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Chapter 1

The Pain

Held captive within the confinements of her room. She is a hostage and her emotions are her captor. Having felt nothing but the raging emotions of pain, like a deep wound within her anguishing soul.

Tears dripped for the corners of her eyes, leaving a wet path for others to follow. Oh, how she wished she could stop this already. Having been idle for days, refusing to come out. No one shall see her like this. No one was allowed.

She swallowed briefly, trying to regain some sort of composure. Wiping her eyes she stood, and made her way towards the bathroom. Walking towards the shower she avoided the mirror at all costs. Neither did she want to see herself like this.

Removing her clothing and stepping into the shower she let the cold drops of water beat relentlessly down on her back. She wanted to freeze - to feel numb. Even if only physically, maybe it'd get her mind off of things. She laughed pathetically, and turned the water warm. She was childish.

A break-up. It was a break-up that was making her like this. Was she really that pathetic? She suddenly scowled, the mood shifting once again.

She turned her head upwards, eyes closed, allowing the water to hit the sides of her neck and ripple downward. A large knot resurfaced from the pit of her stomach and clawed its way up towards her throat. She squeezed her white eyes shut and let out the most subtle of sobs.

"Why does it have to hurt so bad?"


He stood there staring, almost as if he were in a daze. It was Naruto that had spotted him. He wondered quietly why he had been there - no action seeming to happen. Not even a simple knock. Neither did it seem like he was waiting, but only staring.

Cautiously, Naruto walked up to him. Standing at his friend's side, he peered over. He waited for a moment, then spoke. "What are you doing?"


"Sasukeā€¦?" Naruto urged once more, but he gave no sign of answering. Sasuke glanced over, gave the blandest of looks and walked away.

Naruto frowned, giving the Hyuga gate another glance and assumed that something was up. Sasuke was weird but this was really out of character for someone like him. He had been more irritable and rather tempered. Not to mention the air that lingered around him. It was like that rain cloud was clearly visible above his head.


Kurenai was first to know, then Kiba and Shino were informed. They attempted to see her several times, but the maids had made it impossible. Finally it was Kurenai who stepped in and demanded she see her. "This is my student, and I have the right to see her!" she spoke, her voice unbearably firm to the point where it made the lowly branch member quiver in her sandals. "Yes ma'am." she spoke quickly, leading Kurenai to Hinata's domain.

The maid rapped the door until finally she heard the sound of movement. "Lady Hinata," the maid spoke, "Your Sensei is here to see you." Seconds later the maid was dismissed.

The door opened slowly, and the sight of Hinata alarmed Kurenai. Hinata squinted, the bright daylight from outside making her unable to see properly. "Sensei?" Hinata began, her voice shaky and dry.

"Hinata," her Sensei began, voice filled with compassion. Hinata lowered her head, and frowned. Kurenai simply took her in her arms, while Hinata let herself cry.


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