Chapter Notes: I guess I will add my words to the chorus of praise for the new Star Trek movie. This movie brought together two of my great loves. Scotty, the great engineer of Star Trek TOS, and Simon Pegg my favorite all time Brit-Com actor. The result was LEGENDARY! The man was only on the screen for a half an hour of the movie but he CHEWED every scene he was in. I have been disappointed by the lack of Scotty centeric fics, I mean Spock/Uhura was great...but geez! (S/U fanatics please don't hurt me!) So I had two random bunnys converge.

First: What effect does Scotty's sudden insertion to the rest of the crew have in the long term. I mean BAM! this bloke I brought with me is your new Chief Engineer! A bit sudden, right? And what makes this hyperactive genius tick?

Secondly: What did happen to Admiral Archer's prize Beagle?

I have a seriously dark sense of humor, so if things get a bit twisted you'll have to over look it please. I intend to enjoy myself with these characters, I hope you join me.


Star Trek 2009

Did Someone Lose a Dog?

James Tiberius Kirk lay on his bed in the Captain's quarters.

He had been on the bridge for twenty-one hours straight before Bones came in with that familiar scowl and threatened to use his power as CMO to reduce Kirk to the rank of Ensign if he did not go and rest immediately. If it were any other doctor, Kirk would brush it off. Bones, however, would make good on this threat out of pure spite.

He reluctantly left the bridge in Spock's capable hands.

It was not that he had no trust in his First Officer, Spock was the most capable XO in the fleet, it was that Kirk loved being the captain of Enterprise so much that not being on the bridge felt like a piece of himself was missing. He had taken to the captain's chair as if he was born to it, in some ways he realized he had been.

George Kirk once again crossed his mind.

That man was a tough act to follow. One of the main reasons James did not flock to Starfleet as soon as he became eligible, was he knew he would have expectations others did not face just because of his name. Kirk knew he would hear stories of his father, his bravery, his sacrifice, his intelligence in the face of certain death. Those things meant nothing to James, they never had. How do you explain to people that the person whom they held up as an icon, as a standard, is someone that you resent for leaving you fatherless?

After a lackadaisical academy career, something had shifted during the Nero affair. Somewhere deep inside of James he felt the awakening of purpose, of a desire to make the Kirk name mean something more than martyr. Christopher Pike, in a parting shot that first meeting in a bar, challenged Kirk to do better than even his father had accomplished. That challenge stuck with him all that night, and had put him on the shuttle to Starfleet the next day, but he really did not think it was possible.

That was before he met this Enterprise crew, after which, his desire to make the name of Kirk mean something more now seemed reachable.

Enterprise had the best Nav officer in the fleet, even if the little guy was barely old enough to shave and had the excited manner of a puppy dog. This kid was capable of calculations that beat the computer, and did not seem to understand he should be cracking under the pressure.

They were in possession of the most brilliant helmsman that Kirk had ever laid eyes on, a silent, competent warrior whose calm demeanor belied a deadly determination. (Fencing? Yeah right. Tell that to those two Romulans!)

There was an officer at the Com who could interpret more dialects than James even knew existed. She was capable of clearing up a signal so degraded the ship computer could make little else but static, and let's face it, was extremely beautiful and perfect, outside of her horrible taste in men that is.

By his side, Kirk had his best friend, who was an extraordinarily competent doctor and wiseass, who deflated him and looked after him in more ways than just physical, but whom believed in his potential more than anyone ever had.

Down In the bowels of this best ship in the fleet, Kirk had a hyperactive scarily intelligent Scottish gent, who customarily kept the ship running faster than her manufacturing specs, and had a penchant of always coming through in the clutch. That man never allowed the mood to get too maudlin if he could help it.

The Enterprise' real advantage, however, was that pointy-eared enigma seated to Kirk's right at the science station. That man was the real reason Kirk could dream of the day when the name Enterprise would become part of Starfleet lore.

It was hard for Kirk to believe that he and Spock had nearly killed one another those first few days. In that one memorable incident with Spock's hand around his throat, pinned against a console he had questioned if this time line would ever see the friendship the elder Spock had spoken of, but since then he had never had cause to doubt it.

Once Spock had stepped down as captain and taken a supporting role, Kirk and he had clicked into place like a machine. They now knew each other so well Kirk only had to look over and see one eyebrow raised to know what was tracking through that labyrinthine mind. That Vulcan had become his right arm, more of a co-captain than first officer, and dare he say it, friend. If he wanted someone to give him a moral argument and keep him grounded, he had Bones, if he needed someone to take his wild hunches and actually put practical legs on it to make it work, he had Spock. Together, Kirk was convinced they could defeat any foe.

The Enterprise's young crew had more than its share of naysayers. Elder captains, men with years of experience believed the inexperienced crew had gotten lucky. Deep down they thought they could have taken down Nero if they had been there, but they had no idea of the true threat that insane Romulan posed. It seemed those Captains had convenient amnesia about the six ships with experienced crews and captains that the Narada destroyed before Vulcan imploded. The schism in the fleet was so pronounced, that Starfleet command had taken steps to prove its Flagship, and her crew's capability. The last few months had seen the Enterprise execute mission after mission successfully, but the doubt had persisted so direct measures were required.

The Enterprise was on her way to face one such Captain and his loyal crew in tactical maneuvers, which on the surface, were to test out the new ship's systems. Kirk knew it was a plan by Rear Admiral Pike to shut the old guard up. Pike had told him as much.

"They don't know you, Jim. They do not know your crew, after this exercise, they will have no excuse to doubt. All I need to do is get you there, you'll do the rest."

A sly smile curled James' lips as he recalled the meeting the senior staff had two days ago. The other ship they were facing was the legendary U.S.S. Constellation and its equally daunting captain Commodore Matthew Decker. It turned out that Ensign Chekov had written his dissertation on the Constellation, determining that the commanding officer had some weaknesses in his command style that where exploitable. James had no trouble using that information, some would see it as cheating, but Kirk hated to lose. Spock had quirked an ironic eyebrow over that.

They were due to arrive in the appointed system within a few days.

There was an exchange of communiqués with the Constellation a few hours previous. Decker looked smug as he informed Kirk that he would try to make the Enterprise's defeat fast so he did not keep the kids up past their bedtime. Kirk had shot back that his ship was making best possible time to get to the Vega system and the contest before Decker and his elder crew retired. He then checked the chronometer and remarked that he wasn't sure they could get there in time, even at warp factor 4.1 which was faster than any other ship in the fleet. Decker had smirked before he cut the transmission.

Bones grumbled. "Oh sure, that's only the most accomplished captain and crew in Starfleet, some who've been kicking Klingon ass since before you were in diapers. Let's go ahead and make sure they are well motivated to kick OUR ass, why don't we?" Spock had strolled up hands behind his back. "Commodore Decker was next in line to captain the new Enterprise, he was passed over by an Ensign who started out the on academic probation and had to be smuggled on board before rising to captain. I do not believe that motivation will be at a deficit."

Kirk rolled his eyes. "Thanks, Spock."

With friends like this, who needs Romulans?

James had just started to drift off when his door chimed. He was going to say enter but the door slid open and Scotty burst in.

"Captain…I need to talk to ya," the energetic Chief-Engineer blurted, he had an armload of data PADDs which he walked over and dumped on the bed.

"Sure, Scotty, come on in," Kirk murmured with a grimace. He rubbed his eyes trying to focus his mind on the brogue-accented data being spewed at him. Scotty and Chekov both seemed to forget that Kirk's abilities lay in tactical, not in mathematics, and quantum theory.

"Whoa…Whoa Scotty, slower and in plain English, well as close as you get anyway."

Scotty paused a moment to glower at Kirk before he began again. "Okay laddy, the bottom line is… I'm thinking he's still alive!"

Kirk's attention was fully on his engineer. "Who?"

A smile lit up Scotty's face, his blue eyes twinkling. "Admiral Archer's dog, Toby, I think he's still alive."

Kirk just gaped at him. "This is a concern to me…why?"

Scotty looked offended. "The little beastie needs rescuing. Just give me a shuttle and I'll do it me self."

Kirk shook his head to clear the last of the cobwebs. "Oh no you don't, I need my miracle worker down in the engine room if we're going to beat the Constellation."

Scotty looked stricken. "I think Toby may be on a space station near the edge of the Borderlands, it's just a day off our route by shuttle, I know the Andorian who runs tha place. I could go and be back by tha time the maneuvers start. Please Captain, I never ask for annathing, but I need to do this."

Kirk could see the passion in the man's eyes. If he did not allow him to go on this mission, then he would have a distracted Chief Engineer to deal with. This would not do.

"Why is this so important to you, Scotty? I want to know."

Scotty sank down into a chair staring at his hands. "He trusted me, Captain, he followed me to the transporter pad, and then stayed when I told him to. I've never forgotten the look of faith he gave me before he dematerialized, it's haunted me evah since. Not knowing what happened…" his voice trailed off. He looked up; there was desperation in his eyes. "I was trapped on that glacier for close to a year before you stumbled in, I'd still be there if it wasn't for you and that pointy-eared fella, I'll be grateful to the end of me days for that, but I've got to do this, please."

Kirk had always known his strengths lay in his unorthodox methods, decisions he made that no other captain would even consider. He followed his guts and his instincts and trusted Spock and Bones to keep him straight, but allowing his Chief-Engineer to go off by himself after a dog that may or may not be alive, that was pushing it even for him. Scotty had saved all of their lives more than once, he was clever, resourceful, could make advanced Quantum calculations that stumped even Spock, and could diagnose a warp engine just by listening to it, if he thought that dog was still alive, then there was a chance it could be.

Kirk did what he had always done when he confronted with a choice. He thought of his father. He thought of a man who acted decisively and courageously in the face of certain death, if he had hesitated one moment thinking of regulations, letting something besides the situation dictate his actions then over eight-hundred people would not have survived. Like his father, Kirk believed that you let the situation determine your actions; you make a choice and figure out the rest on the way, so he went with his gut.

He evaluated the situation. This was a chance to leave Spock in a difficult position, to use McCoy's relieving him of duty to his advantage, and he knew that particular space station was on the edge of Orion space, which meant Orion slave girls.

"Alright Scotty, let's do this."

Scotty beamed, and then realized what Kirk had said. "What do you mean by let's?"

Kirk smiled and slapped him on the shoulder, "I'm coming with you."


How did that dog wind up in the Borderlands...a little techno babble to explain.

How will Spock and Bones react to yet another impulsive Jim Kirk excursion...expect some eye rolling.

Can you go looking for a lost dog and wind up over your head in trouble? With Kirk and Scotty? You bet!