Edward's Curse Part 4

The next morning- Edward had no idea what had happened. Last thing he remembered was being struck on the head with the door repeatedly until he got a concussion and passed out. He opened his eyes hazily and lazily trying to remember what happened. No luck- all he remembered was how Amber terrorized him through the day. He blinked which cleared his vision to realize he was in the middle of the forest.

"Hmm?" he said drowsily, questioning where he was. He focused more to see he was under a canopy of trees but near the meadow where Amber had first appeared. He got up and was gonna run for it before Amber appeared. He quickly took a step to make a dash for escape but he fell to the grass at his first step.

"Wha!?" he stared back at his waist to realize he was still tied. But this time the other end of the rope stretched longer and circled around a tree. He realized that not only was he attached to a tree but Jasper as well was tied to another rope that also lead to the tree. Jasper awoke from his concussion- "Hmm whe- where am I?" he said rubbing his eyes.

"Oh no- not only am I stuck with Amber… Jasper's here too?! Ugh- this keeps getting worse and worse…." said Edward. Jasper stared at Edward, "Who ?"

Edward sighed, "Ugh- Amber. The teenaged fan-girl-."

"You mean monster?"

"Same thing-"

"… well… now what…" said Jasper as he stretched.

"I dunno." said Edward.

The two waited for sometime until Amber came skipping along the meadow to where Jasper and Edward were tied up.

"Oh no…." whispered Edward.

Jasper gulped… Amber came closer and was carrying more ropes and on one of the ropes- James was tied and being dragged behind. "Oh no- she has more ropes!" cried Edward.

"Oh great- she has James too?" said Jasper staring at James being dragged across the grass.

"HEY GUYS! Look who I found stalking your house! Isn't he just precious?!" said giddy Amber tying James to the tree as well.

Edward stared at James. He was unconscious… and he had a rope tied around his waist too. Amber skipped off to the middle of the meadow and was going farther when Jasper shouted "YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE US HERE!"

Amber skipped back and said "You're absolutely right, I'll take you with me." Jasper slapped his forehead and Edward moaned as the retched teenager skipped to the tree they were attached to. She grinned, took one of her ropes, tied it around her waist and began un-knotting the web of ropes around the tree. She tied the ropes around her waist and began dragging everyone but James behind her.

"Why aren't you taking him?!" replied Edward.

"He's knocked out cold- I can't drag him everywhere." said Amber happily. Jasper and Edward slacked behind Amber slowing down her skipping and changing her pace quite often.

She skipped through the forest until the group reached the side walk at the edge of the forest. "Okey dokey, now where is Bella… hmm Bella… uhhh…" said Amber, turning her head at different directions down the side walk. Edward perked up head at the word "Bella" he smiled, "We're gonna get Bella?!". "Nope. Victoria and James were hunting Bella- that means Victoria should be looking for James and Laurent should be hunting- and I need bait so I can find Laurent… hmm… now where is Miss Swan…" said Amber searching for the dull vampire-bait.

Edward got angry at the fact Amber was searching for Bella because she needed bait. So he spoke up, ""Listen! You can tie me up- and tie my brother up- and force me to follow you around- BUT YOU CAN'T USE BELLA AS BAIT!"

Amber stared back at him, "Sure I can, I have the tranquilizer, ropes and tazor all ready-"

Edward quickly discarded any thought of what Amber had in mind and continued his speech, "Listen- Bella is NOT bait- say that if she was- WHO would bother finding Bella?"

"A hungry vampire…." said Amber "Laurent to be exact. And if you do not mind I will continue my-"

DOOSH- just then Laurent crashed into Edward interrupting Amber. "LAURENT!" she cried quickly bonding his ankles and wrists. Laurent was out cold from crashing into Edward... whatever his reason was for dashing into him at full speed.

"Man- every time I need them awake-" said Amber. Jasper and Edward exchanged distressed faces and returned their focus to the KO'd vampire laying in front of them.

Later- Amber dragged Laurent back to the tree where, now awake- James was pouting in the shaded part of grass. Jasper trudged along beside Edward as they reluctantly followed Amber. Once they got to the tree Amber tied up Jasper Edward and Laurent creating a tangled web of ropes. Amber whistled as she skipped away. Jasper would've said "Don't leave us!" hadn't it been that Amber would take them with her rather than untying them. SO Jasper shut his trap as Edward answered confused James' questions.

"So… a teenage girl has been torturing you for two days now…"

Said James.

Edward nodded.

"And now she's got us four tied up…"

Edward nodded again.

"And we don't know when we'll get out of here…"

Edward nodded and sat down next to the tree.

James shrugged, "The world has gone crazy…"

Later- Edward was carving his and Bella's initials in the tree while Jasper drew a mustache, monocle and wrote loser on Laurent's face as he was out cold. James sat there going nutty, twitching and mumbling escape plans over and over. However each of his crazed plans ended with a "-but then the rope would still bond us with Amber." Later on, Laurent awoke…. (though not noticing the various scribbles on his face) he as well questioned and sat there. Laurent just sat there with this puzzle trying to find out more of what had happened since he was last KO'd. However Laurent was interrupted with James' out loud thinking.

"Give it up James, we're at the mercy of a teen- there is no hope." said Laurent.

Jasper nodded in agreement, "He's right. Not only is she a teen, she's a fan girl.

James stared back sourly at the two, "Well! You're certainly not coming up with anything!"

"Hmm, wait a sec- I' thinking…" said Laurent….

Just then Jasper suddenly straightened his back with epiphany, "THAT'S IT!" cried Jasper. "You got a plan?" said the anxious James getting up to a stand. There was a silence as Jasper pondered for a moment, "No… No- I - I - was saying "That's it" because… I was… bird watching and a bird flew over that I was looking for, so hehe, yeah. Nope- no plan." said the nervous Jasper.

James stared at Jasper. He put his hand to his chin and then said "I get it… you have a plan, but it will only get one of us out…and you don't wanna tell us because YOU wanna escape!"

"Lucky guess…" thought Jasper, but he said "Nooo, of course not, I- I- would never do that to you guys, hehe," Edward read Jasper's mind, "AH HA! So there really is a plan!" cried Edward.

"Hey no fair! You can't steal my thoughts!"

"Yoo man't meal meh tauts" mimicked Edward in a baby voice.

"Grrr-" growled Jasper.

James shouted "Edward! If you can read minds then why don't you just read the plan off of Jasper!?"

"I can't he's not thinking about it!" replied Edward.

"You're lying!" cried Laurent.

Jasper stood to the side, out of the way as Laurent shoved Edward and Edward shoved him back. Soon Laurent, James and Edward were fighting as Jasper watched. Edward threw a punch at Laurent as James kicked Edward. By the time they stopped beating the crud out of one another the brawling trio looked up to see Jasper's rope lying on the ground and Jasper out of sight.

"JASPER!!!" cried Edward in some attempt call his brother. Too late- Jasper wouldn't return after his escape. "Great. You chased away the only guy with a plan. One that worked." said Laurent, "and you're the one to talk- Mr. Monopoly!" retorted James, as he stared at the monocle and mustache Japer drew on Laurent. Laurent put his thumb to his cheek and looked at the marker ink on his thumb, "Well at least I'm not the on who dies in the end!"

Said Laurent to James.


"Emo Freak!"

"SHUT UP!" cried Edward.

"You shut up!" the two answered in harmony.

All three had gone completely nutty by the time Amber came back. Laurent was running circles around the tree, James was chewing his own arm, and Edward was talking to a twig with a face drawn on it.

"Of course you can have some more leaf Bella," said Edward putting a leaf on the twig.

Amber stared at the distressed three with a cocked eyebrow.

"… Maybe… I should take 'em on a walk …"