Chapter 1

Again. He had broken my heart again, and this time I could shed no more tears. How could I when there was none left to shed? Here he was, the owner of my heart, making out with her. That bitch he brought to Konoha. She didn't even belong here.


If I could, I would kill her right now. I felt like she was replacing me at everything. She and Ino got more close to each other every day. She always commented Kakashi on how cool he looks. Everybody seems to like her somehow. How could they? She's a slut. Even Naruto does, and suddenly, I feel…invisible. Tsunade was even thinking about training her as a medical ninja. I hate her so much. The fact that I feel invisible wasn't why I hated her. I hated her because she took him away. She took away my Sasuke. What am I saying? He was never mine to begin with. The only one who hated her was my mother. My sweet, sweet mother. She always takes my side.

You see, my family is a bit complicated. My father and my mom aren't married. My mom was his, um, affair. My dad's like super duper rich, and I totally hate him. My so called grandmother, dad's side, hates me. Awesome family, don't you think?

I have three brothers from my Step mom. I hate her, she hates me. But I still go visit them sometimes. I have to, my mom says so. My dad's step mother, my step grandmother, loves me. My granddad too. My step uncle and step cousins, not to mention my step brothers, they somehow love me too. Somehow. Did I mention my step sister? She totally hates me.

My step mom and I are like viola and the girl her son marries from monster-in-law (movie). We do not go together.

Very complicated, isn't it? And Sasuke said I didn't have a sob story. Cheh!

So anyways, as I was saying, the slut and sas-gay were kissing. I wanted to ripped them apart. Tear them to pieces. I was upset. Forget about not being able to shed tears! My eyes were already watery.

They pulled away when they noticed me.

"Oh, it's you," Sasuke said soundly very cold. "Come on Karin, let's go home."

Let's go home? They live together!

"We have things to do," Sasuke said empathizing on the things. I bet I knew what he was talking about.

They passed me. Sasuke didn't even give me a glance. Karin just smirked at me. They had already been gone when the tears came out. I didn't make any sound though.

"Sakura, Hun, what's wrong?" my mom asked worried. She came and hugged me then took me to the sofa to sit.

"Mom, he h-he-(sob)…mama!" The way I said it sounded so childish that if I wasn't upset, I would have actually laughed.

"Don't you worry, okay?"

"My life is so messed up! How can I not worry?"

"Sakura, your grandad called, he said you should come visit. I think this might me the best time to go, don't u think?"\

I wiped my tears away. "I want to go right away mom."

"Oh, and Sakura, Your granddad assigned a few shinobi to look after you in the trip. You'll be going by train. Tsunade knows about this, she'll give you the pass."

Of course she would. I'm damn sure she wants me to leave!

"Ma, I'm a kunoichi. I can handle myself…"

"I know, but your granddad was worried about your safety. You know how he is."

I didn't argue with my mom about it. I was still a little upset. I went upstairs and started to pack after my mom told me I was leaving in the morinng.


I opened the hokage's office door and entered just to see the shinobis that were going with me. Suddenly, I didn't feel like going anymore.