Flowers of Love

Ch 6

I was now on my way to the town that was only a little bit away from the church. I smiled, I believe I had gotten closer to Labrador. I was happy because of this fact. He was my favorite character, and I at least wanted to get along with him. Frau, I could care less about, even through he had a bigger role in the series than Labrador. Hell, everyone had a bigger role than Labrador, but that just meant he deserved a bit more attention.

Making my way through the cobbled streets of the town I took in the sights. The buildings were pretty old style. You would think with all the technology there is here the buildings would be more 'modernized' like in the world. I sigh, running a hand through my silver hair. I fixed my glasses, the red eyes were only contacts so my eyes were now a dull blue color.

I sighed, looking around once more before spotting a caravan of people. And with these people were more people. The only difference, these people were chained. I looked at it shocked. The slaves, these were slaves. I was okay with the whole slave thing in the Manga back home, but seeing this, now real, it was truly horrible.

I just stared, what could I do? I could no nothing. And I felt horrible because of it.

"Hey! Don't back talk to me!" One of the slave traders growled out to a girl looking around 15. She has long ginger colored hair and blue eyes. She just stuck her tongue out at him.

"Dumb ass! I'll talk back all I want!" She yelled at him, glaring at him. He raised his hand ready to slap her. I had to save her…

I ran towards them, faster than I had ever ran before. "NO!" I called out, they both turned to me.

"What do you want, girlie?" The slave trader asked. I felt the money Labrador had given me weigh down in the bag it was held in. Sure, it was for cloths and other stuff that was needed, but I was helping her wasn't I?

"I want to buy her…" I said. They both just stared at me.

"Well then", the trader started. "Please come with me…"

"You didn't have to do that…"The girl sighed, blushing a bit. I just smirked at her. I turned to her and put my hands on her shoulder and looked her in the eyes. She just looked away. "Anyway! I don't know what your name is Mistress…. My name is Kana Otomiya…."

I chuckle a bit and she looked at me strangely. "Don't call me mistress. Where I come from there is no slaves anymore. Second, my name is Riku Tsukiyomi. Pleased to meet you!" She smiled at me.

"Nice to meet you mistress… I mean Ms. Riku!" She grinned at me. "So where the hell do you live anyway…?" She asked, grinning ear to ear. I smiled at her.

"At the church…"


"You needed me, Ayanami-sama?" A blond haired girl asked, kneeling and bowing before the said man. A smirk was on her face, two Katana at her sides. Her tight black tank top stopped at her naval. She was wearing a Army uniforms jacket, as well as the pants. She looked up and clear blue eyes looked at Ayanami with pure amusement and murder.

"Yes, Zeifei. I need you to go check out this town on the outskirts of District 7..." Ayanami smirked back.

"Where is Riku?" Teito asked Hakuren, as they were going through many books on the table they were currently studying at. Hakuren looked up at Teito, taking off his glasses and just sighed.

"How am I suppose to know where that girl is. Not like I keep tabs on her…" Teito just rolled his eyes a little at his friend, and went back to the book he was currently reading. He suddenly looked up at Hakuren.

"What is it Tei-Tei?" Hakuren asked. Teito just slapped his head. Leave it to Riku to influence everyone into calling him that.

"Just look!" Teito said, pointing at the book he was just reading in. Hakuren looked over.

"'The angel that was banished?'" Hakuren asked. Teito nodded.


"Just read it…"

"Riku-sama…" Kana said, eyes shining, looking at the store in front of her. I looked up at the stores sign and started to laugh. "What's so funny?!" I stopped and looked at her, whipping away at the stray tears that had come out when I was laughing.

"Its just… candy?"

"I never had candy before…" Kana pouted.


"When I was young my family was poor, and then with the war 10 years ago! I never could." I looked at her and hugged her. I still had a little cash on me, so I could get her something.

"Here lets go in, I'll get you something nice…." I started to say, but I was suddenly tapped on the shoulder. I turned around to look at the person who had tapped me, but when I did, I gasped.

"Zei…. Fei?"

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