Flowers of Love

Chapter 1

I sighed as I turned to the laptop sitting on my lap. I looked at the message my friend just sent me.

XxKillKuroyuri: Come on Ku, you know you want to just smash his or her head into the wall and stab a knife through its heart. Come on, don't you?

I sighed, blame my friend Zeifei. I got her into the fandom of 07-ghost. And she hasn't even read a chapter. Only seen episode 1. Seriously though. She has no idea who Kuroyuri is, and she still wants to stab him with a knife? (Im calling Kuroyuri a him in this story) I sighed, before returning the message,

FlowersofLabrador: No, Kuro-chan is cute, unlike you, miss priss!

XxKillKuroYuri: You know I want to kill you right now, right Riku?

FlowersofLabrador: Full aware Zei.

I sighed as Zeifei signed out. She was my best friend, and threats like this were just meant as a joke. I pushed a lock of my albino like white hair behind my ear. I bleached and dyed my hair. It was on a whim. Just like the red contacts in my eyes right now.

I sighed, before looking up pictures of Labrador, my favorite character.

There was a being, most trusted by the chief of the heavens. An angel. When he had sent the 7 ghost to earth to capture Verloren, he also sent the one angel whom he trusted with all his heart. But this angel had a dark, dark past.

She loved Verloren so much that she was willing to betray the Chief and pledge her loyalty to the death god instead. The chief catching wind of this banished her from Heaven and Earth, ripping her precious angel wings off.

She had cried and cried but to no avail. The chief wouldn't let her off so easily. Since she was banished from earth and heaven the Chief decided to send her to a new world altogether. She screamed and screamed, wailing over and over her apologies. But the chief just shook his head. She gave one last wail, before falling into the abyss. Ready to start her life anew, not as an angel.

I clicked out of what I was doing as I sighed, closing my laptop. I placed the laptop gently on my wood night table as I laid down on my bed, I thought of many things, mostly 07-ghost. Like most fan girls I wished to be in that world as see the many characters. I wanted to become friends. Help them in there journeys. But this is reality.

I drifted off to sleep hurriedly.

"Hm, where am I?"

"You are in the Heavens…" A voice called out to me. I looked around and spotted a man sitting on a chair. His face was obscured and I really couldn't see it.

"Who are you?"

The guy just chuckled. "Angelica, they need you back. No matter how traitorus you where, they now need you. Please, with the memories you lost, gain valuable friendships to last you eternity…"

Before I knew it, I blacked out again…

"DON'T STAB KUROYURI IN THE HEART YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!" I called out, looking around me. I was surrounded by thousands of white angel like feathers… and 4 males. I looked at them and screamed.

Right in front of me where Frau. Castor, Labrador, and Teito.

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