Edward's Curse

Amber sat on her beanbag chair with a trusty life-time supply of popcorn at her side. She popped in Twilight to her DVD player and began the deer chasing scene as she sat and glorified the name 'Edward Cullen'. She watched as the ever so 'mysterious' beginning rolled out and began to set up where she had memorized the lines to the movie. She lipped out the words "So, I can't bring myself to regret the decision to leave home." and continued to rejoice over every line of the script (which ISN'T very good). Her two friends, Brianna and Colleen, had left an hour ago, the minute she mentioned watching Twilight. She had watched the movie 174 times and counting. This was the typical night for Amber. She drove her friends from her house whenever she said 'Twilight'. Brianna and Colleen had grown to hate it so much that they created .com! A website of their own design which was pure result of Amber's obsessions with the movie/book. So Amber continued to watch the movie in which she loved.

She was so very content in her room, with the Twilight atmosphere! Posters, action figures, t-shirts, books, and all other merchandise the Twilight series offered had crowded at her sides as she finally began to notice that the plot was starting. She again began mouthing words, and wishing she was Bella, desperately. Little did she know, but something quite unusual was upon her.

On the very roots of the wires on her TV opened a small, glowing, purple hole. The thing grew a little, more gradual as it went! Amber sat there boo-ing that Bella figured out the secret. Meanwhile the purple hole grew still. It widened and widened until engulfing the wall. Amber looked up, at last, from the screen, only to find the large vortex was sucking in papers and books from her room! It acted as a vacuum and then the desk jolted and thrust into the glowing thing! It illuminated the room in a violet radiation as the bed began shifting to the unknown mystery. Amber screamed, "WHAT THE BELLA!?" and the bed flew into the vortex too! She fell to the floor and dug her nails into the wooden boards as she started to feel the pull of the hole. Her nails scraped up wood chips as she slid closer to the vortex. Then finally she could sustain herself no longer when her the pull got to strong and she flew in. A skateboard slid into the vortex just before the thing snapped shut and the room was left empty, the only things left? The stand with the TV on top of it. It was silent… "Are you afraid?" the movie's words echoed through the room.

AUTHOR'S NOTE : Let it be known I HATE Twilight. Read the other chapters and it will all make sense….