Based off the role-play that LunatiC0KyoujiN and I did a loooooong time ago. Enjoy!!!

Buzz buzz buzz. I groaned as the alarm clock went off in my ear. I pressed the pillow over my face, seriously considering going back to sleep. That's when it dawned on me. Today was the first day of school. I reached over and hit the top of the digital clock, silencing the alarm.

"Zexion! Get your ass in here now!" I cringed at my older brother's voice. Oh sure, he didn't act like I existed until he needed the aftermath of another one of his all night parties for two cleaned up. I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed, letting my feet hit the floor. Why was it always freezing cold in here? Oh, that's right. Saïx doesn't give a damn about the power bill.

"Zexion!!" Hearing him yell again, I hurried to my closet and pulled out my old ripped jeans and a long-sleeved black shirt. "Goddammit! Get in here now!" I winced and pulled my clothes on quickly, hurrying into the living room.

"About fucking time!" He was lying on the couch, several crushed beer cans around him. I put a hand over my nose, repressing a gag. The entire room smelt and alcohol and semen. God, if Saïx could only remember his late night escapades. He'd be disgusted with himself. "Clean this up," he ordered, slumping back and closing his eyes. I could smell alcohol on his breath through my fingers. I sighed and scooped up at least ten beer cans. Jesus Christ. I'm surprised Xemnas isn't still here. How the hell did he drive home?

I looked at the clock. Ten minutes until I had to be at school. Crap I had to leave. I tossed the cans in the garbage and grabbed my purple messenger bag, slinging it over my head.

"Where do you think you're going?"

I jumped and turned to see Saïx standing not even two inches from me. "School."

He grabbed my arm and I winced, feeling his fingernails dig into my bruises through my shirt. "You're not done here," he growled, his yellow eyes glowing.

"I c-can't be late," I stammered, pleading silently for him to let me go.

His eyes narrowed. "Fine. But you better come straight home after, understand?"

I nodded, trying to pull my arm out of his grasp. He wouldn't let go of me. "I mean it," he said getting dangerously close to my face. "Xemnas won't be back tonight. If you're not here, I won't have anything to do."

My eyes widened. Oh fuck. Why me? Why?!

I just nodded and he released me. I hurried out the door and down to the subway. Six hours. I can escape for six hours. The day will be better…it has to be.


"Zexy!" The breath was knocked out of me as my friend Demyx attacked me with a hug.

You'd think by now, I'd learn to avoid them…Who am I kidding? No one can avoid a Demyx glomp.

"Nn…hey Dem."

"N'ohh! I missed you! Did you have a good summer? Go anywhere? Oo! What about-"

"Demyx let him breathe. You just saw him two weeks ago at the beach." The smaller blonde appeared out of nowhere and I sighed in relief when Demyx let go of me to latch onto him. "Hey Zeku."

I rubbed the back of my neck and said, "Thanks Roxas. I owe you one."

"No problem. I-"

He was cut off as Demyx attacked him with a kiss, practically sucking his face off.

I rolled my eyes. "Come on guys. We're in the middle of the hallway. Save it for when you get home."

They broke apart with a disgusting popping noise. Roxas was blushing. Demyx attacked him with another hug. "N'ohh! You're so cute Roxy!"

I just stared at them, wondering how two people can display any kind of affection for each other in public. I mean, there are dozens of kids in the hall. Half of them probably saw their kiss. Didn't that embarrass them? I would never do that. Course, I would never date anyone.

The bell suddenly rang and kids scattered, literally running to their classes. "See you guys later." I said starting down the hall.

"What class do ya have first?" I heard Demyx call.

"Latin," I responded without even looking back. He said something else, but I couldn't understand what, seeing how I already went around the corner. Room 2B. Ugh. I think the school magically moves its rooms every year as a cruel practical joke for the students. I always get lost on the first day, even though I've attended here for two years. There it is. I approached the door and was about to open it when I saw the sign taped on the worn wood. Miss Gainsborough's Latin IV class has been moved to Room 7C (in the new building) Crap! Why couldn't they put that in the schedule? I'm going to be so late now!

I ran down the hall and wrenched the door open to the new part of the school. Room 5A? That can't be right. I continued down the hall, seeing nothing but A classrooms. I glanced at my schedule. It's possible they might have meant 7A. But the sign said 7C! Crap!

"You lost kid?" I jumped. I couldn't help it. The man's voice came out of nowhere. I turned to see a man at least a foot taller than me standing in front of me. His arms were crossed and he had a smirk plastered on his thin lips. I couldn't stop staring at his eyes. They were the color of emeralds, defined with black, cat-eye eyeliner and a small dark purple triangle tattooed under each eye. His hair was bright red, sticking out in all angles from his scalp. "Kid? Heh, I know I'm beautiful, but snap out of it."

I felt heat come to my cheeks. I pulled on the end of my bangs, trying to hide my face even more. "Um, I can't find my Latin class," I finally said once my mouth decided to work again.

His smirk grew as he crossed his arms. "Tsk. Figures…what room number is it?"

"7C," I said in a quiet voice, looking at the tile floor.

"That's across the courtyard. Keep up kid." He walked past me opened the door leading outside.

"Yes sir," I said following him, holding the strap of my messenger bag. Who was this guy? A new teacher? I had never seen him before. I looked up for a brief moment, my eyes lingering on his hips. They swayed with his every step and the little silver chain connected to his belt loops bounced against his side. I noticed how skinny he was. The man looked anorexic.

He suddenly turned and looked back at me, catching me off guard. I blushed again, quickly looking at the floor. "What're you taking Latin for?" he asked falling in step beside me.

"I want to learn the language," I said not looking up. "I'm nearly fluent. Then I'll know three languages."

"Ah. Show off are we?" I felt my cheeks burn. He chuckled slightly and pulled open the other door leading into the school. "The room's right across the hall. Better get in there before you're too late. Wouldn't want to ruin that perfect record you probably have."

I scowled. So I don't want any marks on my record. Is that such a bad thing? "Thanks," I said walking into the building.

"See ya later." He waved with two fingers and walked off. Again, I was staring at his hips. I shook my head. What the hell was wrong with me? I pushed it from my thoughts and opened the door to 7C.

At first, I thought I had the wrong room…again. No one was in there. I sighed in relief when Miss Gainsborough popped her head up from under her desk. "Oh! Hello Zexion."

She smiled warmly and sat in her chair, smoothing her bangs back. "Sorry. I was organizing my file drawer. Glad to see you back this year."

"Hi, Miss Gainsborough," I said choosing a seat in the first row. "I'm sorry I'm late. I couldn't find the room."

"It's okay. I was confused as well. I had to move all of my things this morning." She gestured to the box by her desk. "Anyway, how was your summer?"

I hesitated, but said, "It was okay. How was yours?"

"It was nice." She blushed slightly and held up her left hand. "I got married."

I smiled to a degree. The diamond ring on her finger was small, but beautiful. It gleamed in the light. "Congratulations."

"Thanks," she said with a grin.

I looked around the classroom. It still smelled like new paint. "…Am I the only one in Latin IV?"

"I'm afraid so," she said with a sigh. She stood, smoothing the folds out of her pink dress and picked up a textbook. "I'm sorry. If you don't want to be the only one, you can always transfer." She set the book glumly on my desk and went to the board.

I opened the cover and saw my name scrawled there in her pretty handwriting. "I don't mind," I said looking up to see her writing down vocabulary words on the chalkboard. "I like having you as my teacher."

"Really?" She beamed. "Well, I like having you as my student. You're hard working. That practically does the work for me."


"You're welcome. Okay, let's get started."


The bell finally rang and I looked up from my workbook. "If you could just finish the rest of those exercises for homework please."

"Of course," I said standing, slipping the textbook and workbook in my bag. "See you tomorrow, Miss Gainsborough."

I heard her call bye as I walked out the door. I hurried back to the old part of the school, checking my schedule. I had English next. Thankfully, I knew exactly where that class was at…unless they decided to move it as well.

I rejoined the crowd of students in the old building, getting bumped into and smashed as usual. "Hey," my friend Riku said appearing at my side. His hair had gotten longer over the summer, I noticed. His silver bangs were hanging in his eyes. "What class do you have next?"

"English. You?"

"Same. I heard Leon is out sick today. He must have AIDS not to come to school."

"People get sick," I said with a shrug, adjusting my bag.

"Leon though? Wonder who our sub will be?"

"I have no idea." We chose desks at the back of the classroom. "I hope it's-" I stopped mid-sentence, seeing the person I has been dreading to see all day. He looked over Larxene's shoulder and waved at me, flipping his layered pink hair back.


"Marluxia," I said glaring at him.

"Just ignore him," Riku said pulling his thin black cell phone out of his pocket. I could hear it vibrating. No doubt a text from Sora saying how much he missed him or some other lovey dovey crap. They just saw each other a minute ago between classes, I'm sure.

"Sora says hi." He was pressing buttons on his phone.

"Tell him I said hi," I said pulling Angels and Demons out of my bag. I pulled the bookmark out and glanced at the page. Crap. I had stopped mid-chapter. I scowled and flipped back to the beginning of chapter 15, skimming over lines.

"Hey there, Zexy."

I didn't even look up. I could see him sitting down at the desk in front of me out of my peripheral vision. "Go away Marluxia. I'm trying to read."

He took the book from my hands and closed it, putting it down on the desk. I glared at him. "You can read later, dear." He tilted my head up the chin, forcing me to look at him.

"How was your summer? Did you miss me?"

I pulled away from his touch. "It was fine and no, I did not."

He stuck his bottom lip out, pouting. I rolled my eyes. He is so pathetic. "That's too bad. I missed you, darling."

He reached over and stroked my hair, gently touching my cheek. I shivered, leaning back away from his hand. "Don't touch me, Marluxia."

"I can't help it," he said smirking, running his thumb over my lips. He moved closer. I squirmed. If there's one thing I absolutely hate is when people touch me and invade my personal bubble. "You're so adorable."

I begged him to back off with my eyes, seeing is how he still had two fingers on my lips. I leaned so far back, my chair hit the empty desk behind me.

"Marluxia, stop." About time he said something. I looked at Riku and silently thanked him as Marluxia removed his hand from my face. "Any idiot can see he hates you."

"Hm, I missed the part where it concerns you."

I glared at him, wanting to slap the smug look from his face. I opened my mouth to say something, but the breath caught in my throat when our sub walked in. It was the man I had met earlier. The class fell silent as his green eyes scanned the room, a smirk appearing on his lips. He sat at Leon's desk, propping his feet up on the wood. He leaned back and waved his hand carelessly in the air. The class, almost on cue, began muttering again. Marluxia, thankfully, sighed and returned to his seat.

"What is this, a tattoo class?" Riku wondered out loud, eyeing the sub.

"I like them." Again, I was staring at him. I couldn't bring myself to look away. What was so interesting about him?

"Them?" Riku's voice snapped me out of my thoughts. "Looks to me like you're interested in the whole package."

"What?" I felt heat rise in my cheeks. I looked down at my desk, letting my hair cover my burning cheeks even more. "I am not."

Riku leaned forward. "You're blushing."

"Shut up," I muttered burying my head in my arms.

I looked over at him through my hair. He smirked and shot his hand in the air. "Hey Teach! I think Zexion has a question."

My eyes widened as I looked at Riku who was pointing at me. "Riku!" I pulled his arm down, glaring at him. The teacher stood, walking over to us, his hips swaying.

"At least get his name, dumbass," Riku whispered pushing me away.

"You again?" I looked up to see emerald eyes staring down at me. "What's wrong? Need help finding your pencil?"

I shook my head looking back down at my desk. The crude carvings in the wood were suddenly very interesting. "Riku was just being stupid." Just shrug it off and walk away, I thought running my finger along a pencil mark.

He didn't. He bent down by my desk. "You're face is freaking red, yo." I turned my attention to the floor, wanting to look down as far as possible. He leaned over the desk, brushing my hair back, letting his hand rest on my forehead. His skin was so warm. "Do you have a fever or something?" He moved his hand down to my cheek. "It feels like it."

"No. I'm okay, really," I said reluctantly backing away from his touch. I still refused to look at him.

I heard him chuckle a little. "Do you need to see the nurse?" I saw red out of the corner of my eye. His hand was on my cheek again. I slowly looked up at him. My heart nearly stopped. He was barely an inch from my face. I could feel his breath on my cheeks. I shook my head, answering his question, my face burning. He got a smug look on his face.

"I think I get it. Need anything, scholar?"

"No sir," I muttered, looking into his green eyes.

He shrugged and stood up, running his hand gently down my cheek, almost like petting me. My skin tingled from the loss of his warm hand as he walked back to Leon's desk. Riku burst out laughing. I glared at him. "Smooth," he said, drawing the word out.

"Shut up. I'm going to kill you," I groaned, burying my face in my arms.

He shrugged. "Sorry, but I have to get my kicks somewhere. You're face was priceless, by the way. Wanna see?" I glanced at him and pressed my lips together in anger. He was holding his phone up. "Sora said it was cute." The phone started vibrating. He opened it, a sly look on his face. "Demyx agrees with Sora and Roxas says you're a teacher's pet and made a stupid happy face. See?" He held the phone out and I scowled at the little 8D that Roxas had sent.

"I can't believe you guys get amusement out of my embarrassment."

Riku shrugged. "That's life Zex. Oh, and you completely missed the look on Marluxia's face when you didn't treat the man's hand like barbed wire like you do with him. Heh, he's still making it."

I looked over at him. His jaw was open slightly and his eyes flashed with anger. Seeing me looking at him, he blinked a few times then blew me a kiss. He turned back to Larxene, his hands fisting. "He's acting so jealous," I said with a tone of disgust in my voice. "I've told him countless times I don't like him. I wish he would accept that and hound someone else."

Riku moved his hand to his cheek, resting his head in his palm. "So…why didn't you pull away from the teacher? I know you. You hate any kind of human contact."

I looked away. "I don't know. I was…listening to him."

"Suuuure you were. Imagining his lips would feel like against yours doesn't count as listening."

I whined loudly, hitting my head against the desk.

The bell rang and Riku stood, quickly getting his things. "What do you know? Class is over." He practically ran out. I looked at the door questioningly. He would rush right out so I couldn't hide behind him as I walked out. I sighed and slung my bag over my shoulder. I hurried past the teacher's desk, trying my best not to make eye contact with the red head. I managed to make it into the hall without making a bigger fool of myself. I sighed, leaning against the lockers.

"Hi Zexy." Demyx appeared at my side, grinning.

"Don't say a word," I ordered knowing he would pester me about that picture all day.

"Hehe, okay. Gah! I have health class next. I don't like Vexen! He's a creepy old man and shouldn't be teaching kids about sex." He shivered, hugging himself.

I eyed him. "Um, I have health next too. But, Demyx, Vexen retired last year, remember? We have a new teacher. Or a sub or something. I don't know. There's no name on the schedule."

"Oh yay! Hayner was like, scarred for life because of that class last year. I was scared."

I nodded, understanding. Vexen did have an interesting way of teaching. I had him for chemistry last year. I remember some of the experiments he made us do. He seemed way too involved in the subject, even as a teacher.

Roxas walked up to us and Demyx kissed him. I rolled my eyes and grabbed Demyx by the arm, pulling the couple apart as I dragged him into the classroom. I stopped in my tracks.

Oh please tell me this is some kind of sick joke.

"Hi Tree Man!" Demyx said waving at the red head who was sorting through papers on the teacher's desk. Please tell me he's in here just to get something then will be on his merry way. "Are you subbing for this class?"

"Heh, nope. I'm your teacher, kid."

"Yay! This'll be so fun! Zexy just-"

My eyes widened. I didn't even want to hear the rest of the sentence. I ran to the back of the room, sliding into a desk, and propping a book in front of my face. I looked over the pages, seeing Demyx and our new teacher talking like old friends, saying something about getting shoes. I sighed and hid behind my book, staring at the words on the pages.

The bell rang and I heard kids taking their seats. "Sooo," I heard the red head say, "Welcome to Sex Ed. May all your dreams come true."