business to take care of.'

Harry wrestled his arm free of his companions shock loosened grip. What did James mean? Had he seen Moody too?

'Can't it wait Monsieur Potter? Your son deserves a bit of stress relief what with all the bother he's gone through.'

James growled and fixed his eyes on the girl who was barely in her dress.

'Look girl, you are clearly older than Harry and I know why you're interested. Let my boy go and maybe if his head is still up his arse like it appears to be, he'll come back to you.' James' grip on Harry's shoulder tightened making Harry wince but he didn't say anything. 'Until then, back away and go find some other rich kid's face to push your breasts in to get what you want.'

Zoe gasped and her arms fell to her sides as she just stared at James.

'Good girl. Now walk away.' James turned and started walking over to a table at the back of the hall.

Harry snorted into his hand and Zoe's stare turned onto him. Harry waved his now free hands in front of her face. 'Bye Zoe.'

'But … but … but …' Zoe stuttered. Her cheeks got redder and redder as it dawned on her that Harry was siding with his dad.

'Go on now, piss off.' Harry followed after his dad without a second glance.

He supposed he shouldn't have let James talk that way to Zoe but at this point? Harry didn't much care. She was only after him for his fame … fuck her. Or not as the case would be.

Plus his dad only got that rude when he was either pissed, frightened or both. This could only be about Moody, maybe James knew that Moody had been meeting with Karkaroff and maybe he could explain why in Merlin's name he seemed to have a Dark Mark.

Harry joined his dad by the table and was immediately pulled away from sight. The doors were all in view and James' eyes were darting all over.

'Dad, what's wrong? Is it Moody?' Harry asked immediately. 'Did you duel him?'

James scowled, his hands clenched into tight fists, Harry thought he would draw blood if he wasn't careful.

'I duelled him, but it wasn't Moody,' James whispered and hushed Harry when he shouted out. 'Shut up Harry. The bastard may look like Alastor but it isn't him, he duels different and I kicked his sorry arse so fast Alastor would spit on him.'

'When?' Harry said. 'Did you duel him before I went out into the gardens?'

James nodded. 'I went out with Moody after I'd danced with Aurora. Why?'

Did that mean James hadn't arrested the impostor? That'd explain why he was walking with Karkaroff and looking so frantic … and why he'd have a Dark Mark! Oh thank Merlin. Wait …

'But why did you let him go if you kicked his arse! He's done something to Moody. Why isn't he on a first class ticket to Azkaban and Alastor is out yelling at me for not noticing sooner?' Harry asked, waving his arms around wildly. 'Why didn't you arrest him? He had time to meet with Karkaroff when you let him go!'

'I was afraid of that, I had to revive him straightaway though.' James' eyes turned arctic as he glared out at the gardens. 'I don't know where he's keeping the real Alastor and I can't run the risk he'd never tell me where he's keeping him. Alastor was and is, still in danger.'

'Fuck,' Harry hissed and waited for his dad's telling off. It didn't come. 'So what do we do now?'

'We, and by that I mean you, watch the imposter and see if you can't find out where he's keeping Alastor. He's got to have him nearby and alive because I think he's using Polyjuice Potion.'

Harry raised an eyebrow at this. 'How'd you figure that out?'

'The flask, Alastor doesn't swig from it as much as he has tonight. Once a day maybe but he's been taking it every hour on the hour.' James put both his hands on Harry's shoulders and lowered so he was looking Harry in the eye. 'Harry, you said he was walking with Karkaroff, did you hear the conversation?'

'No, I was …' Harry blushed under his dad's scrutiny. 'Distracted. I saw him show Karkaroff something on his arm and it made Karkaroff go white. Dad … it was a Dark Mark wasn't it?'

'I think so yes, it wouldn't surprise me if it's a Death Eater pretending to be Alastor.' James sighed and rubbed his temple. 'Harry, this man is very dangerous and until I know where Alastor is … I don't want to risk capturing him in case I can't get him to talk. I'm not risking Alastor Harry.'

Harry grit his teeth. He wanted to go find the bastard who was impersonating Moody and take his head off his shoulders.

'Why didn't you tell Dumbledore Dad?' Harry asked. 'I know we don't trust him but surely this would have been a good time to bring the most powerful wizard in the world in to sort it out?'

Said most powerful wizard was leading a red faced McGonagall around the dance floor in a surprisingly energetic waltz for such an old man.

'Dumbledore would do this above board, he'd call the Ministry. This is first and foremost a family matter and we will handle it ourselves. I don't want to have to deal with Amelia until I have Moody safe and the Death Eater in custody or dead.'

Harry shivered at his dad's tone but nodded anyway. 'Okay Dad, I'll find out where Moody is, I promise.'

James patted his son on the shoulder and smiled a very weary smile. 'Good lad. Find him before the Second Task, it's a good enough excuse to bring in the others without ruffling anybody's feathers and clueing Dumbledore or the Death Eater into what we're planning.'

'Got it, what are we gonna do about Karkaroff though? He looked terrified, you don't think you'll have to take him out too do you?'

The cold seeped back into James' face. 'Maybe. Don't worry about that for now. I want you to focus on the Second Task first, get it solved and prepare and then you find out where Alastor is being kept. In that order Harry, your life is just as important as Alastor's, understood?'

Harry grunted noncommittally. He really didn't give a damn about the task now. He'd all but forgotten about it to be honest.

James opened his mouth to admonish him but shut it as not-Moody came storming into the Great Hall looking angrier than Harry had ever seen him.

Hate gurgled in Harry's stomach as he watched the imposter stomp into the Hall proper, the magic eye spinning manically in his head. This was going to be more difficult than he thought.

When had he drawn his wand?

'Easy Harry,' James whispered. 'We need to act normal so he doesn't suspect. Go find Daphne, I'm sure she'll be a better distraction than that French slut you had hanging off you.'

Harry growled at his dad. 'Shut up Dad.'

'We don't need another Sirius,' James said. 'One's enough. Besides, you really want Ophelia finding out you're going out with other girls than her Daphne?'

'Is now really the time for jokes Dad?' Harry frowned. 'Besides, Daphne and I have a good thing going already.'

James scoffed. 'You keep telling yourself that Harry but don't come crying to me when she kicks you in the balls for messing her around like you are. You'd deserve it.'

'Whatever,' Harry said. 'If we're keeping up appearances you have a gorgeous Greek woman waiting to ravish you. You've kept her waiting long enough already don't you think?'

'I'm going to find her now. Oh and Harry?' James swatted Harry across the back of his head.

Harry grabbed at his head and scowled at his dad. 'Hey!'

'Don't be a smart aleck Harry.' James held his frown for a second and then ruffled Harry's hair. 'Keep both eyes open Harry, I'll be in touch.'

Harry nodded his acknowledgement and watched as James walked away, waving goodbye without looking back. James was soon lost in the mass of the crowd.

Not-Moody had disappeared from the Hall as well. Harry didn't know whether to be relieved or not. He couldn't stand here forever though, somebody was bound to notice his absence sooner or later.

Harry strode away from the table in search of Daphne. His dad was right, he didn't need a fame-hungry slut right now.

No, he needed Daphne.