Ok! So I'm offering a trade! I will write fiction for any pairing on the list that will follow in exchange for fanart or fiction from that self-same list.

KennyxButters (can be dressed as Marjorine)

DamienxPip (Favorite pairing!!)



TokenxClyde (there is not enough of this pairing!)

WendyxBebe (not my fave, but it's a pretty good pairing)


TerancexPhillip (I'll write it, but will not take it as payment lol)

Other pairings are negotiable. I prefer fiction over art, but if you prefer drawing to writing I'll make the deal.

Heres how the deal will work:

1. You request a pairing.

2. You make requests or suggestions for general plot. (optional)

3. I request payment pairing.

4. I make suggestions for general plot for fic/theme for art. (optional)

5. I write fic and give to you to approve

6. You write fic/draw pic then send to me to approve.

7. Once both submissions have been approved they are posted online.

I know all this business like junk can be kinda annoying, and a lot of you won't want to do it. I'll probably get a few flames for even suggesting it. But I have come to the conclusion that trades like these will significantly increase the amount of new material going into these pairings. Lol That sounded all scientific and junk xD

But seriously, I'm tired of going onto the archives a week after I post something and still seeing it at the top of the list. No new dip oneshots or complete chapter fics have been submitted since I posted APUSH and a shove! (revised: Itachi. Oh Enka. submitted a poem since I started writing)



Damien stood over Pip's bloody corpse. He didn't do this, he couldn't have.

He loved Pip.

A dark chuckle came from behind him. He turned, secretly relieved that he hadn't done this.

Butters held a bloody kitchen knife, laughing like a madman as he lunged towards Damien. He made no move to stop him.

As the blood drained from his body, he drug himself towards the corpse of his lover.

Damien smiled as he lovingly stroked the bloodless face. He planted one last kiss on pale lips as his life slipped away.

Butters' moment of mania wasn't worth Pip's life.