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Chapter 8: Mine

Kate screamed from the corner of the room at the sight that unfolded in front of her, the gun had gone off and now there was a small pool of blood forming on the floor.

"No, No this is all wrong!" Kyle screamed as he held the gun in his shaky hands.

"Kyle what the hell did you do, this is your fault put the damn gun down." Jim shouted as he held his wife carefully in his arms holding back the tears.

"No.. I, she's supposed to be mine n-not yours." Kyle said, his voice breaking with sadness as he realised what he had done.

Jim pulled out his cell and dialled 911, his hand shaking as he struggled to hold himself together, he should have been faster, he should have stopped Melinda from diving in the way, it was his fault.

"I need an ambulance now my wife has just been shot." Jim said quickly down the phone.

"Okay sir don't panic, what is her condition?" The operator asked calmly.

"She's losing a lot of blood, he pulse is weak and she is barely conscious." Jim replied trying not to convey his anger at her lack of urgency.

Jim hung up the phone after the woman told him the ambulance was on its way and returned his attention to a very pale Melinda.

The bullet had hit her lower abdomen but there was no exit wound meaning it was still lodged inside. From his limited medical knowledge Jim could tell that it had hit an artery from the amount of blood and he knew that he needed to slow down the bleeding soon.

"YOU, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE YOU!" Kyle shouted, he hadn't left yet even thought the police would almost definitely be following the ambulance.

Jim pulled off his shirt and pressed it tightly on the wound to reduce the bleeding and then grabbed a blanket of the bed to keep her warm.

"It's okay honey, everything is going to be alright." Jim said softly into Melinda's ear. He was trying so badly to keep her conscious but she only responded with a light moan of pain.

"I will have her Jim, she better not die." Kyle said and then he ran out of the room as quickly as he had entered, no doubt on the run from the police.

"Melinda honey it's going to be okay, can you hear me sweetie?" Jim asked as he took her hand in his and held the shirt close to the wound with the other.

Melinda didn't answer, she could barely make out the outline of his face, her ears were ringing, black spots invaded her vision and then slowly everything faded into nothingness.

X x x x X

Melinda had no idea where she was she couldn't make out anything, she couldn't even hear Jim's voice anymore.

"Hello, is anybody there?" She asked timidly."

"Melinda, you need to go back, you can't leave Jim or something bad will happen." Kate said as she appeared from the grey.

"W-what do you mean, where am I. Am I dead?" Melinda replied confused.

"No you're not dead yet, you have just lost consciousness, this is like a dream but if you don't go back then you will die and Jim will kill Kyle." Kate said seriously.

Melinda looked at Kate and began to cry softly, "No he can't he'll lose everything, he can't do that."

"Then you must go back to him, you will feel bad at first but everything will get better and they are going to catch Kyle, it's just a matter of time." Kate replied and then her face began to fade away as Melinda was brought back to reality.

X x x x X

At first everything was back but she could hear beeping around her and realised that she must just have her eyes closed. Her eyelids felt so heavy as she tried to open them but she was so happy that she was still alive.

Jim looked up and noticed the light flickers of Melinda's eyelids and began to speak softly to her. She had been in the hospital 2 days and hadn't woken up yet, he was so worried.

"Mel honey, are you awake, can you hear me?" He asked frantically as he stood up and leaned over her small frame.

Melinda still hadn't managed to open her eyes fully but she twitched her fingers slightly in Jim's hand to let him know that she could hear him.

"It's okay Mel I'm going to get your doctor I'll be right back." He said lovingly and then rushed out of the room to retrieve the man in question.

In the few minutes it took Jim to return to the room with a rather large man Melinda had her eyes fully open and was giving them a peculiar look.

"Hey you can see me, how do you feel?" Jim asked as he returned to her side.

"Well I'm not dead." She whispered still a little dazed from just waking up and the pain in her side burned but she tried to smile through it.

Jim smiled a half smile back at her but that wasn't the kind of joke he really enjoyed hearing, she wasn't dead but she had come god damn close, she lost so much blood and Kyle, he was going to shoot her again but he ran.

"No honey you're not and I am so glad, I thought I was going to lose you, you should let me be the hero next time." He replied lovingly and then stepped aside so the doctor could do some routine tests.

"Okay Ms Gordon how are you feeling this evening?" He asked in a professional tone.

"I'm okay." She replied timidly.

"Mmmmm." The doctor said as he began poking and prodding at Melinda's abdomen.

"Is there any tenderness here?" He asked as he pressed lightly around the wound. Of course Mel winced slightly, it was hurting before but that really did add insult to injury.

"Ah, of course it hurts there." She replied trying to sound bitter but not really managing it as she still sounded weak.

"Right well we will up your pain meds slightly and I want to run some tests, you look a little pale to me. I want to get some more fluids into you and something to eat but the surgery seems to have gone very well. You're lucky that the bullet missed all the major organs, one cm to either side and we probably wouldn't be having this conversation." The doctor said seriously as he jotted some things on her chart.

Jim thanked him for coming and then he left the room leaving Melinda and Jim alone again.

"Jim what did you mean about letting you be the hero?" She asked sweetly.

"Honey you took a bullet for me and I had to watch you do it, I love you so much and I just wish you would have let him shoot me so you wouldn't be in pain right now." He replied lovingly and kissed her forehead.

"I wasn't just going to let him shoot you, you would have done the same I know and you might not have been so lucky." Mel replied as she stared deeply into his eyes.

Jim couldn't help but smile as she flicked her eyelids innocently at him, how could he resist that face.

"You need to get some sleep now the police will want to talk to you in the morning, I spoke to them earlier whilst you were still out of it." Jim whispered into her ear.

"Why, I don't know anything?" Mel asked.

"They just want to know about your history with Kyle, don't worry honey just sleep." Jim said in a soothing tone.

"Will you lay with me?" She asked sweetly.

"Sure." Jim replied and Mel very carefully scooted over and winced a little when she moved at an awkward angle but soon there was enough room for Jim to slide into the bed, Melinda rested her head on top of his chest and soon she drifted into a peaceful sleep.

X x x x X

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