In 5 seconds flat I was less then a mile away from bella's house. I could smell the blood, but it didn't bother me. Yes, my throat got dry and it felt like I need something to drink. It didn't bother me. I was only worried about the safety of Bella. I got the the house not bothering to knock on the door. I flew into the house. And there she was. All bruised and tore up. On the floor bleeding. I ran over and checked on her. Charlie was still pressing the towel to her head, and he was doing a good job. I put my hand on her cheek and started to rub her cheek with my finger. And then that's when I heard it.

"Edward" She sighed.

Her eyes fluttering open for just a second so that i could see her beautiful brown eyes that i could not get enough of. "I'm sorry" and with that her eyes closed.

"Bella. Bella! BELLA" I screamed shaking her trying to wake her up.

I pressed my head to her chest listening to her heart slowing down. And there was something i knew. My Bella was dying. There was only one thing i could to keep her alive. Change her. But could i be that selfish. But i promised her that i would change her if it was to keep her alive. i grabbed her wrist and brought it to my mouth. But before i did that. I kissed her forehead and whispered 'I'm sorry'. Then i sunk my teeth in her wrist, and i didn't care if charlie was watching. Her blood..Her blood was like nothing i have ever tasted. Its like having chocolate for the first time in yore life. Like having water when you have been stranded in the dessert for a week. I forced my venom through her blood stream. I fought the monster inside me and took her wrist out of her mouth. I licked to where i bit and the venom closed it up, to never open again.

I felt a hand in my shoulder. I looked up to see carlisle.

"You did good son" He said with a soft voice. "You really did" He thought.

"It doesn't feel that though" I whispered knowing that he could hear me. As i looked hown and saw bella with her bottom lip in her mouth. trying not to scream. "Im so sorry" i whispered as i leaned down and kissed her forehead.

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