"Positions, everyone!" called Emmett, settling in the chair behind the news desk. Carlisle rotated the camera to the right angle, and Rosalie huffed and sat down next to Emmett. A small box under the camera began to show the script.

"We're live in five, four, three," said Carlisle. He held up two fingers silently, then dropped one, and finally pressed a button in front of him. A light came on in the "ON AIR" sign behind him.

"Hello, and welcome to the Vegetarian Vampire news at ten!" said Emmett, smiling placidly. "Yesterday, Eleazar of the Denali clan broke Edward Cullen's record of most mountain lions drained in an hour. In other news, Edward's piano skills are rapidly declining. Perhaps this is a sign of him spending the night hours doing other things." He smirked. "Now to Rosalie with the weather." Rosalie scowled at him as she stood up and walked over to the weather section. A large map of the United States was posted to the wall. She studied it.

"Jasper, why does this map have a bunch of red dots on it?" she yelled. Jasper appeared in the camera's view.

"There's a simple explanation," he stated. "That is the wrong map." He quickly tore it down and replaced it before running away. Rosalie looked at the new map.

"All of the Confederate states are inked in on this one!" she called.

"I only have so many maps, woman!" answered Jasper from backstage. Rosalie groaned and returned her gaze to the camera.

"Anyway, tomorrow there is a twenty percent chance of thunderstorms and…" she stopped, realizing something. "Why isn't Alice doing this?" she asked, turning to Emmett. "It's her forte!"

"She's shopping, Rose," said Emmett. "Suck it up." Rosalie groaned again and stared at the map.

"Tomorrow in Alaska, it will be sunny, so make sure to stay indoors where the humans can't see you," she said dully. "I'm leaving now." She stalked out of the studio, leaving Emmett behind, confused.

"Er, so…" he said as the camera turned to him. "In unrelated news, Renesmee sneezed yesterday, and Jacob Black has used Carlisle's influence at the hospital to order every possible test for her to ensure that she is okay. He also has forced me to tell you to pray for her." He could give Edward a run for his money with the whole "overprotective" thing, thought Emmett. "And-" said Emmett, but, suddenly, the lights went out, and the camera stopped rolling.

"That's Rosalie," muttered Emmett. "Must've shut off the power. See ya, Carlisle," he sang, hopping off the chair and leaving the room. Carlisle shrugged and followed him, leaving the studio empty behind him.