The Protection Of Emily Palmer

Chapter # 1

Summery: Jimmy Palmer's Mother witnesses the murder of a Petty Officer and the team offers her protection.

Warning: Mild violence, a couple bad words. Reference to the spanking of a minor in the past, way past.

Duck and Palmer were performing an autopsy on a Marine that had died in a car crash, for once, foul play was not suspected.

"Dr. Mallard." The younger man said.

"Yes Mr. Palmer."

"My Mother's coming for a visit tomorrow and staying for the weekend. Can I have tomorrow off?"

"As far as I'm concerned you can, my boy. But Jethro has the final say in that matter, you will have to ask him."

Palmer's smile vanished. He didn't want to tell Gibbs, Gibbs scared the hell out of him. "c…can you ask him for me?"

Ducky smiled. "Of course, my boy."

"Thank you." He sighed in relief.

Gibbs was sitting at his desk, doing paperwork, when he saw Ducky walk to his desk.


"Hello Jethro, may I have a word with you?"

"Sure, what's on your mind?"

"Mr. Palmer."

"What did he do this time?"

Ducky smiled and answered. "Nothing, he wanted me to ask if he could have tomorrow off. His Mother is visiting."

"Can you handle things without him?"

"Of course."

"I don't care, but tell him to keep his phone on."

"I will."

"Why didn't he ask me?" Gibbs wanted to know.

"Because you terrify the poor boy."

Gibbs smirked at that. He didn't really mean to scare the kid, he just had that effect on him.

The next day, Jimmy Palmer ushered his Mom through the busy airport.

"You look too thin, Jimmy." The woman fussed as they walked. "Have you been eating properly?"

"Yes I have, Mom."

"A boy your age need proper nutrition."

"Mom, I am a Med student. I know about proper nutrition."

"You are training to be medical examiner, nutrition is not an important factor in your patients."

"Yes it is, sometimes it explains why they are dead."

"Then you should be more cautious about your own health."

Jimmy sighed, he didn't why he was auguring. He knew he would never win an argument with his Mom.

"I will pay more attention to my diet, Mom."

"That's my good boy."

Emily Palmer was in her middle fifties, with grey hair that still had a few patches of brown. She was short, coming to just below Jimmy's shoulders. She was not an imposing figure to look at, but the young man knew that looks were deceiving. He had seen her when she was mad, it was not a pretty sight.

They made it to the parking garage and to his car. He opened the door for his Mom, then Jimmy loaded her bags into the trunk.

"I'm glad you have the whole weekend off." Mrs. Palmer said, once her son was in the car.

"Me too Mom, but remember, if something comes up I have to go in."

"Surly, the NCIS can go one weekend without finding a dead body."

Jimmy smiled and said, "Certain members of the NCIS can find trouble inside a Church Social."

"Like the Agent Gibbs you told me about?"

"Yes Ma'am." The smile widened. "Agent Gibbs and his team has a habit of finding danger."

"They don't put you in danger, do they?" she asked with alarm. "They better not put my baby boy in danger."

"Mom" Jimmy sighed "I am not a baby, or a boy."

"You will always be my baby boy, now answer the question."

"I am not put in danger. I only help after the crime has been committed."

"Good, I was about to go to Agent Gibbs and give him a piece of my mind."

Jimmy almost laughed out loud at that comment. He wasn't sure who would win in that exchange.

At the NCIS, McGee hung up his phone and looked across the room to where Gibbs was sitting.

"Boss, just got a call from the Navy Base, a young Petty Officer named Henry Greene is missing. He hasn't been seen in three days."

"And they're just now reporting it?" Gibbs asked.

"He was on leave, he was supposed to be back at o five hundred this morning."

"DiNozzo, David with me. McGee find out everything about the Petty Officer."

They scrambled to follow the orders.

Gibbs' car screeched to a halt and the two passengers were grateful that the car had finally stopped.

"NCIS?" a Marine asked as he walked over to them.

"Special Agent Gibbs." The older man said. "Special agent DiNozzo and Officer David."

"Thank you for coming, we are worried about Hank."

"Is being AWOL unusual for Petty Officer Greene?" Gibbs asked.

"Yes, he's a good man. Going to make a damn good Marine. He's always on time, does his duties without complaint, and has never had even an argument with anyone on base."

"What about his personal life?" Tony asked.

"I couldn't tell you anything about that, Sir. Hank was not a talkative person about anything outside the base. He was friendly enough, but kinda private."

"We need to see his rack, locker, and interview anyone who worked with him." Gibbs said.

"Of course, Sir."

Jimmy and his Mom walked out of the supermarket, Jimmy pushing a loaded cart. After finding very little food in her son's apartment, Mrs. Palmer insisted on going shopping.

"I knew you weren't talking car of yourself, young man." The woman was saying. "Tv dinners and junk food is not good for you."

"I know Mom." Jimmy sighed. He had been being lectured for the past hour. "But like I said, my schedule does not leave me much time to cook proper meals."

"That is not acceptable. I will have a talk with your boss and…."

"Mom, no." Jimmy paled. "I am a grown man…."

"And I am your Mother."

They made it to the car and Jimmy was loading the bags.

"Oh dear." Mrs. Palmer said, looking at the receipt.

"What's wrong?"

"That dear girl at the register made a mistake. She gave me a dollar thirty five too much change. Be a good boy and take it back in to her."

"Mom, it' only….." one look at her face and he shut up. "Yes Ma'am."

He finished loading the bags, then jogged back across the parking lot to store. Mrs. Palmer was about to get into the car, when she heard someone shouting. The sounds were coming from a nearby ally.

She walked to the ally and looked down it, gasping at what she saw. Two men were standing above a third one who was laying on the ground. One of the standing men had a gun aimed at the man on the ground.

Mrs. Palmer yelled in fear and surprise when the gun fired. The two men looked at her and both aimed guns at her.

Hope you like it. Chapter two will come soon. It will be longer, I promise.

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