I had a random idea for another ghost whisperer story so I thought I'd start writing it and see how it goes. AU but still similar aspects to the show the first chapter is a little short but it's just a taster

Chapter 1 One stormy night

It was late evening and Melinda lay in bed next to her husband lost in thought. The constant billowing of the wind and the sound of the rain wrapping on the window had prevented her from closing her eyes. Jim on the other hand was having no trouble sleeping at all, the light sound of his snoring adding to the array of noises keeping Melinda awake. She had thought about giving him a light shove to wake him up, or at least stop him snoring but decided against it when she saw how peaceful he looked. Even if she was envious of his sleeping state she wouldn't want to disturb him from his complex dreams about beer and football.

Deciding that she had been laying down for too long the ghost whisperer stepped out of bed, careful not to disturb Jim she headed down the stairs to the living room, if she couldn't sleep she might as well spend her time doing something useful like clearing the dishes or doing the laundry, even if it was 4am. However when she got into the living room she felt strange, like she was been watched but not in the usual creepy way, it was like someone was watching, waiting for her to find them and help them, like they needed her more than ever.

"Hello" Melinda whispered so that she wouldn't wake Jim but could still communicate with any spirits in the area.

At first nothing happened then out of the corner of her eye Melinda saw the curtains moving erratically and instinctively made her way over to them. The windows weren't open and even if there was a draft the curtains definitely wouldn't be moving that much.

"I know you're here." Mel said again as she reached the curtains staring at where she believed the spirit to be.

The curtains slowly returned to their usual still state and then a pale looking woman appeared before Melinda. The ghost had long dark hair and almost porcelain features, she was truly beautiful, her delicate brown eyes, not dissimilar to Mel's illuminating her other features but she looked so sad.

"Who are you?" Melinda asked quietly.

"Melinda?" The ghost asked confused.

The sound of her name coming from the ghosts' lips sent chills down Mel's spine, Melinda hadn't told the ghost her name but something about this ghost gave her an uneasy feeling. She wasn't like all the others, she was paler, more transparent, it was as if the ghost wasn't really present but Melinda knew that she was and the resemblance they shared creeped her out even more.

"How do you know my name?" Melinda asked confused and slightly scared.

"He knows you, he will come for you too, be careful Melin-" The ghost was cut off by something, her spirit seemed to be pulling away, like she was been dragged back somewhere, then she disappeared leaving Melinda staring at nothing but still, white curtains.

"Wait, what are you talking about?" She called quietly but the ghost was gone.

She stared at the blank space where the ghost had previously been for a few moments longer. Eventually she turned to leave the room and almost fell back through the window when she was startled by a sleepy looking Jim standing behind her.

"God Jim you just scared the hell out of me." She said placing her hand of her chest to slow her breathing.

"I got that." Jim laughed and then pulled his wife into a tight hug.

"So what are you doing up at this time Mel?" He asked knowing that she would come up with some cute, coy answer.

"Oh you know I couldn't sleep with the noise coming from outside and from you."

"Hey." Jim replied pretending to be offended.

Melinda laughed a little and rested further onto Jim's chest as he loosened his hold on her.

"How come you're up anyway, you wake yourself up snoring?" Mel joked.

"No I heard you talking to someone and thought I better check it out." He replied sweetly.

Melinda went quiet and stared up into Jim's eyes, he could tell instantly that there was something off but he didn't want to ask, he knew that she would tell him if he gave her time.

"Jim." Mel said carefully.

"What is it honey?" He asked, still holding her gently in his arms.

"I don't think the ghost I saw was dead, there was something odd about her she was different to all the others." Melinda said simply.

"How so?" Jim asked again.

"She knew my name and I swear it was almost like looking in the mirror, her eyes Jim they were like mine but so empty and she knew my name, she knew who I was and she said he was coming for me too." Mel said sounding a little scared but also enthralled by the story that she was telling.

"Wait who is coming after you, I don't like the sound of that Melinda, and I don't like the idea that this 'undead' girl who just happens to have an uncanny resemblance to you knows your name." Jim replied in his usual protective and loving tone.

"Jim I don't know but it looks like I'm gonna have to find out." She said exasperatedly.

"In the morning though Mel, I can see that you're tired even if you did wake up, let's go back to bed I'll try my best not to snore." He said playfully.

She looked up at him once more, his boyish grin and crystal blue eyes a combination she couldn't resist stared back at her.

"Alright, alright but in the morning you are going to help me make some headway on this ghost business, I want to get this ghost out of the way so we can actually make the most of our time off." Mel said sweetly.

"Deal." Jim said lovingly then scooped Mel up into his arms.

"Jim put me down." She squealed as he carried her toward the staircase.

"You love it." He replied cheekily and then carried her up the stairs, kissing her lips lovingly almost all the way up.

He opened the bedroom door and then kicked it closed with his foot, whatever idea Melinda had about sleeping seemed to have just vanished from her mind as Jim traced soft kisses up and down her neck. Yes tonight had definitely been an eventful one and it looked like there was more to come in a much less scary and rather sexy manner.


I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, let me know what you think and I will be happy to keep writing. x