Previously, on Dusk…

Bella has killed Mike in a storm of rage and nobody knows it yet. Charlie is in a coma. Jane has discovered that she is Carlisle's sister.

(Theme song plays: Twilight, by Vanessa Carlton.)

(Mike is dead on floor.)

Bella (Holding smoking gun): Mike…

(Her hand goes over her mouth, and she runs away)

(New scene. Carlisle is with Jane)

Carlisle: Jane, there just isn't any way that you could be my sister!

Jane: And why not?

Carlisle: Because…I'm in love with you.

(They kiss. Esme enters.)

Esme: Carlisle! How…could you?

Carlisle: It's not what it looks like!

Esme: Of course it is! You're kissing your sister!

Carlisle: She isn't my sister!

Jane: It's true! I meant to tell you, Carlisle, I got the lab results back!

Carlisle: And?

Jane: I love you, too!

Esme: This is sick!

Carlisle: Esme, I won't leave you.

Esme: Of course you will! You'll leave me, just like Richard did!


Carlisle: Richard? Who's Richard?

Esme: Richard is…my husband. I didn't marry you.

Carlisle: What are you talking about?

Esme: You married my evil twin sister! But then, she jumped off a cliff!

Carlisle: You both jumped off cliffs?

Esme: No…only her. I have to tell you something, Carlisle. I'm…not a vampire.

(New scene. Emmett is with Rosalie.)

Rosalie: Emmett…I'm pregnant.

Emmett: But how can you be?

Rosalie: Because…I'm not a vampire.

Emmett: Rosalie…this is…huge. And if you can confess this…then, well, I'll tell you…I'm not a vampire either.

(New scene. Jacob and Bella.)

Jacob: Bella, Alice saw you kill Mike.

Bella: Oh, this is awful. What am I going to do?!

Jacob: Well, you know, Edward will be happy.

Bella: Augh… What about the other vampires?

Jacob: That was something else she saw- there are only three other vampires. The rest are human. And, as it turns out, Jane and Carlisle aren't related. So they've run off together, and Esme has gone to find Richard.

Bella: Does Jasper know all this?

Jacob: No, he was sleeping when Alice had the vision.

Bella: Jacob! Why didn't you tell me he wasn't a vampire?

Jacob: I didn't mean to! I was trying to protect you!

Bella: Why?

Jacob: Because I love you!

Bella: I love you too!

(They kiss. Edward enters.)

Edward: Bella?

Bella: Edward! No…

Edward: It's okay, Bella. I understand. You wanted a vampire, and...

Bella: You're human, too?!

Edward: No… I'm a werewolf.

(Theme song and credits.)

"What will Bella think about Edward's being a werewolf? Will Esme find Richard? Will Rosalie have a baby? Tune in next week to find out!"