It's been three hours already since that incident. What Sasuke had said to me, I could not forget, but I was glad that Kenji was there, beside me, holding my hand. Why I had let him, I didn't know. I hadn't even say anything about the kiss we shared before.. He was the only one there to comfort me and so I let him. We were near the Train station, and in a few hours, I'd meet my family again. It was something I was relived about. It wasn't that I would see my family, that made me happy, it was that I wouldn't have to see Sasuke or Karin again. Ever again.

"We're here" I heard Kaka-sensei say. "come on"

We followed him towards the train. While I was walking by, I slightly touched kenji's hand and this didn't go un noticed by the others as Kenji looked me in the eyes and came closer…and closer, until we were just few inches apart. Then, suddenly, Sasuke 'accidentally' pushed Kenji which caused him to fall on his back. Sasuke just kept walking without looking back. I kneeled beside Kenji, looking worried.

"You okay? Your not hurt, r u?" I asked.


We were here, exactly at my house…well, mansion. It was white and the grass around it all green. Lot's of trees too.

We made our way towards the entrance. I'm sure everyone was waiting. My brothers, Koyu, Goro and Sutsuke. Sutsuke was the eldest, five years older than me (I'm seventeen), more mature and a man of few words, like Sasuke or Neji. A very serious dude. Koyu and Goro were twins. Two years older than me, But they were very different than Sutsuke. They were flirty, mischievous pranksters. I missed them so much. My step cousins, Hanna and Yuki, I miss them too. Their way better sisters than Sauna, my step sister.

"Well, you can leave now!" I suggested.

"Actually, sakura, were supposed to protect you until the end of your stay not your journey…"

And that was the moment I had died and gone to heaven. Not literally.