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Ten Years On

Abby's almost 27. McGee, Ziva and Caitlin, all 27. Tony at 28. And me, feeling old at 31.

The others had one year left of high school. No one dropped out, so here we all are. All working at NCIS.

Let's start with Abby. Most people thought that her Goth dressing was just a phase. We thought otherwise, and we were correct. She still dresses like that. Abby went to MIT after she left high school, and spent four years getting a master's degree in forensic science. After she graduated, she joined NCIS, replacing Amy Sutton.

McGee. He went to MIT with Abby, but studying computer science instead. Then he joined NCIS, replacing their resident computer expert, Thom McGregor.

Now, Ziva. While studying for her master's in a whole load of different languages, she was working at Quantico Marine Base, teaching martial arts, of which she had received a black belt in previously. Tae kwon do, Karate, Judo, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, Aikido and Krav Maga. It impressed many people, as well as her language skills. I was often worried about Ziva, as she was in demand for undercover missions. But she can take care of herself. I have seen her at the shooting range and in the tournaments that she organizes at Quantico. Now, like the rest of us, she works at NCIS, although she still works with the marines at Quantico, as well as teaching martial arts. I have no idea when she actually finds time to sleep.

Caitlin. My Caitlin. After getting two degrees, one in Art and Design, and one in criminal psychology, she also joined NCIS, working alongside all of us. When we're meant to be working on cold cases, you can often find her with a sketch book out, sketching to rest of us unawares. There is a photo from our wedding, and Kate drew it onto canvas for one of her pieces for her degree. It was the highest grade she'd received before, and the highest grade in her class. It now hangs on the wall in our bedroom, so every morning we see it when we get up. It's a wonderful reminder of one of the best days in my life. I'll mention some of the others… in a while.

Tony. Tony didn't go to university, but he did go and work as a homicide detective for two years, before transferring to NCIS. His father disowned him when he left home, because Tony didn't want to take over the family business. He says it's a 'relief to be rid of the bastard.' I guess I can agree.

Gibbs retired from NCIS. I mean, he was getting on quite a bit. Jenny is still high up in her Director's position. She says she'll retire soon, but I think it'll take more than retirement to remove her from her hard-worked for position of authority.

And me? I carried on working at NCIS. When Gibbs left, I was promoted to team leader. I guess Gibbs and I are similar in the fact that I think we're both overprotective of our teams. Ziva's certainly complained we are.

Everyone thought Caitlin and I would be the first to have a baby. They were wrong. Abby and McGee were, in fact, the first. They now have an eight year old daughter called Julianne, named after Abby's late brother. Gibbs said at her Christening, "And this is why I feel old. I'm a grandfather!"

When Julianne was three, Abby became Abigail Jennifer Ann McGee.

Ziva and Tony still aren't married; Ziva puts it down to Tony's commitment issues. I'm not saying anything. They will be getting engaged though; I am privy to the information as Tony asked me for permission, seeing as Ziva lacks a father figure. I'm perfectly happy for him to propose, and will be even happier if Ziva says yes. I'm significantly sure she will.

Julianne once told me, last year, that she considers Talia her sister. Talia Meira Haswari is mine and Caitlin's five year old daughter. Julianne had basically become Talia's sister, the amount of time they spend together. Talia calls Abby her auntie and McGee her uncle, whereas Ziva is her doda, but Tony still gets called uncle. Five months ago, our first son, Michael Anthony, was born.

When Caitlin and I were married, I managed to find out where my mother and sister were living. They came to our wedding, and we've been in contact ever since. Talia, my sister, has an excellent relationship with Talia, my daughter, even though the names are quite confusing. We ended up everyone calling my sister Tali, which is what she had always been called, and my daughter Lia, which is what Julianne had called her at first, the three year old being unable to pronounce Talia easily.

Currently, Ziva and Tony are on an undercover mission in Mexico, infiltrating a drug cartel, La Familia. They are trying to bring to justice the federal officers thought of being involved with the trade and the drug baron, Nazario Moreno González. I'm worried for her and Tony; they've been in Mexico for the last two months, but as Ziva always tells me, she can take care of herself. Tony asked me for permission to propose before they left, but since they aren't allowed to be in contact with anyone except certain people a lot higher up in the American federal hierarchy, so as not to break their cover.

I miss them, we all do. I take over Ziva's martial arts classes while she's away, although I'm not as good as her. I fear for the classmates of any children that Ziva and Tony have, as it would be dangerous to piss off a David-DiNozzo, especially with the training that I expect Ziva will give.

Gibbs treats Julianne, Talia and Michael as if they were his own children. He often takes them to school, or after-school clubs, when we're working on cases that go on late. Talia certainly doesn't mind anymore when Kate and I don't come home at night, as she knows that Gibbs will come and pick her, Michael and Julianne up, and they'll get treated with a sleepover and they will also get to help Gibbs with his boat-building, which seems to be a shared hobby now.

One time, Ziva had to be a single mother to infiltrate an organization in one of her undercover missions. She asked if Talia would come. Caitlin was a bit worried, but I told her that it would give her a taste of what her parents do for a living. In the end she agreed. The mission went well, all targets completed. Talia became Ziva's undercover daughter from then on, and Talia decided that "When I grow up, I want to be just like Doda Ziva!"

I have only spoken to my father once since the day I moved out. No one knows, apart from Jenny, about what happened. It'll all come out, soon.

I received a letter in the mail.

I am to receive a Silver Star, for my actions against Eli David, who became one of NCIS' Most Wanted two years ago.

Other people might celebrate.

I won't be.

But life goes on.

I have my real family, Ziva, Caitlin, Tali, Lia, Michael and Meira, my mother.

If you think of family in a different context, the people you love, then you can add Abby, Tony, McGee, Gibbs, Jenny and Julianne to that mix too.

I have everything in the world to live for.

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