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Ch. 1 Pain

Pain. That's all he felt. Pain. A pain so deep that he wished for some object to inflict damage upon him, just to end this agony. However no amount of physical harm that could befall him would be anything to the aching pain in his chest. A broken heart caused his pain…

Earlier that night…

Heero had accompanied Relena to the annual ESUN Christmas Eve Ball in New York City, but only as her bodyguard.

'Not for long,' thought Heero.

Tonight would be the night that he would finally tell her his true feelings. For too long he had stayed in the shadows, keeping her always at arms length, bringing her pain when it was the last thing he would ever want but it was necessary to keep her safe. Her safety, to him, was top priority. And as much as it pained him to reject her advances, he just couldn't take the risk of having her hurt because of him. However, that was all about to change, tonight. Tonight in front of everyone, he will confess to Relena that he loves her and has always loved her from perhaps the very first moment he saw her on that beach, so long ago.

Just as he was about to go over to her table and tell her everything, Relena's brother, Milliardo (or Zechs if you prefer) came up to the podium to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention please." Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked towards the front of the ballroom. He continued,

"We are here tonight to not only celebrate ten years of peace…" A few people raised their glasses and cheered.

"Settle down everyone. Settle down," he said, trying to calm everyone down so that he could continue. "But I have a very special announcement to make." He looked towards Relena. She smiled at him. He smiled back.

"I am happy to announce the engagement of my little sister, Relena, and Trowa Barton."

People began to clap and cheer but Heero just stood there as pain started at his chest and spread throughout his body. He couldn't breath; he had to get out there. Just as he was heading to the door to leave, Duo and Hilde just arrived and Duo was more than eager to say hello to everyone and his first stop was Heero.

"Hey, Heero!" Called the former Deathscythe pilot."How's it go-" "GET AWAY FROM ME!" Heero all but shouted. Some turned in his general direction but all they saw was a man staggering towards the exit, so they paid it no mind.

That was a few short hours ago, now he was in what appeared to be a cemetery, rain pouring from the midnight sky. Heero had taken shelter in small mausoleum, where he lay weeping. He wept well into the night until he could cry no more. It had been the first time he cried in a long time; perhaps it was the first time in his entire life.

It was still raining when he decided to leave. As he stood up, he took an account of his surroundings; the mausoleum was spacious but not big. The wall adjacent to the doorway held the urns but what puzzled Heero was that there were only five urns on only one shelf. Deciding it best to get going, he left the mausoleum and cemetery.

He returned to the motel that he had rented before going to ball to see Relena. He opened the door, stepped in inside the motel, closed and locked the door. He knew what he was about to do. Relena could no longer be apart of his life. He just couldn't stand the sight of her with another man and Trowa could take care of her from now on. He walked over to the nightstand by the bed, opened the drawer, pulled out the Bible, set it on the nightstand, reached farther in the drawer, and pulled out a pistol. He checked to see if it was loaded. It had full clip. He pulled back on the slide, making sure there was a round in the chamber. He then put the gun under his chin, no note, no goodbyes except in his mind.

'Goodbye, Relena.' His finger moved to squeeze the trigger. He closed his eyes.

"HELP!" Somebody shouted. "HELP! SOMEBODY HELP US!" Heero stopped and opened his eyes. He looked towards the window, where the shout was originated. He went to the window, pulled back the curtains, and saw a seen he will never forget.

Outside, in the pouring rain was a couple being attack by three men. The couple appeared to have gone shopping due to all the scattered paper bags and clothing now soaked by the rain. Two men had the young man pinned to a nearby car, while the third had the women pinned against the wall. The man ran his hand up and down the woman's leg with a big grin on his face, while the women had tears streaming down her cheeks. Her husband, it appeared, yelled at the man to leave her alone but he didn't even look at him, as he continued to caress the woman's leg.

Heero isn't exactly sure when he decided to go out there because the next thing he knew, he was standing outside, his pistol still in his hand. All three men stopped what they were doing when they noticed Heero standing there, but what the didn't notice was his gun.

The one with the girl was the first to speak.

"Hey, man." He said. "Go find your own show."

Heero said something in a hush voice that the men didn't quite catch. "What did you say, man?"

Heero spoke louder this time, "I said leave them alone."

The men began to chuckle. The first one spoke again, "Hey, man if you're looking for trouble than we could-"

He never got a chance to finish as a bullet entered his cranium. He fell to the ground a lifeless corpse, a river of blood flowing from were the bullet had exited his skull.

The other two who had the younger man pinned against the car decided to abandon this petty crime and took off running. But they didn't get far as Heero fired two more rounds and the two men fell dead. Heero lowered his weapon and turned to the young couple.

The man was helping his wife stand when they turned to look at him. He just stood there looking back until finally he spoke.

"Get out of here. Now."

The pair nodded their heads and began picking up their belongings. When they thought they had everything, they turned and began walking away, the young man supporting his wife.

That's when Heero noticed the black crumpled shirt at his feet. He bent down and retrieved it, he held it out and said,"You forgot something."

The couple turned back around and the man said, "Keep it," and continued down the sidewalk.

Heero looked down at the crumpled shirt. He began to unfold it to see if anything was on it. What he found was a white, menacing looking skull.

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