Ash and his friends had just arrived at the contest. It was huge, and trainers from all over the world came to compete and/or watch. Misty and May had just met up with Ash, Brock, and Dawn. They settled down for the night in the woods near the arena.

That night, Dawn couldn't sleep. She kept waking up, hearing noises in the bushes or some-giggling?-near her tent. At last, she fell into a deep sleep.

Apparently, the giggling was no figment of her imagination. May and Misty crept into her tent, smiling at each other. They kissed briefly and got to work. First, they undressed Dawn. Dawn almost woke up, but she was exhausted and fell asleep again. May and Misty also undressed. They slowly rubbed Dawn's chest, feeling and pulling her nipples. Then, they moved down, massaging her stomach and her pubic area. Finally, they stopped at her pussy. May slowing licked and pulled Dawn's clit, and Misty rubbed Dawns pussy. They continued this until Dawn came in her sleep, arching her slim body and moaning.

Seeing Dawn wake up, they quickly tied her up. They bound her hands and waited. Dawn woke up, feeling somehow exhausted.

"Huh?" she groaned.

Misty licked her cheek seductively and May French kissed her. Dawn quickly woke up in shock.

"AHHH! What are you guys doing!" she screamed.

Misty smiled and pulled her legs apart. She quickly pulled out a pokeball.

"Oh god… No please don't Misty!" Dawn begged.

Misty shoved the pokeball up Dawn's pussy. Once again, she arched her back and came, except screaming. Misty shoved it in further and started moving in and out. May took a dildo and shoved it into Dawn's ass. Dawn came again and again, her cum leaking everywhere. As the morning came, Misty and May untied Dawn, who had collapsed, sleeping in her cum with a smile on her lips. Misty and May left to their own tents, happy about what had happened that night.

At noon, Dawn woke up. She moaned and sat up. In a rush, last night's events came back to her mind. She saw all the cum all around her and groaned.

"Damn! I'm gonna kill May and Misty! Unless…"

Planning revenge, Dawn left the tent to clean up, eat, plot, and begin the pokemon competition…