This poem (I have a few of them) is about a Jedi that survived Order 66.

I don't own star wars

Last One Standing

Always admiring; somewhat wary

I do not wish to be their adversary

But desperate times call for desperate actions

The Senate and its many factions

Has forced me to do what I must;

A General fighting a war of luck

Watching my men as they are killed with no mercy

Watching planet's orphans; I know they are hurting.

Using their worlds as bases

Jeopardizing their freedom

I wish the controller of this nightmare could see them

Safely tucked away in a private oasis

Leading the war through its many phases

But he is blind for he does not see

What the ones that stands on the frontline will see

Saber in hand, dreading the kill

It does not matter that they are droids of metal.

I stand here on this torn battlefield

The last one standing

I hate what I see

Who knew the force would do this to me?

The massacred Jedi

All bloodied and beat

Killed by Commandos with different loyalty

My Padawan dead at my feet

The last one standing

Is still always me.

Ta-Da! That was depressing. I am deep. :) Just kidding! Anyway, please review, criticism welcome; my poems are not that good.