A.N.-Alright, this is my first Mediator story, but I'm confident that I can do good. I'm proud of how well all my other stories turned out, so I'm sure this will be a piece of cake (yummy). Oh, Suze and Jesse are married and have their own house in Carmel.

Suze's P.O.V

I rolled over on my side of the bed. I opened my eyes from a resting sleep, a bit disappointed not to see Jesse, but I knew he was working his sift at the hospital. Yes, Jesse had successfully graduated from med school. And I was working as a photographer for the local newspaper. I wasn't sure if I would one day quit and go back to collage for another job, but for now I'm stuck with taking pictures of people and places that had miraculous or tragic things happen to them, depending on the situation. One up-side, though, was that my high school friend, Ceecee, was my partnering reporter.

Anyway, when I glanced at the clock I sighed. 11:00, way past time to get up. At least it was Saturday and I was off.

I got up and put a robe on over my nightgown, making sure it covered everything it was supposed to. There were a lot of boys in the neighborhood and, well let's just say I'd since learned from day one to make sure no more skin should be exposed than was necessary.

When I went downstairs and put on a cup of coffee and put a pop tart in the toaster oven, I saw that the newspaper was already on the table and a note that said,

Have a good day, querida. I love you


I smiled and made a mental note (speaking, er, thinking of notes) to thank Jesse went he got home. Maybe just not the verbal kind...

I got my coffee and pop tart and, along with my newspaper, went in the living room where I nearly dropped my inventory.

There was a man (ghost whatever) standing in front of the television like he'd never seen one before and was having a great time using his physic ghost powers to rapidly go through all the channels. He was dressed like Jesse was when I first met him in my room, in a green cotton shirt and black trousers, indicating that he was from that time. He was also wet, indicating he had probably drowned. He turned around and I gasped. He had the same eyes as Jesse, a deep, dark brown that you could get lost in, as long as it was Jesse (for me, at least).

He looked at me up and down, and then stared at the coffee and pop tart that I had manged to hold on to. Then he spoke, his voice raspy and his words were barely audible,

"Who are you and where am I?" I shook my head to clear it and answered in a calm, gentle voice. The poor guy probably didn't know that this wasn't the 1800s anymore and times had changed.

"I'm Suze de Silva, and you're in my house on West Street, Carmel, California. The date is June 5th, 2009." He looked more confused than ever. He shook his head like I had done earlier. His tan skin gave off the typical glow all ghosts gave off and the little chicken pox scar on his chin gave him a striking resemblance to Jesse.

"No, no that can't be. This is my father's house, my house. And what is West Street Carmel? How can if be 2009? It is 1829, I know." I shook my head sadly and told him gently,

"No, you're dead. You don't belong here, you need to cross over to wherever ghosts go. It's the future now. You died a long time ago, most likely drowned." He got sad at that. Then he said, a little more accepting,

"Now I remember. My fiance, my one true love who didn't love me but was marrying me to comply to her father's wishes, hit me in the back of the head and then dragged me to the river, I was awake enough to know that. She was a strong one, my Marisa." He paused, then said,

"You said your name is Soo-sooze?" He was confused, and it reminded me of the time I had gone back in time to save Jesse and I had met the living him before he became living in the present.

"Susannah." I said with a sigh, knowing that was what he would call me that from now on. He nodded and continued,

"Right. Susannah de Silva. That's my name too. Jamie de Silva." I was intrigued by this. I put down my long-forgotten breakfast and asked the question that had been gnawing at the back of my mind since I saw how much re resembled Jesse.

"Did you have any cousins or siblings?" Jamie nodded. There was a sad glint in his eyes when I used the past tense but answered with a happy air.

"Of course. Lots of cousins and one sister, Maria. Come to think of it, most of my cousins were girls, with one boy. Hector. But his mother called him Jesse, I'm not quite sure why, though." As he rambled on about all the possible reasons, I was fixed on the two names he just mentioned, mostly 'Hector' a.k.a 'Jesse', a.k.a my Hector/Jesse. I cut off Jamie's thoughts by exclaiming,

"He's my husband! And you're his cousin!" Jamie's expression wasn't one of shock, like I had expected, but one of jealousy. He mumbled,

"Of course, Hector always got the ones I wanted, especially the one I loved the most. But Marisa doesn't count anymore." And then he was gone, leaving me confused, yet excited at the same time. Wait untill I tell Jesse!

A.N-Can you guess what Jamie means? Who do you think he wants the most, and why is he jeoulos rather than surprised?